Sep 23, 2005

First Lady Of Secor Road

Photo by historymike

Every regular traveler on Secor Road knows of the black dog that patiently sits in front of Sweeper World, located near Monroe Street.

Not many people, however, know the pooch's story.

Her name is Daisy, and she is a 10-year old black chow. Owner Dennis Gillen says that the well-behaved dog is self-taught.

"I used to bring her to work with me, and one day I left the door open because it was hot," he said. "Daisy just ambled out and sat down, and now prefers to sit outside and watch the world go by."
Left: Owner Dennis Gillen and Daisy, in front of Sweeper World

Gillen said that Daisy does have one distraction - squirrels.

"We don't get many squirrels on Secor, but she will chase them away if she sees them," he said. "One day she sat under a pole for two hours watching one."

Gillen said that motorists used to phone in calls to the police about dead or runaway dogs.

"Everyone at the dispatch knows Daisy now," he said. "Now the only calls that come in are from people wondering why they didn't see Daisy that day."

Daisy, according to Gillen, is the perfect business ambassador.

"She loves everybody, and people go out of their way to pet her," he said. "Many times people have stopped by to say 'hi' to Daisy, and then come into the store to buy something."

Several callers to Sweeper World this week noted Daisy's new attire - yellow ribbons.

"You know that she is a lady because she loves the beauty salon so much," quipped Gillen.


Anonymous said...

I always wondered about that dog.

Lisa Renee said...

Sweeper world was the only place that carried belts for my old sweeper.

Glad to see he's still open and Daisy is doing fine.


Anonymous said...

That dog is funny - it just sits there like a sphinx all day. Never runs after cars or anything.

Hooda Thunkit said...

Daisy is a real sweetheart :-)