Oct 21, 2005

From Hero To Goat: Dr. Jacques Pluss Falls From NSM Grace

Left: Dr. Jacques Pluss, in happier NSM days

I have not wished to spend much time on the internal politics of the National Socialist Movement (NSM), nor on the power struggle that seems to exist among the white supremacist factions in the post-National Alliance world.

However, the story of Dr. Jacques Pluss caught my eye, and I thought readers might gain some insight into our good friend Bill White.

Dr. Pluss was terminated from his post as an adjunct history professor at Farleigh Dickinson University in March 2005. The official reason cited was that Pluss had already "racked up 6 absences" in a 15-week semester, but many on campus suspected that the Nazi affiliation of the professor had something to do with his firing.

At any rate, NSM gained a measure of respectability by bringing an academic presence to its group.

The NSM community showered praise on the Nazi academic. NSM Commander Jeff Schoep said in February that the arrival of Pluss was "a move of Historical Proportions in our struggle, that a man with such credentials is stepping forth with such a sound and resonating message of Truth, beaming forth directly from the National Socialist Movement!"

An April post to the nukeisrael.com site described Pluss as "a newcomer to the NSM, Pluss unleashed a fiery oratory reminiscent of Hitler's speeches." A comparison with Der Führer certainly put Pluss in heady company in the world of neo-Nazis.

How quickly was the descent of Pluss from icon to anathema; after Pluss formally severed ties with NSM this week, Bill White began an intense character assassination campaign against the beleagured ex-professor:
Pluss has been taking psychiatric medicines and was extremely depressed prior to his break with NSM. Friends who new him told LSN he "seemed to be descending into his own world" before the break.

Not happy with merely questioning the sanity of Pluss, White felt that an attack on his personal life was also in order:
His girlfriend was recently refused admission to a very prestigious and hard to qualify for school which she had applied to. She blames the failure to gain admission on the NSM, though, frankly, it was more likely her grades, the fact she lives with one of her professors from her last school, and that the school is very exclusive and hard to get into.

Mr. White seems to be the master of disinformation, and I am amused - and a bit disturbed - by his attempts to engage in similar campaigns against me on Toledo boards. I am taking this opportunity to let him know that I am documenting this behavior, and that I will take every necessary step to protect my family and reputation.

Remember, too, Mr. White - you came to my city. I had not made any acquaintance - virtual or otherwise - with you until October 6. Moreover, I was perfectly content to focus on Toledo until you (or your minions) began a campaign to discredit and threaten me.

In short, Mr. White, I strongly urge you to call off the dogs before you or one of your band of merry men crosses the line into the realm of the illegal.


Anonymous said...

these people are freaks

IsisDC said...

Looks like they are starting to eat each other...and they call other people "animals"?

Anonymous said...

These lunatics must have escaped the asylum - God only knows how.

Let's hope that they lose their road maps and they can only find their own kind to go to battle against.

Lisa Renee said...

They did the same thing to Harold Covington and anyone else who they disagree with. What's ironic is the numbers of those on Stormfront and Vanguard who have disliked and mistrusted Bill White for several years.

The amount of name calling and slandering within the whole White Power scene has been interesting to follow.

Lisa Renee said...

Bill will fall from grace at some point and they will do the same thing to him that he and some of the others have done.

It's not a matter of if it's a matter of when.

Matt Drudge, Jr. said...

Socialist rag Worker's World is sticking by its story that Black cops called in sick on Oct. 15th. And they say Mr. Brooks contributed to the article....

historymike said...

I "contributed" to the article only in the sense that they used my material.

With my permission.

They asked for permission. Get it?

I do not work for Worker's World, I do not subscribe to Worker's World, I have not freelanced for Worker's World, and I rarely (if ever) read Worker's World.

Get over it, and do better "investigative" writing.

Depressed Persian said...


Even if you did write for Workers World, there would be absolutely nothing wrong with that. (and yes, yes, I know you don't)

Please don't let redbaiting jerkoffs like Drudge, Jr. get you on the defensive with crap like this in order to get you to denounce anyone who's ideologically anywhere to the left of the editorial staff of The New Republic.

This guy's got all the "integrity" of his namesake and all the intelligence of his other online journalistic hero, Glenn "Instadouchebag" Reynolds.

historymike said...

True, Anon.

And Mr. Drudge Jr. seems to consider places like Overthrow.com and the Hal Turner Show to be reliable sources of information.

Matt Drudge, Jr. said...

And you seem ok with lending your name to a "news" site that admits to mixing opinion with fact and does not verify its sources.

Anonymous said...

Matt Sludge and his JR Mints need a hobby!

historymike said...

OK, Matt Drudge, Jr.: here's a quick lesson on how the formal media works.

When you borrow someone else's work, you give attribution. This means that you cite where you got the information or photos from.

I don't "lend" my name; the secondary source "cites" me.

In an academic sense, failure to do so is plagiarism. In a moral sense, it's just good manners to cite your sources.

I hope that this quick tutorial provides valuable information for you.

Have a nice day!

Hooda Thunkit said...

Bill White is a venom spewing, simple minded child, and nothing more.

He too, will fall from grace to be subsequently "purged and scourged" by his former followers, all in due time.

Like Lisa said, "It's not a matter of if it's a matter of when."

And, like a bad batch of burritos, this too shall pass...

Jr said...

M. Drudge Jr. said

"Socialist rag Worker's World is sticking by its story that Black cops called in sick on Oct. 15th. And they say Mr. Brooks contributed to the article...."

historymike, NewsGuy posted that same sludge as a new front page post at Toledo Talk late Friday night, but it didn't last long. I happened to be on the site at the time, so I deleted it. They can make baseless claims on their own site.

Sidenote: I wanted to let you and anyone else here who reads Toledo Talk know that I moved Toledo Talk to a new server early Saturday morning. Name servers and/or caching servers haven't updated everywhere yet. Some can access Toledo Talk, but others like me cannot. It depends upon your ISP. I get the web hosting company's home page. I can telnet into the new server and read the site with the Lynx browser. So for some, Toledo Talk will appear to be gone for a while yet.

Matt Drudge, Jr. said...

Believe me, Mr. Brooks, I do not need your pandering little lesson in article attributions, but I thank you nonetheless.

I stand by what I wrote in that piece; I have the sources to prove it, unlike the Socialist rag Worker's World.

What information did they use from you? Pictures? No.

Since you seem to have contacts with the authors of the article *cough* *cough* perhaps you can ask them why they wrote that Black cops called in sick last Saturday. That would really help.

Thank you!

historymike said...

You are correct about one thing, Mr. Drudge, Jr.: I have contacts with the authors of the WW article.

Like I have contacts with the police, the city administration, members of gangs, and, yes, members of the neo-Nazi movement.

It's called good reporting - you try to get every side of the story.

Unlike narrow-minded, biased writers obsessed with promoting a particular ideology.

Anonymous said...

M.Sludge IS a member of the Nazi movement....aren't ya Bill?

historymike said...

Matt Drudge, Jr. disavowed any connection to NSM in a different post.

Ken Krauss said...

HistoryMike is just another jew who writes smut against the NSM and other groups. Just a wannabe somebody!

historymike said...

Thanks for the kind words, Ken. If being a Jew is something that neo-Nazis hate, then I might want to convert to Judiasm.

NSM is wrong on so many levels that Judaism must be right.