Oct 3, 2005

Born Without Legs, Dayton Football Player Perseveres

Left: Colonel White High's Bobby Martin, courtesy of Sports Illustrated

Every so often a story comes around that can thaw even the iciest of hearts. Such is the case with Bobby Martin of Dayton, OH.

Martin starts on the special teams squad and is a backup defensive player for Colonel White High School in Dayton. He made news recently when referees prevented him from playing in a game because - get this - because he did not arrive on the field with shoes, knee pads, and thigh pads.

Really? He must have forgotten them, ref. On account of the obvious fact that he has nothing to which he can affix them, genius!

What kind of insensitive imbecile would make such a call? I hope that the ref who barred Martin from the game gets quietly reassigned to groundskeeping.

The Ohio High School Athletic Association last week overruled the boneheaded referee decision, and Martin will be allowed to play the remainder of the season.

Martin's story is beyond "inspirational." Here is a kid who most people would say had no chance to make a squad, and yet he has even made tackles on special teams. He claims that he can go up a flight of stairs faster than people with legs.

I believe it.

Martin's powerful upper body gives him the ability to use his arms and hands to walk.

"My arms are my legs," Martin told a reporter from USA Today. "When I tackle, I must wrap my arms around their legs and just squeeze as hard as I can. He has no choice but go down."

Next time someone hears me whining about a headache, I hope that person smacks me upside the head with a yard-marker that has Martin's face taped to the top.


Anonymous said...

What a powerful story.

Anonymous said...

Very inspirational.

Hooda Thunkit said...
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Hooda Thunkit said...

Well, I'm glad that someone finally came to their senses and reversed the ref's unjust call.

Bobby Martin is simply amazing...

historymike said...

I was just blown away by this story when it broke; Martin's accomplishments make a person slack-jawed.

Lisa Renee said...

Me too, I had told the girls about him, now he to me is the kind of sports figure you would want your kids to admire.

I'm glad they over-ruled that ref.