Sep 9, 2005

Toledo Blade Sinks To New Low In Yellow Journalism


Left: Toledo Blade building, courtesy of Toledo-Lucas County Public Library's "Images in Time."
I purposely do not link to the Toledo Blade in my "Life in Toledo" section for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the ferocity with which they target individuals and groups for campaigns of journalistic assault. Ray Kest, the Port Authority Board, and Tom Noe are just the latest in a long line of "run-'em-out-of-town" offensives directed against those who oppose publisher John Robinson Block.

Should JRB's opponents be considered saints? Hardly. Noe will most likely be facing criminal charges for misappropriation of BWC funds, and Kest's fast-and-loose style of money management certainly warranted criticism. The Blade, however, seemed hell-bent to destroy these men, not resting until they were long gone.

The Blade surpassed its own standards of despicable behavior in an article in today's paper that detailed the DUI of Toledo Free Press publisher Tom Pounds, who was once a VP for the Blade (full disclosure: historymike is a frequent contributor to TFP).

It is simply wrong for the Blade to devote nearly a quarter page to a first-time DUI of a publishing competitor. There was no accident, no injuries, nothing newsworthy of this particular offense - except that the Blocks and the Blade want to destroy Tom Pounds.

To drink and drive is illegal, dangerous, and irresponsible. Tom Pounds admitted his guilt and accepted his punishment. End of story.

Except when the Blade can use such an incident to discredit an adversary.

I am not paid for what I write on this blog, and no one from the Free Press has asked me to compose this essay. In fact, one could argue that I just signed a contract of permanent exclusion from the Toledo Blade, who will likely treat me as anathema for having the audacity to excoriate the paper for this rhetorical obscenity.

So be it. I cannot sit idly by and watch the Blade run another shameless smear campaign. It is time that more Toledoans speak out against the self-annointed Block-ocracy, who use their considerable power to dominate life in Northwest Ohio.


Anonymous said...

Yes, the Blade throws its weight around to get what they want.

Hooda Thunkit said...


If I may be allowed one nit to pick;.

You wrote:

"The Blade surpassed its own standards"

I'm pretty sure that there is a rule, somewhere in the Cosmos that precludes using "The Blade" and "standards" in the same sentence ;-) (or, there should be…)

And I believe you may already know my views on "the blah," "the philadelphia puppet master," jrb, and the "block cabal" in general.

Note: The lack of caps in the previous material was deliberate and was used to express my total disgust with anything "block..." (except for BLOCKHEAD, which is totally appropriate.)

You know, if we could convince the editor of the blah (a.k.a. the local rag) to tint the paper a light purple, then "one of America's GRAPE newspapers might be more acceptable (except for the newspaper reference/part).


historymike said...

Good point on "standards" and the Blade. If they have any (I am suspicious that they do), they are conveniently tossed into a rest area trash can as JRB drives the turnpike to Toledo.

Anonymous said...

The blade is filled with dome and glome. They rarely give the whole story.

Anonymous said...

The Balde is the absolute worst paper I've ever read. John Robinson Block thinks he owns the whole city.

Subcomandante Bob said...

Oh yeah? They don't stop at mortals like Tom Pounds.

They go after the Big Guy - JC Himself - in an upcoming exposé:

Toledo Tales

Foolkiller said...

Unfortunately, Anonymous...J.R. DOES own the whole city. Since he decides who its politicians will be. Twas not always thus, but that's the way it is now.

Anonymous said...

Dennis Shaffer took on the Blade several years ago...