Oct 15, 2005

More Views Of The North Toledo Riot

Toledo Police riot gearLeft: Toledo Police in riot gear just after firing the first volley of tear gas cannisters and percussion grenades on Mulberry

I have seen a lot of bizarre things in my life, and I have reached the point where I keep telling myself I have seen it all.

The scenes in North Toledo today are still percolating in my teargas-addled brain, and I am sorting them out as I edit my text and review 1200 photographs taken by me and my anonymous friend from DC, Isis (she has a stalker, and does not use her real name).

Let me start by saying that what you have been seeing and hearing on FOX television has glaring inaccuracies.

You will have to wait until Wednesday to get the real deal in the Toledo Free Press.

Toledo Police helicopter Left: Circling helicopters could see the big picture, but were far removed from the people on the street

I saw so many snippets of human drama; some very ugly, some surreal, and some heroic. I have to sleep now, as I have been living and breathing conflict for about 16 hours now.

Toledo protesters at Mulberry and Central Left: the crowd on Mulberry regroups for another attempt to drive the police back

The hundreds of protesters, egged on by Nazi taunts, proved too much for the Toledo Police Department. The magnitude of this event has yet to sink in for most of us.

In a way, I almost feel guilty for being right about this riot(I was way off on Y2K). I would rather have been accused of being an alarmist - and have my city be just fine at the end of the day - than being correct about the looming riot that has torn through the middle of Toledo.

A final drive through North Toledo's battle zones at 9:00 tonight showed the streets deserted; the curfew seems to be holding.

The burning building at Mulberry and Chestnut has long since been extinguished, but the anger among many residents still simmers.


Lisa Renee said...

I wanted you to be wrong too. I look forward to reading what you saw since what I saw on Fox did give a different impression and? I'm glad you are okay, get some sleep. That had to have been an experience you will never forget. I know how I've felt just following the different coverage and reading what you and others have seen.

Lisa Renee said...

I did grab a picture of who I think is of Bill, hopefully you have a better one in all of yours.


historymike said...

We've got over 100 pictures of the nefarious Mr. William A. "Bill" White.

May God have mercy on his twisted soul.

Big Tex Cowboy said...

Sorry, HM, but I cannot agree: I hope and pray that God will NOT have mercy on his soul. Let's talk on-air Monday morning about your experiences...

Big Tex Cowboy said...

To Lisa--
No need to point it out: YES, I'm breaking my own rule about posting on other blogs tonight. This is too important to be silent. Thanks...

Lisa Renee said...

Bob, I'll tease you later right now? I agree with you and I will actually tune in to hear Mike talk to you. Sides I post on your blog, historymike posts on yours so?

We are family in that aspect.


Hooda Thunkit said...

I too thought you were being an alarmist, but have no problem admitting that I underestimated what you did not.

I can't wait to see a picture of ole Billy boy; my dartboard needs a new background...

musicwriter said...

Where the hell was Chuck Norris?

historymike said...

Sorry, Nazis; I am deleting all hate messages.

Also, if you are trying to post anonymously and pretend to be a black gangster, it would be helpful if the IP address you use does not match one for an NSM page.

Just helpful advice.

Anonymous said...

Historymike said...
"We've got over 100 pictures of the nefarious Mr. William A. "Bill" White.

May God have mercy on his twisted soul."

When is a persons soul twisted solely upon your view? Who are you to judge whilst blamming others for the same judgement?

Would you also ask forgiveness on the twisted souls who looted and burned the North city of Toledo?

Mike, you must admit that the NSM were peaceful marchers. In fact they never got to march. In fact there were more than you and the MSM reported except the Police would not let them enter into the fray.

When is your twisted mind going to realize that the violent ones were not the NSM?

If this were a peaceful black march and whites did what they did, your twisted mind would still blame the whites! You would probably call all whites nazies because they protested. When whites do somthing like this they are the aggressors, when blacks do it they are the protesters. Admit the truth, all these blacks needed was the most miniscule reason to do what they did.

And you have the nerve to call others twisted. What if when we all meet God he was right and you were wrong. Since you mentioned God, read your bible and see that violence is the way of the Bible . Better yet , read the Septuagint and see that what Bill White did was in fact Biblically wright. That is before our bibles were perverted with the so called Judeo-Christion belief. Sadly Judaism and Christianity are 180 degrees apart from one another. Christianity can not survive with the perversion of Judaism in it.

Dick from Toledo

historymike said...

I don't have to admit anything, Bill...err, I mean, "Dick."

I saw what I saw, and I reported what I saw. If you choose to believe NSM spin, so be it. Have a happy life.

Besides, how could NSM have even had the chance to act violent? They were too busy being whisked away by TPD.

Anonymous said...

Historymike said... "Besides, how could NSM have even had the chance to act violent? They were too busy being whisked away by TPD. "

Correct, they were being lawful and obeyed the police laws unlike the rioters which you called protesters. Somehow I find it demeaning that you call rioters protesters in this day and age.

Real protesters do nothing but protesters, rioters become violent and destructive. That is what we all seen in this incident.

Why are you such an apoligetic for these people whom caused such destruction and mayhem?

Dick in Toledo