Oct 23, 2005

NSM Agent Provocateur?

Left: unidentified female NSM supporter who later found her way into the riot scene

Midway through the October 15 riot in Toledo a young woman came up to me and began to engage me in conversation. At the time I found her to be a bit strange, as she claimed to have been the victim of black gang members who threatened to kill her dog because she was a "fag" (a similar person was also quoted by the Toledo Blade with this claim).

She followed me down Bronson to the house of Thomas Szych, which had been vandalized by rioters, and she continued to follow me to the wrecked news vehicle around the corner from Szych's house.

I was recently looking through the 1000s of photos taken by DC photographer Isis when I made an unusual discovery: the odd person pestering me with questions about my life and talking about her struggles at the hands of North End gangs was a member of Bill White's NSM supporters.

There were many inconsistencies in her story; she claimed to have taken courses at a university that I both attend and at which I work, but there have never been such courses offered (one of the courses she mentioned was in "modern architectural history"). I found her use of the word "fag" to be odd; I have heard gay men use this term in a self-effacing manner, but I have never heard lesbians call themselves "fags."

She also referred to the rioters as "sub-human" and "degenerates;" it was at this point that Isis and I made a more concerted effort to get the hell away from this person.

Isis had earlier called this person a "vampire" in the way that she was one of those people who "will suck the time and life right out of you;" we were busy trying to take photos and interview people when this hanger-on arrived, and she continued to make a nuisance out of herself.

In retrospect, however, it seems clear to me that this person recognized me either from my blog or from newspaper clippings. The questions I have are as follows:

1. Who is this person? Is she local, or is she one of the NSM visitors?
2. Why was she seemingly fixated on gleaning personal information about me?
3. Was her purpose simply one of reconnaissance, or was her motive something more sinister?

Any information that readers can provide would be greatly appreciated, as unknown elements in the white supremacist movement have been making direct and indirect threats against me.


Anonymous said...

be careful mike - these hate groups are very dangerous

Mark W Adams said...

Mike, great stuff, keep it up.

historymike said...

Thanks Mark, especially coming from one of Ohio's best bloggers.

Anonymous said...

don't know who she is but she looks crazy

Hooda Thunkit said...


It's simple, She WANTS you, you are being stalked...

Face it she finds you irresistable :-)


IsisDC said...

That is because Mike IS irresistable!!!

She was indeed an odd chickie.

I don't know if it is the same girl, but she claimed to be a lesbian, but, you are right, Lesbians are not really refered to as "fags" in any circles I have ever engaged in.

I wish we took pics of the crazy chick who was following you and compared it to the pics of the Nazi chick.

I do remember being very offended by her rhetoric and she had very "vampire" like behaviour as she would not leave you be and let us alone to do our thing.


Anonymous said...

if i recall correctly, she was with the NSM. She arrived late and was not in the "main" group.

IsisDC said...

Oh she was with the main group, she was taking pics and hangin with the gang in her white power tee-shirt.

But, I still have reservations if she and the other chick were the same people.

As I cropped the pic, I noticed how this girl might be a bit younger and actually "prettier" than the chick we ran into on the street.

I was goin on very little sleep and took a very long trip out there, so I am not sure if I really got a good impression of the vampire who was bothering Mike.

historymike said...

What convinces me is the brown sweater, which both women wore.

Add the sunglasses in your mid, Isis, and look again.