Oct 31, 2005

Return Visit By NSM To Toledo?

(Toledo, OH) Multiple reliable sources in the police department and city administration have been telling me in the past 24 hours that the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement will be returning to Toledo this Saturday, November 5.

2:35PM: This still has to be considered in the rumor stage. City Safety Director Joe Walters told me that he, too, had heard this rumor, and attributed it to an "unknown media report."

Mayor Jack Ford's public affairs spokesperson Mary Chris Skeldon also acknowledged that the Mayor is aware of the rumors, but that they "do not have any solid information" on a possible NSM return.

3:35 PM: Bill White, NSM spokesman from Roanoke, issued this statement:
Rumors have been circulating about an NSM return visit
for the past two weeks. I stopped confirming or
denying them about that long ago as well.

5:45 PM: A source close to the ARA (Anti-Racist Action) says that he has also heard the same rumor. The ARA believes that NSM is going to try and "sneak" in, and not announce the time and place of the next Toledo visit. The ARA, possibly with the presence of the ISO (International Socialist Organization), are making contingency plans for "rapid response" to meet what they are calling the "next Nazi invasion."

9:45 PM: Just got an email from a dedicated hate group watcher who has passed on a great deal of information to me in the past few weeks. This writer has also heard the November 5 date, as well as a possible November 15 visit date (which would be a Tuesday). This writer has contacts within NSM and other white supremacist groups, and is one of the most plugged-in people watching this segment of American society.

More as it comes in....


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

...they are scum!

liberal_dem said...

Let them come, but select the area for the protest. I suggest Prominade Park because it will be easy to 'police' with the water to the rear, it leaves only 3 other entrance points.

Wouldn't you just love to see the whole ugly cadre of them dunked into the Maumee?

Hey- Here's an important question for today: What do you think Nazis dress up as for Halloween???

Hooda Thunkit said...

"What do you think Nazis dress up as for Halloween???" --liberal_dem

Adult humans?

I know, that would be a stretch...