Oct 20, 2005

Countering The White Lies, Part Two

One of the more interesting attempts at spin that Bill White has conjured involves the African American police officers. White claims, alternately, that they "chickened out" or that they refused to show up (some on the left are making this claim as well).

That being said, here are photos of numerous black officers working hard to keep the peace last Saturday. There were several dozen on the scene, but I am limiting this photo analysis to representatives of each category of officer. Click on the photos for a closeup.

There were several of these officers keeping surveillance on protesters early on, as well as on the NSM members. I am told that this officer is part of SEB (Special Enforcement Burueau), commonly known as the "Ninjas" because of their tactical expertise. This photo was taken at 8:48 AM in Manhattan Plaza.

Slightly to the right of center is a black member of the Bike Patrol. This unit is often used for stealth operations because they can quickly approach suspects without being detected until the last moment. This photo was taken at 10:48 AM on Stickney, near the point where NSM members drove their cars into Wilson Park.

Front and center is an African American member of the SWAT team; this photo was taken at 2:54 PM on Mulberry Street just north of Central Avenue.

This black officer and his white partner stopped the ARA protesters on Stickney to remind them of the rules of the protest. This photo was taken at 9:46 AM.

I felt that it was important to counteract this lie because I don't want to see Mr. White's disinformation campaign cause dissension among the ranks of TPD. I think that all officers - black and white - showed remarkable restraint in the face of a hostile crowd.

The photos on this series covering the aborted NSM rally in Toledo were taken by DC photographer Isis; copyright 2005 Isis. You can see more of the work of Isis at Yellowcakewalk.net.


Anonymous said...

you shouldn't have to do this, because the people saying this are morons, but thank you anyway

Lisa Renee said...

Agreed, and it won't stop them, next they'll say you photoshoped the photos or staged them somehow.

However, I know you did it because you feel strongly about being credible. Those that matter? Already know that.


IsisDC said...

Don't worry, if Mikey photoshoped any of my photos he understands how he would have hide behind the couch for a few days as we all KNOW how I feel about THAT.*VEG*

Bill knows that there is a slight multiculture flavour to the Toledo PD.

There was even a Hispanic officer who was right there in front of the skinheads.


Lisa Renee said...

Yeah, I did kind of get the slight impression that you don't like your work being photoshoped....


IsisDC said...

Oh Yeah...I can really be a beeatch about certain things...;-)

BTW-You have mail!*hee*

M A F said...


First, I wanted to congratulate you on your recent induction into the "Jewish/communist/liberal media conspiracy."

Second, between your commentary and Isis' photographs poeple like me (who live in California) a chance to see what's really going on.

Third, perhaps you and Isis should join forces in a combined blog effort.

Fourth, Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kudos, Mac.

I had not realized how much the supremacist groups thrive on intimidation until I started these posts.

My email box and blog are filled with vile messages, and I have become a sort of poster boy for the racist right to vent their anger.

But, hey - it's only a mouse-click away (to paraphrase "Annie")

Hooda Thunkit said...

Bill White will continue spreading his hate and disinformation no matter what evidence you give him to the contrary.

You see, Bill White is Colorblind

historymike said...

I just hate to see White and his minions get away with it, and I will expose the disinformation when and where I can.

Also, new visitors to this blog should know that I never even knew who Bill White was until he decided to make Toledo - my city - a test case for his warped ideas on urban reform.

I will gladly move on to other topics when he decides to focus his energies away from Toledo.

Alas, that day seems like it is a long distance away. He announced yesterday on Bob Frantz's show (also double-checked by the Blade) that he will be back "in three weeks."

Building on an idea from Isis, I think we should next meet him (should he actually return) with black drag queens dressed in outrageous Nazi costumes, singing the theme song to "Hogan's Heroes."

IsisDC said...

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Anonymous said...

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historymike said...

Dear Anonymous Sir or Madam:

You are truly delusional, and I suggest that yo seek professioanl help.

Have a nice day!