Sep 18, 2005

Toledo Blade: Repeat A Lie Long Enough...


Left: Toledo Blade building, courtesy of the Toledo-Lucas County Library's "Images in Time"

It was with interest that I read Blade ombudsman Jack Lessenberry's response to my email concerning the paper's decision to devote a 356-word article to the first-time DUI conviction of a publishing competitor.

Once again, both Kurt Franck and Jack Lessenberry obfuscate the real issue with information about the number of Americans killed by drunk drivers, or the fact that the Blade prints line-item notices in the "Daily Log" on DUIs. The Blade reporter skulking in the coutroom did not even bother to walk over to the individual being singled out for the attack.

I will ignore Lessenberry's condescending remarks about me in the blurb, as well as the fact that Lessenberry chose to ignore printing the fact that the named individual is the owner of a publishing competitor. I will not, however, ignore the Blade's despicable tactics, and I will continue to point them out when I see them.

Note: my stance and willingness to take on the Blade makes me a marked man, both in terms of future employment prospects as well as in my current ability to write about the media for a paper like the Free Press. However, more people need to step up and call the Blade out when it acts in this fashion. (full disclosure: historymike is a frequent contributor to the Toledo Free Press).

The Toledo Blade saw an opportunity to take a cheap shot at a publishing competitor, and now tries to hide behind a moral stance against drunk driving as its tepid defense for this journailstic abomination. Once again, drunk driving is stupid, dangerous, and irresponsible, but this is not the issue, Jack.

It's sad that no one in a position of authority at the Blade has the guts to admit that the paper erred in running this article (note: no byline was attached; not sure if the writer wanted anonymity, or the editorial staff wanted to pass this off as too small to merit a byline, but I sure would not want to stick my name on such a terrible piece of writing) if I were employed at the Blade).

Finally, Lessenberry's credibility as an autonomous voice was seriosuly undermined by his flippant dismissal of these charges. What began as an experiment in maintaining the journalistic integrity of the Blade has degenerated into a position that merely rubber-stamps what the Blade runs.


Anonymous said...

phuck the Blade

Anonymous said...

The Blade abuses the power that they have in NWO.

Lisa Renee said...

"sometimes works for the man"

Made me think you were working for the cops...

I'm surprised they even addressed your concerns, I'm not sure how marked you will be. However I can pretty much bet if you had any dreams of working at the Blade? Those are probably gone. You have something better though, the knowledge that you did what you thought was right.


historymike said...

Thanks for your kind words, Lisa.

Yes, the Blade would likely avoid me at any costs, but I have loftier goals than being a Block puppet.

Of course, steady paychecks are always useful...

Hooda Thunkit said...


Lessenberry is obviously nothing more than an apologist sock puppet for jrb.

And, you even got a little of jrb's "attitude" in the bargain ;-)

BTW, how long did it take to get an answer? Long enough for Lessenberry to clear it with his puppetmaster first?

What a joke...

historymike said...

Lessenberry took about a day to respond to my email.

His comments made the Sunday paper (I have decided to remove andy and all links to said paper from my website, so you'll have to dig it up on your own).

I guess that I'm too little for them to be cautious with, but too big to ignore.

I will post the various pieces of the e-conversation in an upcoming entry.

Anonymous said...

Lessenberry is a useless tool.