Oct 30, 2005

Fall Back, Summer Back


The extra hour of sleep from the switch back to standard time plus an unseasonably balmy Sunday combined to make Northwest Ohio a restful place to be today. I spent a few hours raking leaves, pulling up the last of my carrots and potatoes, and generally putzing around on what may be the last truly warm day of the year.

Among my companions this afternoon were the rabbits that have taken up residence in my mulch pile. They competed with the squirrels for the remains of my garden; I will likely have a lot of rogue tomatoes sprouting next spring from the fruit that I did not get around to picking.

I also snagged a handful of late-season peppers this afternoon, kind of smallish but very sweet. I brought exactly none of them back into the house, as avarice and hunger overcame any predisposition I might have possessed to share my vegetable bounty. They were juicy, capacin-heavy, and borderline orgasmic.

Also joining me this afternoon in my backyard endeavors was Hershey, my aged but faithful Labrador retriever. Hershey, as some of you know, received a stay of execution in late August, but his days are numbered. Hip dysplasia has set in, and the ensuing spinal distension has begun to cause damage to his nerves; my old friend has little feeling below what would be his waist were he human.

Today, however, even geriatric dogs could enjoy soaking up the summer-like rays, and the usual worldly worries seemed distant. Would that every day could be as peaceful as this one.


Anonymous said...

what a beautiful dog

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,
Not sure how true this is but I heard in our hurried lives the quick clean-ups (such as swiffer)is taking it's toll on our pets. I only say this becasue I lost my golden retriever shortly after starting to use this product(he was just shy of 11) and my neighbor lost his boxer at 9 with the same condition. Good luck.

Lisa Renee said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the day, I miss those days with Draco. I still can't write about him without crying soo I'm going to stop.

Except to say the swiffer thing is an urban legend....


Hooda Thunkit said...

The peacefulness of Sunday was astounding. Like you I found it a welcome change.

Hershey looked like he enjoyed it too.

If you listened closely though, you could hear the City collectively sucking and holding their breaths in nervous anticipation of the return of our Nazi agitators.

So, in reality, they have already won the next skirmish too...

Well, another day maybe, but not today...

historymike said...

The rumor flying around is that it will be a Nov. 5 visit by NSM.

Trying to confirm that with anyone who knows.

Anonymous said...

lisa renee, Thank you for that information. You have no idea how guilt ridden I was feeling! It appears that dogs seem to be passing younger, maybe I'm just getting old.
history mike, Great job on your coverage of the riots! You deserve a pat on the back.