Oct 8, 2005

Bob McCloskey: You Are Not My Council Rep

Left: Bob McCloskey, courtesy of City of Toledo website

The sheer audacity with which Toledo councilperson Bob McCloskey operates is astonishing. He certainly did not invent political sleaze, nor has he elevated corruption to some sort of art form. McCloskey is simply the most arrogant politician in recent memory.

Most Toledoans by now know his latest tapdance around campaign finance laws. A benefactor, outdoor sign owner Brock Rimmelin, "donated" two signs for McCloskey's use that read the following:

Problems in your neighborhood? Call your councilman Bob McCloskey

Left: misleading billboard, located at Detroit and Alexis in District 6

McCloskey, of course, is running for an at-large council position in a move to skirt the 12-year term limits law. He has already served three 4-year terms as a district councilperson in East Toledo.

McCloskey and Rimmelin have a friendly relationship that extends back several years. The Blade reported Friday that Rimmelin has donated $500 to McCloskey in the past. McCloskey, in turn, voted favorably by voting against extending a ban on the construction of new billboards in the city. Rimmelin appeared before council, arguing that the ban hurt smaller local billboard owners, such as his Toledo Outdoor.

Not exctly a smoking gun, but certainly typical of the quid pro quo manner in which McCloskey acts. More on Shady Bob in an earlier post.

Mr. Rimmelin: does the proliferation of billboards have any effect on the quality of life of the citizens of a city? Just curious.

It is time for the voters of Toledo to help themselves by de-electing Bob McCloskey on November 8.


Anonymous said...

McCloskey is a total sleazebag with no soul. Maybe this time voters will wise up.

Lisa Renee said...

One can wish, but given he was the top vote getter? Unless there is a major change come November it looks like sleazy rather than honest might end up in office.

historymike said...

Maybe so, Lisa, but if we keep the heat on McCloskey he might curtail his corruption.

Besides, we might be able to generate enough anti-McCloskey sentiment to at least keep him from being the top vote-getter, thus denying him the traditional criteria by which aspirants to council president can stake a claim.

Hooda Thunkit said...

I agree with Lisa.

That said, I noticed the shamrocks on those signs and thought to myself:

Self, I said, McCloskey may SOUND Irish, as the shamrocks would tend to indicate, but he looks more (to me) like a grudge baby (someone else had it in for his daddy).

So, I looked at the posted picture and imagined ole Bob with a tiny mustache and wearing a brown shirt and...

Where was I? Oh yes, sorry about the momentary lapse.

With the collective mentality of the Toledo voters these days, I don't really see how Bob could lose.

Sadly, he'll probably still be the top vote getter too.

The voters always get the politicians that they deserve...

historymike said...

Best laugh of the week, Hooda!

Lisa Renee said...

I agree with you 100% that we should keep getting this out there Mike, it's just at times it's easy to get frustrated with some of these voters.

It's like DO YOU READ ANY NEWS!!!!!

sigh...okay rant done..


Lisa Renee said...

HT's been on a roll lately, especially some of the comments he's made on Bob's site.


Anonymous said...

Why not talk about the good things Bob ahs done for this city instead of running him down. He is a friend of the working man.

Lisa Renee said...

He is a friend of the working man, maybe so. However does that mean that the rules shouldn't apply to him? That's what this is about to me, either you have integrity or you don't. To try to play games with the rules when in reality he should follow the term limits is a situation where he demonstrates he feels he is above the rules. Just like another city councilperson who should not win a spot because she demonstrated she feels she is also above the law.

People keep complaining about how they want integrity and honesty yet they don't seem to remember that when they enter the voting booth. The very reason these term limits were created was to prevent anyone from becoming a career city councilperson.

Hooda Thunkit said...

"Why not talk about the good things Bob ahs done for this city instead of running him down. He is a friend of the working man."

Uh huh...

May I call you Bob?

Anyway, that would be completely off topic.

There is much more interesting stuff about yo..., err, Bob, that makes for more enjoyable reading :-)