Aug 31, 2005

Update: Toledo's Baker Street


Left: Baker Street, sans several abandoned houses

Yesterday's post detailed the plight of Baker Street, a Toledo residential thoroughfare beset with at least a dozen vacant houses.

Since my Toledo Free Press article ran in July, the city of Toledo has demolished two of the worst problems, and grass has been cut recently at all of the street's vacant houses. Readers can judge for themselves if this is a testament to the power of print, or the fortuitousness of this being an election year.

At any rate, the notorious house at 1023 Baker has been leveled, known to neighbors as a haven for drug dealers and prostitutes.

Perhaps this bodes well for the future of Baker Street; Meckel was pleased that progress is beginning to happen on his street.

"It's a start," he said today. "Let's hope that the city does not lose momentum."


Anonymous said...

Good news.

Anonymous said...

They still need to get a handle on crime.

Anonymous said...

Why did they tear them down? Were they that bad?

historymike said...

1023 Baker was a total wreck. The windows were all busted out, doors ripped off, aluminum siding ripped out, copper pipes and fixtures of the worst I have ever seen.

The other house, 1021 Baker, was pretty bad, but it might have been salvageable. Still, I wouldn't have wanted to live near it.