Sep 13, 2005

The Blade's Attack On Tom Pounds, Part II


Left: Toledo Blade building, courtesy of Toledo-Lucas County Public Library's "Images in Time."
As recounted on Friday's post, the Toledo Blade decided to dedicate an article with no byline to the first-time DUI of publishing rival Tom Pounds. Out of curiosity, I searched the Blade's archives for "DUI" to see just how many articles had been dedicated to the subject, and what types of people were profiled for first-time DUIs.

There were 77 articles dating back to 2003 on Sunday when I conducted the search, most of which were dedicated to DUI checkpoints, fatalities involving drunk drivers, and drivers with particularly egregious violations, such as the infamous Antonio Briseno, who recently logged his 18th DUI.

Strangely, though, this morning's search of the archives using the term "DUI" gives this answer from the Blade search engine:

"Search results for "DUI offense":
The search returned too many articles. Please use more search words to refine your search."

Worked Sunday, does not work today. Coincidence?

Individuals singled out for their DUI offenses tended to be either elected officials (Ray Kest, Alice Robie-Resnick) or who were involved in unusual circumstances (city employees on the job, fatal accidents). I could not find an example of the Blade doing an extended story on a private citizen who received a first-time DUI in which their were no compelling circumstances to make an extended story.

What I found especially unusual was the faux courtroom drama that the unnamed reporter decided to capture. A court case that likely lasted five minutes was turned into a 356-word piece by the unnamed reporter.

Tom Pounds, who I spoke with on Sunday, said that the Blade seemed to spend quite a bit of time on the story.

"They called all of the boards that I sit on to make sure I was still associated with these groups," he said. "Of course, they didn't bother to call me for a quote, nor did the Blade reporter bother to walk over to me in the courtroom and ask for a statement."

This is a cheap shot from a paper with a history of concerted attacks on individuals with whom it chooses to bully, and which uses its corporate power to try and impose John Robinson Block's vision on the citizens of Northwest Ohio.

Ron Royhab, Kurt Franck, Jim Wilhelm, or whoever approved this writing: explain this to the community. Explain why you gave this story the green light, and why Mr. Pounds has been singled out for this attack.

Jack Lessenberry, Blade ombudsman: get working on this. I believe that you are supposed to ensure that the paper lives up to its ideals.

John Robinson Block: Show us where the Blade makes it a point to write about "prominent businessmen" with first-time DUIs, or apologize to Mr. Pounds. Your integrity is being called into question here.


Hooda Thunkit said...


What I see going on here is a spoiled child is retaliating at what he perceives to be a threat to his control.

You see, in jrb’s world, he is free to do as he chooses, just because. No one tells the puppet master how to run his kingdom.

jrb perceives that Tom Pounds is a threat, to his control. And, Tom decided to leave jrb’s employ and competes with him. HOW DARE HE!

Little (emotionally) johnny is throwing a temper tantrum in retaliation, plain and simple…

Anonymous said...

Fuck the Blade.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect? Block thinks he owns Toledo.

historymike said...

I think that Hooda makes a good point in the response to the Free Press and Pounds. There had to be some hard feelings when a loyal employee went off on his own and became the competitor.

Anonymous said...

What about Blade employees (tom gearhart, tom ensign, homer brockey) with DUIs

historymike said...

Not ready to speculate, anonymous. I would have to see arrest records or court transcripts first.

However, posters at Toledo Talk have been making similar suggestions. If I were to see such documents, I would scan them and post them here (hint hint).