Oct 14, 2005

NSM's Birthday Celebration For Hitler

Left: NSM's baked tribute to Adolf

I was going to avoid commentary on the NSM rally, at least until the last of the stormtroopers left town, but I felt compelled to post this.

An alert reader clued me in to photos on the NSM88 website of the celebration of what would have been Adolf Hitler's 116th birthday.

Naturally, the cake is white; I have no idea if the Nazi party planners had chocolate on the inside.
Left: the master race's happy, obedient Aryan women

I hesitated to post these photos, because I do not want to contribute to the impression that Toledoans should ignore the very real threat to our community that Bill White and his NSM followers bring.

At the same time, this imagery just says it all.

Hitler's birthday, by the way, was April 20. If you feel bad for forgetting it, send the folks at NSM a belated birthday greeting.

In a somewhat related note, a Toledo North DCX worker named Brian called me today with an anecdote of a Nazi recruiting mission in Grand Rapids, OH.

Apparently the would-be recruiters had a table set up at the annual Apple Butter festival in the village on the Maumee. WWII vets in attendance became incensed at the presence of what they viewed as their adversaries in the war.

"I fought in the war to defeat these bastards," said one elderly man, "and I'll be damned if I am going to stay and watch them in Ohio."

The crowd eventually began throwing food at the Ohio Nazis, and they were sent packing under a flurry of half-eaten festival fare.

Some merrymaking festival goers then proceeded to "liberate" the imaginary Jews being held captive in the tent behind the retreating Nazis.

Must have been fermented apple butter to cause these peaceful festival folks to act that way.


Frank said...

I'd of done the same thing.

Anonymous said...

can I have a piece?

Hooda Thunkit said...
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Hooda Thunkit said...

Some things in life make even the most peaceful among us react in uncharacteristic ways.

Can you really blame them?

You know if our police were just a little less protective of the Nazis, maybe the Troglodytes would get tired of having food thrown in their faces and rethink some of their actions.

(Maybe if there was a minute or two delay in responding to the aid of Bill White and his ilk...)