Oct 14, 2005

Text Of Internal NSM Email On Toledo Rally


Left: Attendess at the 2005 National Socialist Congress, courtesy of Overthrow.com

I received this in email form from a reliable source; I have no reason to doubt its authenticity:


I want to stress the importance of turning out in
Toledo October 15th. If you are equivocating or not
sure you can go, and you are an able bodied,
physically fit person, you need to be there, because
there is a high probablity of a fight, and we will
need every comrade we can get out there fighting with

The Toledo police have been sharing intelligence with
us and providing information on the antifa and their
planned event. In fact, we will be starting our march
and parking at the police command and control center.

We expect a small group -- probably less than two
dozen -- of antifascists and / or local blacks to
attack us at some point during the march, and my
understanding from what I have been told is that we
essentially have permission to deal with any
anti-fascist or black violence as we see fit.

The police attitude appears to be that if the antifa
want to attack us, and we want to march knowing that,
then they will clean up the mess when we're done and
that's it. For those who enjoy such things, I
interpret that as a carte blanche to, if we are
attacked, beat these blacks and antifa kids senseless
under the protection of the law.

Given this, we need every able bodied member who is
fit out there, and every member out there needs to be
prepared for a fight -- that means lawfully prepared,
not carrying weapons illegally or anything like that.
We have to enter this situation squeaky clean. We
need to be 100% within our legal rights if and when
these events occur.

We will not assault anyone and we will not provoke any
violence. We will not direct abusive language to
others unless absolutely necessary. We will not make
threats. We are not looking for a fight. Party
members will show discipline and restraint towards the
general public, not least of all because the blacks
and antifa kids we're talking about are going to make
their violent intentions so obvious that we are going
to be well within our legal rights to put them down.

We also expect some civil disobedience-pacifist types
among the the antifa to engage in lesser provocations,
such as blocking the streets. If this occurs, we will
halt our march and allow the police the first
opportunity to clear our march path. We will not
attack peaceful demonstrators, regardless of their

Toledo will be interesting. Be there. You are not
allowed to chicken out.

We will be releasing information to NSM members in two
stages -- some people will be receive information on
Thursday directing them to one location at one time;
others will receive information on Friday directing
them to join us at another location and time. There
is reason for this. For now, be prepared to be in
Toledo in Saturday morning.


Any thoughts, Mr. White?


Hooda Thunkit said...

What would you estimate the percentage of reliability of your source for this is?

I just don't see the Toledo Police acting or speaking like this.

Mike Navarre on Bob's show this morning, didn't sound anything like ole Bill characterized him in this letter.

I smell disinformation.

We'll know for sure tomorrow...

historymike said...

As far as the letter itself, I'd say it is 100% authentic.

It reads like Bill White's writing, and contains the type of spin that he uses on his website.

Obviously, the idea that TPD is actively "sharing intelligence" to NSM sounds absurd, unless it is by rogue TPD elements.

Hooda Thunkit said...


Seeing as it is after 1:30 a.m. on Sunday, I have lots to catch up on, but your research appears to be the most accurate that I have seen.

Kudos ;-)

As for today's events, I'm sure that there will be much Sunday morning quarterbacking at City Hall.

Maybe if we dinn't kill the Gang Task Force...

Bill White said...

I hindsight, it is clear that the Toledo police deliberately set up a fight.

The email is authentic.

Up until about 11 AM, I was understanding that we were working with the Toledo Police to draw out an early morning attack by the anti-racists and to suppress their rally before it grew. Then they double crossed us.