Oct 11, 2005

Anti-Nazi Group Angry At Historymike

I received an email today from an activist who indicated that local anti-Nazi protesters are "pissed off about your comments concerning stashing weapons and getaway cars. This is quite inflammatory." The writer's comments were directed to an earlier post about the arrival of the neo-Nazi group National Socialist Movement (NSM) in Toledo for a Saturday, October 15 rally.

I suppose when writers interject themselves into explosive situations, they wind up being villified by all sides. Que sera, sera.

First, to the anti-Nazi protesters: if you want total secrecy, don't invite the media to a planning session. I believe that I honored my commitment to speak in general, non-specific terms about the meeting. Also, by spending a great deal of time with one very angry member who went into a self-imposed exile from the group, I gave the members of the planning session much more time for constructive work.

I would add, however, that the comments I overheard about self-defense weapons and getaway cars were not made by a majority of the people present, and that there was certainly a lack of agreement about the level of confrontation needed to counter the Nazis. More people at the meeting, from what I heard, were pushing for a peaceful response.

Secondly, I am adding to this post the flyer information about the rally. Again, one of the activists has given me permission to post this, so if you have issues about its inclusion you need to look in-house to vent your displeasure.

Here, then, is the anti-Nazi flyer information:

WHEN: Saturday, Ocober 15, 8:30 AM
WHERE: Manhattan Plaza mall, in front of Kroger's
near Stickney Ave and Manhattan Blvd.


Hey Nazis, here we come!
Get out of town, you racist scum!


Anonymous said...

they say they will sweep us out

you will see saturday

historymike said...

What, pray tell, will we see on Saturday?

Any predictions?

Anonymous said...

I don't know that anyone involved believes you included those items with any malicious intent. I think that some people just view it as irresponsible to report details that could potentially be used against them in legal proceedings.

Overall, I thought the article was fair and kept to your prior agreement. As you may not be aware however, the fact that you were there at all in any journalistic capacity was not even known to most of the group, so many never had any say on this agreement.

Hooda Thunkit said...

"Any predictions?"

I predict:

Armies of sock puppets on White's hands and those of his follower.

2 clowns, 4 sock puppets.

Okay, maybe 3 clowns in brown and 6 sock puppets....

musicwriter said...

Our country's constitutional provisions which give the right to free speech and to assemble and march in public places have been milked out of their envelopes [fig.] by radical extremists.

Categorically, many individuals in this genre do not vote, attend a house of worship, make an honest living, use moderation in food or drink, or practice kindness toward others. Some are high school dropouts. Respect for authority? Hah! That's something that good parenting is supposed to instill. There's a wonderful thing that one can get from good parents. It's called fibre. You can't see it or touch it because it's deep in the heart. But it shows in a person's mannerisms. Those that get high on drugs have no clue that their brains are gradually becoming fried, and thus, their ability to think straight is diminished.

The pandemonium that erupted in Toledo on October 15 is not imputable to Chief Navarre or Mayor Ford. I feel they excersized prudence in the face of a dilemma.