Oct 19, 2005

Big White Lies: NSM Tries To Spin the North Toledo Riot

I feel the need to weigh in on the outright fabrications that Bill White is spreading through the media. I was in North Toledo from 8:00 AM until almost midnight, and I am amazed at the complete doctoring of the truth in which Mr. White engages.

Then again, perhaps I shouldn't be. With that said, let's dissect four of the biggest of the White lies:

Lie #1: "My people held the mob at bay; there were no police around when we got there." In this photo, the earliest NSM members stand at attention, protected by Lucas County sheriff's deputies in riot gear. The idea that they somehow courageously held the crowd at bay is absurd. There were dozens of police protecting the earliest NSM arrivals, and the Nazis were a comfortable 40 yards from the protesters.

Lie #2: "The police prevented my people from coming in."
This photo was taken at 10:49 AM; this is the first of three vehicles carrying NSM members that Toledo Police allowed in to the failed march. It is interesting that the phantom NSM members could not get into the area, but that hundreds of protesters could do so.

Lie #3: "There were only a few dozen protesters; the mob came out for looting later." This photo was taken at 11:02 AM, and there were already about 150 protesters. The number comtinued to grow until the police escorted the Nazis away from Stickney Avenue.

Lie #4: "There were... 20 pudgy, nerdy high school and college kids from ARA and about 36 black juveniles. I probably could have fought them off myself." Mr. White, who himself has something of a bit of a paunch (as does historymike), breaks into a bit of false bravado here. While I have never seen Mr. White in a fight, I am concerned that this statement demonstrates a worldview bordering on the delusional.

Mr. White, if you do not already have the assistance of mental health professionals, I kindly suggest that you consider seeking professional help.

The photos on this series covering the aborted NSM rally in Toledo were taken by DC photographer Isis; copyright 2005 Isis. You can see more of the work of Isis at Yellowcakewalk.net.


Anonymous said...

White is a pathological liar. The only people who believe him are his misguided followers.

Matt Drudge, Jr. said...
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Hooda Thunkit said...

"While I have never seen Mr. White in a fight, I am concerned that this statement demonstrates a worldview bordering on the delusional."

You have demonstrated great courtesy and restraint by characterizing Bill White as borderline delusional.

With the broken gyroscope of Bill’s own moral compass, he can only hope to occasionally brush near delusional from the other side (where he permanently resides).

It would be funny if it weren't so truly sad.

Maybe if his keepers tightened his restraints just a little more…

historymike said...

Sorry, neo-Nazis; post your racism on your own blog.

Thank you, and have a nice day.

IsisDC said...

I now have a profile :-)

IsisDC said...

Mike- I think you should save all those racist comments and create a page for them, call it "The Beast of Bigotry"...expose them for what they are.

IsisDC said...

LiberalD- can you at least give me photo credit?

And please ask me next time you want to lift and photo-shop one of my pics...please?

I really prefer people don't.

Lisa Renee said...

Bill White be less than truthful?

I'm shocked, I'm appalled, I'm


I think we knew that before and after listening to his "version" that day on the radio? Any doubts totally gone that he would not do his best to spin this to his best advantage.


Frank said...
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Frank said...

I'm interested in your experiences and images, as my involvement initially was monitoring the police radio until about 12:15pm, after which I was at the Wilson Park Shelter House.

Last night at City Council Councilwoman Grachek asked Mayor Ford to initiate a review committee. Your impressions, along with other media and observers, I'm sure will be welcome and helpful.

historymike said...

I would be happy to offer them, Frank.

On the whole, I think the City did a decent job given the fact that the failed rally was held in a neighborhood and not in a controlled venue (like the KKK was in 1995).

No deaths, few serious injuries, and property destruction was relatively limited (given the size of the crowd, it could have been much worse; I am not trying to minimize the losses of individuals like Tom Szych and Lou Ratajski).

I am disturbed that Mr. White is making claims that he and NSM will return in three weeks. I think the City should do everything within its power to keep the Nazis out of the North End if they return, and let them spew their hate in a downtown cage.

Lisa Renee said...

I don't often disagree with you Mike, but I feel that by the City making the threat that they are going to prevent him and his group from returning is what is going to make him return. It's a pr chance he does not want to miss, the publicity of being refused to come here has an even larger potential as far as raising funds and membership for his group. It gives them even more legitimacy and I think that is a mistake to do so.

I don't see realistically how they can prevent his consitututional right to walk down a sidewalk. Unless he or his groups asks for special consideration/protection which they did not. Perhaps the solution would be for the City to not provide any security this time. Make it clear to him if he wants to walk down the sidewalks of that neighborhood? There will be no security. If he wants security it will have to be within a controlled environment, which I think his group is hesitant in requesting because then they could be charged for a portion of the services necessary for their protection. Granted the police have a duty to come if called, however I do not think legally the city is required to provide free security for him or his group.

I don't recall any part of the constitution that states any of us should be required to pay to protect Bill White or any of his followers if they are not requesting a permit or special consideration/security. If I have missed something in the city charter that states otherwise? I apologize in advance.

historymike said...

I do not want to deny even morons like the NSM from their free speech, Lisa.

It seems to me, though, that public safety trumps unlimited free speech, like the "fire" call in a crowded theater.

Let them blare their message at 120 decibels for all I care, as long as they can be protected from angry protesters, and the police can control it.

And, hey, it's OK to disagree and be different, despite what Bill White and his ilk might think.

IsisDC said...

Let me state this:

I would not want to live in a country where Bill and his buds would not be allowed to rally, yet, I would not want to live in a city where they were not required to rally in a proper area.

I agree with Lisa.

If Bill and friends come back and invade that same neighbourhood, I don't think the cops should even respond to the 911 calls.

Let Bill and his merry band of twisted scouts face the people on their own responsiblity, true "Libertarian" style, w/no government involvment.

It is his choice to step into his own mess, let him deal with it on his own.

Lisa Renee said...

I think they have to respond to 911 calls isis, we don't want to appear as if we would suggest violating their constitutional right to equal protection.


Mike I understand where you are coming from, I just don't think we should make it easier for us to be his continued target since he knows the PR is good for him here. He's gotten more out of a failed demonstration in Toledo than he has any other event he's participated in. Heck even the mayor of his own town apologizing for him? Bill has taken this alot farther than I ever anticipated so he's not going to miss a chance for more. This is the lottery of PR for him, we just need to stop playing....

historymike said...

I know what you mean, Lisa.

I keep asking myself this question:

"What if I had put down my camera, laptop, and notebook, and instead devoted my energies to riot-prevention?"

Could I have made a difference?

Lisa Renee said...

I meant we as a city not you and I as individuals. Had you put the laptop and camera down you would have had no more affect than those who tried.

I just don't see the point in our own government making the city more of an ideal target.


IsisDC said...

Mikey- there was nothing a citizen could have done that would have changed the city's mayor's mind. So, stop with your new found "Jewish guilt" *hee* and except that your responsiblity is to report the news in truth unlike anyone else has done thus far, and not blame yourself for this.

Lisa- Well...maybe...but they can do what every other major city does and take about 45 minutes to respond to the 911 call. *wink*

Lisa Renee said...

Not on purpose of course *wink* isis, and Mike? If you want to feel guilty? I do have something that I feel you are partially responsible for.

I'm sure you'll discover it.


Anonymous said...

The thirst for vengeance yesterday becomes the torment of today, and the joy in revenge past, resolves into remorse present. A man with insight will pursue the truth and instantly recognize another's trickery. Those bigots with swastikas on their shirts will likely employ a new strategy that will gloss their deception to make the real truth appear the phanthom.

Anonymous said...

i received a link to your space from clamor mag. thank the gods for the web else we rely on mainstream media for news. the breadth of knowledge you have on the events leading up to, and the actual events of the North Toledo incident, were insightful and refreshing. thanks for providing a real service to the community.
keep it coming...