Aug 18, 2005

Taft: Governor, Criminal, and Embarassment


The televised court proceedings today of the trial of Ohio Governor Robert Taft brought to a national audience the systemic political maliase that has beset Ohio government. In the interest of his state, Taft should resign and save Ohio from continuing to be seen as a state where corruption is the first order of business.

Unfortunately, partisan politics will likely prevail, and Taft will stubbornly serve his remaining 16 months as a devastated, ineffectual leader who will hurt efforts to improve the state's economy. The Republicans will not initiate an impeachment campaign against one of their own (despite a few brave calls from GOP members for Taft to resign), and the Democrats will benefit in November 2006 by keeping the weakened convict in the governor's mansion until the next election.

Meanwhile, average Ohioans pay the price for Taft's recklessness and stupidity. Little significant legislation will pass in this political stalemate, and Ohio will continue its steady decline. There will be no school funding reform, cuts to higher education will continue, and taxpayers will continue to fund a wasteful state bureacracy that sucks, vampire-like, the economic lifeblood of "The Heart of it All."

Enjoy your remaining months, Mr. Governor. Your selfish desire to keep your office is perhaps the worst damage that you will inflict upon the formerly hallowed Taft family name.


Hooda Thunkit said...


I couldn't have said it better, except to point out the total cowardliness of his (nolo contendere) plea.

Ohio deserves better, much better.

And, what a total disgrace to the Taft name.

Damn RHINO...

historymike said...

Thank you, Hooda.

Denny Shaffer mentioned the "no contest" plea in the first hour of his show today, and he was right on the money (boy, it's odd to be in total agreement with Shaffer, but he nailed it).

If Taft had any shred of dignity, he would have pleaded guilty. Someone with integrity would have 'fessed up and taken the due lumps; Taft instead chose to take the strategic plea and look even more like a chump.

Anonymous said...

Yes - Taft has gotta go.

Anonymous said...

Taft is a total slimeball who doesn't fool anyone with this act.

Lisa Renee said...

Like I wrote to HT, perhaps there was some legalise behind the reason a guilty plea couldn't be chosen.

However as a principle I agree the No contest plea is a silly one for anyone.

Really for the Democrats it is better he not resign so this issue stays at the front, though I noticed how quickly Blackwell has tried to distance himself from Taft as well as Montgomery. Petro is sure to follow.

Sad thing is most voters will probably buy it.

Hooda Thunkit said...

The saddest thing about this whole mess is that Taft has held himself to a different (lower) standard.

So much for his personal ethics...

I know that someone else probably kept the records and filled out the ethics report for him, but it is obvious that Bob's review of the forms that HE signed (indicating that they were accurate) was something less than minimal.

He was careless and STUPID.