Oct 6, 2005

Juan Cole, Middle East Scholar, To Speak At UT

Left: The University of Michigan's Juan Cole

Juan Cole will address a variety of issues on the Middle East next Wednesday, October 12, as part of the UT History Department's "Engaged History" lecture series. His talk is entitled: "Bush and the Ayatollah: Shiite Religious Politics in the New Iraq."

Cole obtained his PhD in Islamic Studies at UCLA in 1984. He became president of the Middle East Studies Association in November 2004, and he has been the editor of The International Journal of Middle East Studies since 1999. Cole has also worked for the American Institute of Iranian Studies. He is the Richard Hudson Research Professor of History at UM and a professor in the Center for Middle Eastern and North African Studies. His most recent book is Sacred Space and Holy War (London: I.B. Tauris, 2002).

Since the eruption of hostilities in the post-9/11 era in places like Afghanistan and Iraq, Cole has become one of the leading academic experts that national and international news outlets seek out.

Here is a link to Juan Cole's homepage and also a link to his excellent blog, Informed Consent.

The lecture will be at 7:30 PM at the Driscoll Auditorium, which is located on Bancroft across from the main campus. If you travel south on Douglas, the parking lot access is on University Hills Drive, that small winding road that acts as an exit to Bancroft.

I will be in attendance, so look for me if you decide to attend the lecture (tall guy, glasses, in serious need of a haircut and beard trim).

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I've read his blog. He's very knowledgeable.