Oct 14, 2005

Face Off: Toledo Braces For Possible Clash

Map of North ToledoMap of the area

At this point, it looks like the Nazis will be meeting at Woodward High School before their march (Source: Overthrow.com email). Their parade route has not yet been released, but I have to believe they will pass down Bronson Avenue to wave at the house of the vacationing Thomas Szych (I am told he will be "out of town" this weekend - good move).

The counter protesters are meeting up 8:30 AM at Manhattan Plaza to park and plan their next moves (source: protester publicity flyer)

The media has been told to meet at the Cherry Street substation at 9:00 AM for a briefing; it is probably at this time that the parade route(s) will be announced (source: Toledo Police fax)

Both sides are warning their members to keep things legal, but both sides are anticipating some sort of clash.

My suspicion is that the Nazis will march a mile or so through the neighborhoods, and wind up with a rally at one of the parks. The site with the best logistics for this would be Woodrow Wilson Park.

I am surprised that TPD is even allowing the Nazis to walk through the streets of the North End; they must believe that they can keep Bill White and his followers safe.

Driving through the neighborhood this afternoon it was clear that TPD and other law enforcement officials are out in force. I have never seen so many Crown Victorias with short-haired, serious-looking men parked on sidestreets in my life.

I am told by knowledgeable sources that NSM activists have been visiting the houses of white residents with clipboards, dressed in civilian clothes, looking to get a bigger turnout for the rally.

An anarchist source told me that he was accosted by undercover officers as he walked into a LaGrange Street barber shop passing out counter-protest flyers. They allowed him to continue, but he felt the police were definitely making their presence felt.


Anonymous said...

rock on

Anonymous said...

these people are a bunch of cowards; you know that only like 12 Nazis are going to show up

Lisa Renee said...

I don't know about that, it could end up being only a dozen. However if the latest Bill White missive ends up being true the numbers could be between 50 to 100. He's claiming NA members are coming. I can't find anything on that, last I heard it was local, some support from Michigan and a few Creators and...Bill White and Mark Martin.

Guess we will find out tomorrow.

liberal_dem said...

mike- I guess we'll have to see what happens. The TPD are in a lose-lose situation and as such, their reputation will surely be tainted, especially in the eyes of the black community.

Anonymous said...

I find it amusing that some people think that the NSM are cowards. Why would anybody put themselves through all the hostility and abuse, even risking their own livelihood, if they were cowards? They may be other things, but cowards they are not.

It's hate groups like the ARA who hide behind masks and attack in packs like dogs who are the cowards. They are the ones who have been noted for throwing urine filled balloons at police. Not to mention the youth gangs who are the reason the NSM is there is the first place.

If it weren't for the fact that members of a neighbourhood gang called the "Dustbin Boys" (I believe) distributed flyers to neighbourhood whites stating that the neighbourhood is black and threated death on those who didn't move, the NSM would not be there. Somehow this hate crime got reduced from a criminal felony conspiracy to a mere tiff between two neighbours.

The NSM is not there for a fight, but to show solidarity with other whites against hate crimes by black and other non-white gangs. It is supposed to be a small protest march to call attention to the plight of whites in the area at the hands of racist anti-white gangs. Period.

If you don't want the Nazis in your neighbourhood standing up for its citizens against hate and crime, you shouldn't be protesting the against the Nazis. You should be protesting against the criminals and the police inaction against the criminal youth gangs. If you had no problem with anti-white hate crimes perpetrated by racist youth gangs, the NSM would not be there. In other words, clean up your neighbourhood. It's as simple as that.

By protesting against the NSM and siding with the criminal youth gangs and the racist hate groups such as the ARA, the SDLC or the JDL you are actually supporting crime and racism. It is something the people of Toledo should seriously think about.

As to the possibility of violence, he NSM will not start any violence whatsoever. They will leave that up to the protesters. Unfortunately, the presence of the police may actually aggravate the situation. One thing is certain, if there were no police, cowardly criminals from the local gangs and hate groups such as the ARA would come nowhere near the NSM for they they would be severely beaten if they tried anything against the Nazis. With the police forming a cordon between the marchers and the pro-crime protesters, it gives those with violent intent the ability to get close to the Nazis without fear of getting hurt themselves. They are the real cowards, not the NSM.

Now that the thing has got some national attention, it can do only good for the NSM. Whatever the outcome, the NSM will be the winner here. If you find that unsettling, it's you're own fault. You should not have let the racist anti-white youth gangs roam the streets committing hate crimes.

Thanks Toledo.

Anonymous said...
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historymike said...

I am white, and I freely traveled on the "mob" side.

This was not a "race war."

It was angry people who felt the police departmentment sold them out.

Hooda Thunkit said...

Like liberal_dem stated, the police were in a lose-lose situation.

The fact is that no one can adequately prepare for an event like this.

To have responded better would have taken much more training and experience than anyone on TPD has.

The Feds have schools for this kind of thing, but how do you budget and plan for what is a once or twice event in a police officer's career?