Oct 24, 2005

Bill White, Would-Be Historian


Photo of NSM's Bill White by DC photographer Isis

I read with some amusement (and a bit of sadness) NSM spkesperson Bill White's attempts at historical discourse today on the Overhtrow.com website. I normally avoid linking to Bill's site, primarily out of a belief that I do not want to contribute to his cult of megalomania, but his essay entitled "Protestantism And Puritanism: At The Root Of Moden Decadence" is an exercise in both poor research and specious thinking that deserves critical analysis.

Bill writes that "Muslims [sic] rule in Spain was finally stomped out in 1492;" this is a bit of stretch, since the centuries-old Reconquista had reduced Muslim holdings to the tiny kingdom of Grenada by 1492, and the idea that Muslims "ruled" the Iberian Peninsula in the fifteenth century is absurd.

White argued that "The expulsion of the Jews was, ironically, led by the Jesuits;" this is an outright impossibility, since the founder of the Jesuit Order, St. Ignatius of Loyola, was born in 1491, and Pope Paul III did not officially confirm the order until the issuance of papal bull Regimini militantis on September 27, 1540.

The rhetoric itself is rife with spelling and grammatical errors, and White's writing normally demonstrates a higher level of competence. I suspect that Mr. White has cut-and-pasted this from another source, and not double-checked it for accuracy.

Much of the writing is a rambling attempt to connect such diverse historical events as the French Revolution, the Guelph-Ghibbeline feud between the Papacy and the Holy Roman Empire, and White's preoccupation with a Freemasonry conspiracy. Jews, of course, figure prominently in White's analysis as the big money behind nearly every major figure in European history.

White sees the Protestant Reformation as due to two causes: nationalism and "Jewish desire to wreck [sic] vengeance on the Catholic Church." Nowhere in White's analysis is there room for any theological considerations; Martin Luther, in White's eyes, must then be either a nationalist or the tool of evil Jews.

All of this might seem humorous were it not for the fact that people look to Mr. White for inspiration. Given this fact, White's forays into historical writing only serve to mislead his readers, while underscoring that probability that White likely slept through much of his short-lived undergraduate career.


Anonymous said...

White is a moron; how can he even claim to have a brain?

Anonymous said...

White is not a moron - he is intelligent and dangerous.

He just wants you to think he is an idiot, but he is really a sociopath.

liberal_dem said...

Perhaps you are devoting too much free coverage to this megalomaniac.

historymike said...

Maybe so, liberal dem.

Note the new post, which has absolutely nothing to do with NSM or Nazis.

Well, not really.


Hooda Thunkit said...

In "Historical" terms:

Billie boy shows up for the gunfight without any ammo, yet he still manages to shoot himself in the foot...

Lisa Renee said...

Maybe this will explain his problems with history...according to someone who remembers going to college with him:

I remember Bill White from my days at UMCP (94-98). He was always good for a laugh and entertainment on a nice spring day. Whenever preachers from Campus Crusade for Christ or one of the groups with signs like 'God Hates Fags' would stand on a soapbox outside of the student union Bill would be there to agitate them with his blasphemy. I remember Brother Jed stopped by one day and Bill started yelling "F*** Jesus & F*** you" for what seemed like all afternoon.

The performance would draw crowds. At the end of the performance Brother Jed and Bill each ended up with one or two new recruits/friends

Hooda Thunkit said...

'Ole Bill seems to be a tad sensitive when the word "fag" comes up.

Very Freudian...

I wonder how he feels about his mother. (Sigmund made me ask that.)