Oct 8, 2005

Campaign Saturday

Carty Finkbeiner pounds the pavement in West Toledo Left: Carty Finkbeiner pounds the pavement in West Toledo

The weather was perfect for campaigning, but the candidates likely would have been out anyways this particular Saturday. I planned to take an evening off, but I ran into politicians at almost every turn today.

Carty and his army today were working a West Toledo neighborhood, bounded by Secor, Laskey, Talmadge, and Monroe. Given the number of Carty signs I saw near the many in-progress construction projects, perhaps his goal was to tap into the frustration of residents for whom road work cannot be finished too soon.

Carty Finkbeiner on the Toledo campaign trailLeft: Carty with Ben Brooks, the next guitar god

Ever the smooth campaigner, Carty took time to talk with my son and I, and was gracious enough to pose for some pictures with Ben, my 15-year old. No one works the crowd better than Carty, and, no matter who I vote for in November, I have to say that I have always been impressed with his ability to make instant connections with complete strangers.

Walking into the Glass Bowl for tonight's homecoming game between UT and Eastern Michigan, I passed quite a few candidates. Jack Ford was working the crowd, smiling and shaking hands; he has been everywhere the last few weeks in an attempt to counter the perception that his administration has not accomplished much. He received quite a few encouraging shouts from passersby; unfortunately my wife had the camera at that moment, so I was not able to get his picture.

Left: George Sarantou with a supporter

Braving the evening chill longer than most was councilman George Sarantou. I think that Sarantou is perfectly positioned for a 2009 mayoral run, given the contentious infighting among Democrats, his moderate politics, and especially due to the fact that he has managed to avoid being tarnished by the Noe saga.

Left: Near-capacity crowd for UT's homecoming game

Finally, the Toledo Rockets continued their campaign for another MAC title, defeating the EMU Eagles 30-3. Trinity Dawson looked particularly sharp, racking up 159 yards on the ground and 41 receiving for 200 all-purpose yards. QB Bruce Gradkowski was efficient, but not stellar, in his return from the injured list.

It was, in the final analysis, the best of days for Toledoans on the field and the campaign trail. On sunny fall Saturdays, any dream is still in the realm of the possible.


Anonymous said...

No way Carty can lose this one.

Hooda Thunkit said...
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Hooda Thunkit said...

Great report Mike.

Good looking son too!

Carty does knows how to campaign, check out his choice of apparel ;-)

Why, he even picked the winning team to back ;-)

Go Rockets!

valbee said...

He was in my neighborhood a few weeks ago, but a member of his campaign team annoyed me (and it was during the OSU game), so I didn't go outside to meet him.

Not that I think the OSU game was a priority... I was more irked with the campaigner than anything else. Besides, I have to be pleasant to people all week long at work - Saturdays are for my evil side. :)

On second thought, maybe that would have been the perfect moment to express some of my views regarding our fair city....