Oct 18, 2005

North Toledo Riot: Initial Conflict Between Police And Protesters

Left: Protesters heading for Central Avenue

Shortly before noon on Saturday, October 15 several hundred anti-Nazi protesters ran en masse from Stickney Avenue to Mulberry Street on Toledo's north side, hoping to meet members of the National Socialist Movement (NSM) on the first leg of their planned march.

Left: The arrest of this unidentified man was a catalyst in the riot

The crowd was convincd that the Nazis were still coming, and that the police on Mulberry were between them and the Nazis. Police made a few initial arrests of persons suspected of throwing projectiles.

Left: Bicycle police arriving to bolster Mulberry defenses are greeted with rocks

Diplomacy, if it were to ever be successful, would have made the most sense at this point. I think that if the crowd could be convinced that they had "won," and that the Nazis had left Toledo, they might have dispersed peacefully. The chosen path, however, was one of immediate, forceful dispersal.

Left: Riot officer fires teargas into crowd

From this point forward, it seemed that the attitude of the protesters became decidedly anti-police in nature. The officers began the first of many offensive actions to disperse the crowd and reclaim territory.

Left: Riot police march through thick teargas south on Mulberry

The battle lines were now drawn, and the next few hours would see repeated efforts to control this intersection. Police marched forward, but would be driven back by the regrouping rioters. The later arrival of reinforcements from surrounding communities and off-duty officers proved to be the necessary force needed to quell the unrest, but anger still simmers in the area.

Most of the photos on this series covering the aborted NSM rally in Toledo were taken by Washington, DC photographer Isis. You can see more of the work of Isis at Yellowcakewalk.net ; go to the "Gallery" section.


Unwilling Participant said...

Very cool, nice to see some original pictures and your view of what went down.

Hooda Thunkit said...

The pictures make my eyes and throat burn.

Very realistic; it's like being there.

It's no suprize that Mike Navarre spins a different yarn...

Anonymous said...

The problem is many of the Toledo cops are Nazis who belong in jail. These were the same cops who proactively protected the child abusers from the local Right Wing Catholic Church for over 50 years

Anonymous said...

"Police made a few initial arrests of persons SUSPECTED of throwing projectiles" not proven mind you, just suspected - and - "From this point forward...the PROTESTERS became decidedly anti-police in nature". Decided by the police? Instigated by the police? Funny, the Rethugs who "protested" the anti-war marchers in Washington were given kind, deferential treatment by police, but we all know the old "good-Christian" saw, beat down any large gathering of blacks, they might threaten us in some way. So sad and sick in this day and age. They just keep doling out the Katrina treatment of poor and/or black people.

IsisDC said...

Anny- Yeah, the DCFreepers and the DC Secret Service guys are all buds, probably all come from the same Prince William VA county hoods and belong to the same gun clubs.

The DC Secret Service cops are not my biggest fans which is why I have my photos posted under an anny.

One almost threw me off the Bank of America building during the peace march as I was taking some great shots and with the ok from the Federal park police (*they* are very cool), but the SS trumps them.

Pro-right wing counter protesters always seem to get very kind treatment, usually because they really kissy up to the cops and say things to them like :"Gee officer, thank you for being here and protecting the citizens" and BS like that.

They all seem to get hard-ons at police presence as the rest of us can get a bit queezy at the sight of them and for good reasons.

But, to be fair, I really don't think the Toledo cops had malice as much as they were just in panic and unprepared.

I think most of them are pretty okay people who just didn't know what to do in that situation.

They were actually very cool with Mike and I, and allowed us to be where other media were not allowed to go.

I think it was really a deer in the headlights reaction to the crowd.

I hold the major fault with the city officials to permit that rally to happen where it did.

Had they made a better judgement on local, it would have been a much different situation.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Toledo, but moved to California in the 80s to get away from what was happening there.
I couldn't believe the city of Toledo would let Neo-Nazis do their thing in a black neighborhood. They knew what would happen, so did the Neo-Nazis.
As far as the gang bangers go, I think it's time they grow up and learn some accountability, and personal responsibility for their own actions. Why tear up your own neighborhood? Especially when the people who came and started the whole thing are going back to another state? If you want others to respect the community you live in maybe you should start respecting it yourselves.

IsisDC said...

Anny- it is so easy to be a white suburnanite, sit in an easy arm chair and judge how others react to an invasion on their neighbourhood.

The people of this neighbourhood have been dealt such a poor hand I think they just snapped after having enough of it.

How would you feel if the Taliban rallied at your local high school?

Insulted your sweet lilly white life and "heritage" and your city council just dissed you off like garbage?

I think the people just ruptured, and it was not just the Nazis, but the regional regard for people of colour, as you yourself demonstrate so well.

I guess you can take the bigot out of Ohio, but, you can't take Ohio out of the bigot.

Anonymous said...

That's nice, anyone who doesn't agree with your views is a bigot? Attacking someone you think is white is a form of bigotry, too. What exactly is bigoted about people taking resposibility for their own actions? That's just common sense. That's what the government wants, divide and conquer. You just keep feeding into it, and playing their game. We are in the middle of a corporate takeover by our government. They wouldn't have been able to do this if the people of this country were united. That will never happen. What happened in the North End was done on purpose. They have a good time creating problems between the races. They also like to play the race card as a diversion. Go ahead feed into it, and fuel it with your own hate. In doing so you aren't part of the solution, but part of the problem. Plus you give the government exactly what they want, a nation divided.

IsisDC said...

Well, gee, Anny, yep, when you claim to be running from Toledo "to get away from what was happening there"...oh gee what ever could you mean?

Could you mean "the black problem"??

Well, "Anny Archie Bunker" all I can tell you that it is YOUR LOSS.

That neighbourhood is filled with beautiful loving people. I know as I talked to them, hung with them, hugged them, and felt what they were going through.

Gang bangers??


There were maybe 15 gang members in that whole bunch, the rest were little kids dressed in red.

There are a lot of very good people in that North end of town who are in a lot of pain from how they are regarded by the buddies you left behind to snub them as you are right now.

Yeah, it is good that you left Toledo, but not for your sake, but to take your brand of poison away from the good people who deserve better neighbours than you.

Anonymous said...

Talk about a bigot. I'm a black woman. I didn't run, I wanted to live somewhere where people welcome diversity. My lily white butt? It's as dark as it gets. Go ahead and spread your hate. Your type is the main problem in this country. I worked in gang deferment for years. I helped the "gang bangers" learn about accountability and personal responsibility. What do you do but spread hate? Can't you see that's counterproductive? It isn't a black problem, it's a black and white problem. Everybody needs to get over their hate for each other and learn to live together. I have family in that neighborhood, I know good decent people live in that neighborhood some of them are my own family. I was a bad kid, I turned my life around and took responsibility for myself and my own actions. I'm retired now. I gave back something positive to my own race. All you're doing is spreading hate.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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IsisDC said...

Oh, and please do tell us, you are lesbian too, right???


What a lying sack of crap.

You know, Bill, the problem with you and your baldie buddies are these webs of BS you all keep spining around.

Why don't you all just be straight up and honest?

You can still be an ignorant bigot and have an ounce of credibility if you just keep the stories on the level.

First of all you claim to have left during the 80's and there were no gangs at that time and that neighbourhood was about a mixed as it gets, in fact it was mostly working class white.

Bill, you really need to look up up your demographic histories before make up your very laughable fables.

And BTW:

"I gave back something positive to my own race."...

...is white power lingo, the people in the real world don't refer to their own people as "race" like you thugs do.

You don't even do this well!

Nice try, Porky!

If I were you I would shampoo that new men's hair colour out of your tresses and apply for that Karl Rove look alike they may need as they try to scoot his butt out of town from the law.


A good laugh with my morning java, thanx, Bill!

BTW- Luke says HEY!

Anonymous said...
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Mrs. Phoenix said...

There is a simple solution process for those of us (like the former Toledoan, now a Californian) who continue to complain about accountability, pull yourself up by your own boot straps and the "Black gang" problem...


That's right. There are non-profit agencies right here in this city whose mission is the prevention of violence, alcohol, tobacco and other drugs among youth ages 11 to 17. One of those agencies is Self-Expression Teen Theater (SETT). SETT has been in existence since 1986, and is known for being programatically and FISCALLY SOUND. Yet, this agency is one of the most poorly funded programs in the city, while other agencies (who refuse to turn in grant applications on-time, much less a yearly AUDIT) get away with the big dollars, but produce NO OUTCOMES.

If you want to make an acutal positive CHANGE in this city instead of blog bitching all day, seek out non-profit prevention agencies like Self-Expression Teen Theater and ask how you can help.

Put your money where your mouth is. I DO

Lady Phoenix

Anonymous said...

You fucking jew scum...it is YOUR jew rats that has forced open our borders, beaten us over the head with "diversity" and "multiculturalism" brainwashing...and it is YOU..you Satanic sicko and your parasitic whitey hating, Christian hating fellow jew supremacists who will ONCE AGAIN pay for your crimes against humanity and ESPECIALLY your crimes against the white race!!



historymike said...

Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

Once again, as with Katrina...blacks have shown the entire White world that forced integration by "our" government was one HUGE MISTAKE!

Read the other side of the story, here: http://www.vnnforum.com/showthread.php?t=24700&page=4&pp=20

WAKE UP White man...while there's still time!

IsisDC said...

I think we need to give Mike a Barmitzvah to make it official!!

Mrs.P- I totally agree with you. Where I live we have some great programs for youth and it has worked out so well.
But, I hope you know that the person who was claiming to be that "black woman from CA" was a bogus story.
We looked up the IP and it is someone from the midwest, most likely one of those Illannoyed skinheads playing games.

historymike said...

Hava nagila, hava nagila
Hava nagila venis'mecha

Hava neranena, hava neranena
Hava neranena venis'mecha

Uru, uru achim
Uru achim belev same'ach