Oct 31, 2005

McCloskey Weasels On Air About Billboards, Blasts Schulz For Being Gay


(Toledo, OH) Embattled Toledo council candidate Bob McCloskey dodged questions about his acceptance of two billboards from a Toledo businessman on WSPD this morning.

Somehow the acceptance of two high-profile billboards, worth somewhere between $800 and $1,500 a month, is not a problem in McCloskey's eyes. He said that he "paid $1,000 for the paper, ink, and screening" used to produced the artwork, and that he intends to disclose the "gift" on his January statement. Brock Rimelin's "gift" was only made because the beleagured billboard owner "couldn't sell the spaces."

Funny, though, how Gannett and Lamar, competing billboard companies in the Toledo market, seem to have no problem selling dozens of billboards in the proximity of the two controversial McCloskey outdoor advertisements.

Interestingly, McCloskey took opponent Dave Schulz to task for being gay, and called a Schulz campaign ad "deceptive" because it featured Dave with Susan Meeks and her infant daughter. This accusation was especially odd considering that the photo is accompanied with text that clearly notes the presence of Meeks. Maybe the barely-literate McCloskey was duped, but anyone with the ability to read at a 4th-grade level should have been able to understand that the ad notes the moment when Meeks witnessed Schulz signing his pledge on term limits.

McCloskey's anti-gay rant is puzzling; was he simply taking a cheap shot at his opponent for political points, or does this represent some latent homophobia in Bob?

Bob made a claim that he has "never faced an ethics charge in 12 years on council;" this statement, of course, ignores the $10 million lawsuit the city faces because McCloskey was stupid enough to leave on voicemail an attempt to extort $100 K from a company doing business with the city. Oh, and the LOF retirement fund that would have been the recipient of McCloskey's extortive largesse just happens to be one that cuts McCloskey a retirement check. Ah, ain't life swell?

Councilman McCloskey, for those who are unaware, shamelessly switched from a district council seat to an at-large seat to get around the term limits law. Dear Bob: when the voters indicated they wanted a 12-year term limit for council persons, we meant 12 years. Not 12 years as a district rep, plus 12 as an at-large rep, or any permutation that your friends in the Law Department could conjure up.

12 years. That's all, Bob. Do the right thing and step aside.


Lisa Renee said...

Wow, that amazes me. What does anyone's sexual preference have do with being on City Council?

Hard to believe Toledo voters could support someone like Bob McCloskey.

Please don't tell me Frantz let him get away with that bs.

Hooda Thunkit said...

McCloskey is a total embarrassment to the whole city.

The question is, how did anyone that ignorant get this far in local politics, and get re-elected to boot?

What was I thinking, we're about to re-elect Carty to a third term...

Come to think, how come no one is making a stink about Carty violating the intent of term limits?

(or, Betty Schultz for that matter)

Anonymous said...

McCloskey is a total piece of sludge who will stop at nothing to get reelected.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe even McCloskey would be so stupid.

Anonymous said...

McCloskey needs to retire his fat ass. He ought not sit on it, though, since that is likely the location of his pea-brain.

Big Tex Cowboy said...

"Please don't tell me Frantz let him get away with that bs."

Actually, Lisa, I probably should have come down harder on him than I did. Problem was that I only had about 45 seconds left in the segment with him when he mentioned, "At least Louis Escobar was up front about it," and I was busy jumping on his poor excuses for accepting the billboards.

He'll be on again this week, I know, because Schultz will be on to follow up on the ethics violation accusation, and to respond to the attack. I think I'll ask him to take calls on the issue and let the voters ask him some questions...

Lisa Renee said...

Thanks Bob, I know we don't see eye to eye on every issue but I'm glad to hear that from you.

I'll actually promise to tune in to listen to Dave on as well.


Roland Hansen said...

Heck, I remeber when "gay" meant "happy" and no one thiught that was bad.

Roland Hansen said...

Roland Hansen says: "oops." Let me try that again.
Heck, I remember when "gay" meant "happy" and no one thought that was bad.

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