Sep 14, 2005

On Toledo's Primary Election


Left: Toledo voters heading to the polls - photo inspiration from UT's Dr. Tim Messer-Kruse

I was not surprised to see that Carty's lead dropped from the 20-30 point "lead" he had in the polls. I was also not surprised to see Jack Ford's numbers improve; this will, like the past three elections, be a very close race in November.

The results of the council primary, however, were disappointing, as 5 of 6 sitting council members took the top spots. How can change occur if we keep sending the same people back to council chambers?

Note: I have respect for a number of sitting councilpersons, and I am not a "throw da bums out" knee-jerk type.

I am disgusted, however, with sending people like Bob McCloskey back. The man faces an extortion trial in early 2006 for his taped quid pro quo "donation" request. He also shamelessly switched from a district council seat to an at-large seat to get around the term limits law.

Left: McCloskey did not even bother to buy new signs - note the olive-green paint covering his old district info, and his false claim to party endorsement

Bob McCloskey is a microcosm of everything that is wrong with Toledo politics, and yet he is somehow the top vote-getter in the primary.

Promising new faces, such as Dave Schulz, still have a chance, but they face an uphill battle against entrenched, well-financed incumbents like McCloskey and Betty Schultz.

Toledo: these two must go if real change and fresh thinking are going to happen in our city.


Hooda Thunkit said...


The picture of the sheeple... err, "voters is just plain COLD man.

Accurate, but cold ;-)

And, so, so sad :-(

Re: The recycled McCloskey campaign signs:

Maybe if Bob had received a little more quid pro quo, he could have popped for some fresher signs.

Regardless, enough sheeple cast votes for him so that he was the high vote getter.

Ah, the power of the unions.

We're DOOMED...

historymike said...

Yes, we the sheeple...

How bad will things have to get before people demand change?

Hooda Thunkit said...


"How bad will things have to get before people demand change?"

Apparently, a damn sight worse than they are now.

The funny (in a pathetic sort of way) thing is that all they had to do was vote differently, not demand.

We the sheeple indeed!

As a society we have become fat, content, stupid, and incredibly lazy...

Anonymous said...

McCloskey is the lousiest excuse for a councilperson who has ever been hatched.

Lisa Renee said...

Here Here!

I still can't believe he was the top vote getter, even if you magically forget the upcoming lawsuit the fact that he is attempting to bypass term limits by switching to an at large should have made people wonder.

Made me wonder didn't any of them realize what they were doing?

liberal_dem said...

So is McCloskey the 'type' of person Toledoans want or are they too ignorant to have researched him before they voted?

Same is true for Betty Schultz. She is up to her pearl-laced neck in Noe dookey, yet the voters want her back.

The voters are either sheeple, dumb as sheep, or full of sheep.