Oct 16, 2005

Faces In The Midst Of Chaos, Part One

Left: An unidentified protester before the riot broke out

The images beamed across the country of Toledo thugs looting a corner bar, while horrifying, provided only a narrow glimpse at the complexity of the riot that followed a cancelled Nazi march through North Toledo. This photo-essay attempts to provide a more comprehensive look at this event.

Left: Toledo Mayor Jack Ford, watching as the Stickney crowd begins to pelt Nazis with rocks and eggs

The original protesters, numbering about 60 people, found their ranks swelled with neighborhood residents after Nazis arrived and began to agitate the crowd with racial slurs.

Left: an unidentified protester demonstrating what he would like to do to a Nazi

Perhaps as many as 700 people faced Bill White and his NSM minions by 11:30, and a few volleys of projectiles by the agitated crowd forced the Nazis to hide in the park behinfd the police.

Left: a protester leads an anti-racism chant

The police, realizing the crowd was getting out of control, are instructed to cover the retreating Nazis as they head to the planned press conference at 11:40 in Woodrow Wilson Park. Bill White had barely begun to speak when the squawking police radios reported that the mob had begun to assemble on Mulberry, and that reinforcements were desperately needed.

Left: the angry mob running for Central Avenue to confront the Nazis on their parade route

Thus began the confrontation between protesters and police on Mulberry. What started as an anti-Nazi protest morphed into an anti-police protest.

The photos on this series covering the aborted NSM rally in Toledo were taken by DC photographer Isis; copyright 2005 Isis. Things got crazy, and we were swapping memory cards back and forth, but 90% of this work was hers. You can see more of the work of Isis at Yellowcakewalk.net.


Anonymous said...

awesome pics

Hooda Thunkit said...

Those shots will trigger memories and emotions for you forever, because you were there, you were a part of it.

This should qualify you for a ToledogangFest 2005 combat ribbon.

So, who's working on the book?


BrianMaxson said...


Well done, Hooda...gold start for YOU!

bp said...

keep posting. These pictures are fantastic.

Anonymous said...

"The images beamed across the country of Toledo thugs looting a corner bar..."

If that were a group of white young men would you still be calling them thugs. Just
because a few of these kids fly colors and dress in big white shirts doesn't mean
you can make such a wide sweeping generalization.

This goes far beyond some white racists from Virginia. There is systematic racism
and class-ism at play here and it is no surprise to me nor is it misguided that the
people of Toledo went after the vary protectors of this system. The underpaid mostly
working class foot soliders are often called the protectors of our cities but this
couldn't be further from the truth. The are paid to keep us in line and in place.
They are not Innocent just as those in Iraq policing the streets under the guise of
Iraqi Freedom.

Who are the real Thugs?

Who is the biggest Gang ring in Toledo?

Who wears the riot gear?

Who shot rounds into crowds in the streets of Toledo the other day?

They hold down blocks and creep in the night.

We wonder where the youth get the idea of rolling in packs? Flossing colors and
packing heat. Look no further then the men and women and blue.

To all the Toledo Police officers, its not to late...

Stop taking blows meant for this system fall back and help us build a world with out
racists a world where you don't have to stand between Nazis and your Community

Fall back and let us deal with Nazi ego maniacs bricks, sticks, and creativity in hand.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said... Fall back and let us deal with Nazi ego maniacs bricks, sticks, and creativity in hand. "

You just don't understand the philosophy of the Nsm marchers and others like them. To start with there were more than two dozen! There were in fact about 80 to 150 but the TPD kept them back and would not let them enter the march and only allowed a few white protesters in. So , it is my belief that Mike is not a very good reporter or he would have know this fact.

Also, it is the practice of such groups to allow a few to enter the march while hundreds are waiting somewhere in the city to join in via phone call or other contacts.

I am not one of them but study them . I can assure you that if any of them were attacked you would have seen hundreds come out from no where. Don't let the MSM and peopel like Mike Bs you through this story he tells.

It is the practice of many MSM an people like Mike to only report that which they wish to report.Anyone can take pictures of that only which they want to present to their readers . As a person whom has freelanced photographs , I to can take the pictues of any crowed to show just that for which I want to report on for my specific agenda. That is what I suspect Mike and his crew did.

I get then ideal that Mike is one whom picks his own fights and would never endeaver into debate one of the so Called whites supremist that would rock his socks in intelligent debate.

I tire with people like Mike whom always seem to attack any white movement , but are eager to defend the crimes of Blacks and all other non-whites. Where is you anger over the damage and riots that were caused by blacks? Don't say it was the whites whom caused it because they never even got to march! Whites have as much right to march as do blacks and we have never yet to riot over one black march.

It is people like Mike whom call themselves historians but in reality like to pervert history to their own liking. How about some true history Mike? How about Hitlers army? How about the fact that hitlers army was all Jewish? What about Jesus! Was He really Jewish? What does the Septuagint say about it? Naw He wasn't Jewish and only an idiot would believe that or someone whom has never read the Bible. Teh Bible explicitely shows many. many passages that point out that Jesus was not Jew, and He even denies it. What about it Mike, I would love to see your historic take on these subjects and that would tell whom you really are.

Mike I can't help but see that you are fueling the situation instead of helping it and also lying a little along the way. Tell the truth about Toledo! The blacks started it and there was no cause for this violence. If you can state that there was cause then you also have to agree that the next time blacks march then whites and others have the right to retaliate in like manner.

historymike said...

You, sir, are delusional.

I stood 6 feet away from the assembled NSM members and took their pictures. I chatted with them.

And I counted them.

To deny reality, despite photographic and video evidence, is the height of stupidity.

I will not waste my time trying to "debate" delusional people whose warped views of history include the denial of the Holocaust, or who engage in are hung up on the fact that Christ was a Jew. I have listened to similar exercises in futility, and can find many more useful ways to spend my time.

As far as your feeble attempts to demean me as a a writer and as a historian, I will only say that this type of ad hominem attack is a tactic of a person who has no other recourse.

In other words, desperation.

Anonymous said...

Historymike said... "To deny reality, despite photographic and video evidence, is the height of stupidity."

The height of stupidity is that one can believe that ONLY his photographic and video evidence is the only evidence. Fact is you can and will report only on that which you have photograph. As a free lance photographer I alone photograph only that which I wish. I suspect the same for you.

Had you have photographed the entire event and the fact that many NSM were kept from entering the march then and only then can you call it complete evidence and yourself a true historian. The fact that you only present the evidence which you have photograph shows that you in fact have an agenda.

"I will not waste my time trying to "debate" delusional people whose warped views of history include the denial of the Holocaust,"

Oh Mike! I never brought up the holocaust , but since you did I think it fair I rebutt.

Lets start with the fictitious book of the Diary of Ann Franks. History has proven that the so-called diary was written in about 14 distinct or different handwritings. So in reality it is a fraud! Aledgedly written by Ann Franks but scientifically proven to be written by many other Jewish host. Ths book is nothing but a fraud which can be considered nothing more than fiction and general entertainment.

Shindlers List is also a fraud perported as truth in the movie. Teh library of Congress list the book and the movie as "FICTION." So therfore this is not true history but fabrication in an attempt to lend credibility to a hoax. Check the IHR and they have proven that the possibility of the holocaust is nothing but a hoax. Care to debate on it so I can prove you wrong with scientific and forensic evidence? You won't because you know it is a loosers debate on your behalf.

" or who engage in are hung up on the fact that Christ was a Jew."

You say it is " fact " that Jesus is a Jew? PROVE IT! And I'll prove you a liar! you won't post this because the challenge is out there that you can not possibly win and you know it. However, there are other archives and blogs that we can post deleted and responsible debate that is denied by your site and show everyone that you are in fact unfair and fear real debate. So there will be no coverup or deleted messages that can not be resurrected as truly sent to you.

" As far as your feeble attempts to demean me as a a writer and as a historian, "

The only feeble attempt is ability and integrity to honestly answer these questions. It is only feeble because you recognize it as such within yourself. As usual someone else is always to balme as being feeble and your always the victim.

" I will only say that this type of ad hominem attack is a tactic of a person who has no other recourse."

Recourse! LMBO The only recourse you have is to delete messagess that you alone deam unfair . When someone such as I uses no profanity or evil talk , you delete or fail to alow it because it may be demeaning to your real agenda. you can only keep truth from people.When you delete responsible post it is only because such people have told the truth and have pointed somthing out that may make you look bad.

My only recourse is the truth. Your only recourse is to supress it as many other blogs have reported that you keep respectful rebuttals out of your blog by deleting them. Most importantly those people whom are critical of Israel , or those whom appear to christian.You delete those messagess thatare critical of your veiws. Therefore you are no better than the thugs who destroyed North Toledo that you are so inclined to call protesters. Protesters Mike do NOT destroy any part of a city. They simply protest. Thugs criminals and " HATERS" destroy things. Get it right for once Mike!

historymike said...

I was there the entire day, sir.

I saw this with my own eyes.

If you choose to believe Bill White and his account, so be it.

I cannot convince someone who has their mind made up and who wears blinders.

As far as deletions, I delete the posts that are filled with racist hate, threats, or insults.

Note that I left your post up.