Oct 26, 2005

Two Dozen Protesters Arrested In DC "Die-In"

Left: Protesters at "die-in" moments before being arrested; photo by Isis

Hundreds of protesters gathered outside the White House this evening in commemoration of the 2,000th US soldier killed in Iraq.

Officially, the 2000th dead soldier was Staff Sgt. George T. Alexander Jr., 34, of Killeen, Texas, who died Saturday in San Antonio of injuries sustained on October 17.

This blog was one of the first media outlets to report the event, and the images that Isis captured are far superior to the lame pics that I saw on CNN.com.

Left: Isis caught Cindy Sheehan just before the event began

You can read more in Thursday's Clamor Blog, with my coverage and the brilliant photography of DC photographer Isis.

Historymike and Isis, by the way, just inked a multi-million dollar deal with Clamor to provide exclusive guerilla journalism for their blog (OK, it will most likely consist of leftover pizza, some review copies of CDs, and some Clamor t-shirts, but read the article anyways).


Anonymous said...

good work HM

M A F said...

Glad to see you and Isis profitting from your collaboration of pictures and analysis.

historymike said...

Yes, the stale pizaa was very good. I microwaved it and, for a moment, it almost seemed like fresh-baked.


Lisa Renee said...

today stale pizza?

tomorrow the WORLD!!!

(or at least fresh pizza...)


Congrats Mike...and as always? Great work!

Hooda Thunkit said...

Great coverage (and pictures) of a difficult topic.

I see that the bad penny (Cindy Sheehan) seems to have adjusted to her loss...

Kudos to you both!

And Mike when will you be letting us in on the Bob & Mike Morning News show?


historymike said...

Wow, with Bob somewhere on the right and me somewhere on the left, we would redefine "fair and balanced."

The only problem is that Bob has a voice for radio, while I have a voice for...I dunno, cattle calls or something.

IsisDC said...

Actually, Hooda, Cindy is a very wonderful person. The quote that Mike got from her has been her message every single time I have attened her press conferences, but the mainstream media has never printed it to the public.

I have only had the chance to photo her and alway have hoped to show the public her real inner kindness.

When I was there last night shooting the shots, she was swarmed with media.

I sort of pushed my way through and dialed Mike on my cell, then shouted out "Hey Cindy! My name is Isis, I am an indy photographer and I have on the phone my buddy Mike who is an indy Journalist, can you talk to him?"

She smiled, took my cell, turned her back on all the media and spend a good amount of time chatting with our buddy Mike here.

She then handed me my phone back, and very warmly put her hand over mine and thanked me for being there.

Sorry, but I cannot let a lady of such class and good intensions be regarded in a negative way without me defending her.

You were not getting the real Cindy from the media, and I am so happy Mike was able to finally get the truth out there.

Thank you, Mike!


Hooda Thunkit said...

Well, maybe Cindy is a victim of the MSM's lopsided coverage.

You and Mike have painted a very different picture than the MSM has.

Which is correct? Probably some of both; time will tell.

I'm willing keep an open mind about her for now.

It would be easier if all of the pictures of her that I have seen weren't of her smiling/laughing.

That, and her PUBLIC message to date, makes me wary...

IsisDC said...

Hooda- When Cindy came to DC for a press conference in Sept the Thurday before the anti-war march, she was plastered by the MSM against the gates of the WH with mics and she clearly stated over and over again that the antiwar movement was not about her, and there were 20 other families with her who had something to say and would they all please direct some coverage to those people.

One BITCH of a reporter simply answered back with "You know, Cindy, we don't want to talk to them, you are the leader of this group, *you* owe us answers to these questions"

Cindy asnwered with; "I am not the leader of anything, I have a mission with many others to get a message out".

When Mike agreed to do this article, we discussed Cindy and the other people involved with the peace movement today.

We talked about how there are so many who are involved like Code Pink, DAWN and others who are getting brushed off by the media, not Cindy herself, and how much Cindy would like to see that change as she doesn't want the center stage.

It benefits all of us to know the real numbers, the real people and the real story.

As a dyslexic photographer, I can get the pics, but am challenged in the art of copy. Finding Mike, who is a "fair and unbiased writer" is a compliment for my photography as we both share the frustrations for MSM and the passion for honest reporting.

I do have very beautiful and honest photo of Cindy if you are interested.

You can e-mail me here:


Hooda Thunkit said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Hooda Thunkit said...


I don't doubt that you, if anyone,
would have a great picture that no one was interested in using because it didn't fit the desired "image" they wanted to portray of Cindy.

However, on the advice of my parole officer, I shouldn't probably sending any email the domain in your address... ;-)

I hope that you understand.

Hey, Maybe the Mike & Isis Morning News, what do you think Mike?

IsisDC said...

Hooda- the anti-war movement and their activists are increasing by leaps and bounds. So, yes there is much activity here in DC esp on the weekends, so Mike and I might have a story or two to pump out with the good shots for the weekend. :-)

I don't know how to explain to you any further how impressed I have been with Cindy. She is a very solid down to earth and kind person.

At one point she and I were just sitting on the curb in front of the W.H. and she whipsers to me how she really makes no money doing what she is doing. I looked up at her and smiled because I know exactly how she feels as I don't really either.
I laughed and asked her how much tuna she eats and we then started to exchange tuna-ramen noodle recipes.

It was then when I got that shot you see of her smiling on the blog here.

I have met a lot of people here in DC. I have even sort of met Bush ( the most stupid person I have ever met in DC).
I have met Ken Starr (wonderful man)
I have met Jerry Brown (total jerk)
I have met Cheney (scarey!)

When I meet these people, I take them as people, I don't idolize them or worship them, I approach them as an equal and assess them as I do everyone else.

I have a very good feeling about Cindy and a tremendous amout of respect as she is very good person in real life.

I just got off the phone with Mike and he explained to me about how the midwestern demographics are fed with very cruel MSM tales of her.

I have seen how the press treats her, twists her words and message during press conferences and as I stated earlier, I am so glad Mike picked up the story, got a chance to "chat" with Cindy for himself and now hopefully we can get the truth out to the people.

Hooda Thunkit said...

"I have seen how the press treats her, twists her words and message..." --Isis

Oh No!

Say it isn't so...

I'm shocked at the thought of the MSM in effect lieing to their viewers/listeners/readers.

That's why I seek alternative news sources.

And, it doesn't get any more up front and personal than with you and Mike.

Your pictures and stories are devoid of the slant that is so pervasive in the MSM.

Mike and Isis, THANK YOU for what you do and allowing me to think for myself and come to my own conclusions.