Nov 16, 2005

Alternative Anti-Nazi Events In The Toledo Area

(Toledo, OH) There are a number of activities in the works being organized by anti-hate groups in anticipation of the December 10 return of the National Socialist Movement (NSM) to Toledo.

This Saturday, November 19, the International Socialist Organization (ISO) is hosting a presentation and public discussion entitled "How Do We Fight Racism?" The event features Chicago author and activist Keeyanga-Yamahtta Taylor as the lead speaker. This will be held at the Wilson Park Shelterhouse (also known as the Caldwell Community Center Annex), at 2 PM.

December 10, by coincidence or NSM design, is International Human Rights Day.

Human Values for Transformative Action (HVTA) is planning a film on that day from 1:00 to 3:30 PM, at the Main Library. The film is titled "Promises", and is about seven children living in diverse areas of Israel and Palestine. PBS writes the following about the film:
Through candid interviews, the film explores a legacy of distrust and bitterness, but signs of hope emerge when some of the children dare to cross the checkpoints to meet one another.
This is a good opportunity for people to do something besides heckle the brownshirts when they return.

Thank you to the anonymous emailer who forwarded this information to me.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the alternative ideas - I hope people stay away on Dec. 10.

Anonymous said...

NSM 14/88

historymike said...

Yes, even on a peaceful post, neo-Nazis feel the need to come in and spew their hatred.

What's the matter - does peace scare you?

Have a nice day, Mr. Anonymous.

Lisa Renee said...

14 words that really mean something...

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal...


historymike said...

Beautiful, Lisa, beautiful.

I never thought of that retort.

M A F said...

I hope this time around the community will deprive the NSM of the attention they seek. I hope that all goes well with the alternative activities you have planned.

Lisa Renee said...

For some reason Mike, it came to me as a thought, must have been Divine Intervention. (Then of course I had to count to make sure I had it)


I just checked out of curiousity and it appears I'm not the only one who's done this. There was even a contest back in 2001 to come up with an original response to the "14" words.

A few loving people passing hope around can make the world a better place. -D.B.


We must secure the existence of all humans and a future that celebrates diversity.

liberal_dem said...

I suggest that the Woodward and Central Catholic High School marching bands have a 'special' concert that day, one on the left and the other on the right of the 'staged event.' Perhaps the Start and Bowser bands could be added for quadraphonic sound.

Hmmm. Now all we have to do is select appropriate songs for them to play.


Hooda Thunkit said...

liberal dem,

I think that you might be on to something!

However, no one at the planned site would speak volumes and redeem Toledo and Toledoans in most readers/viewer's minds...

Anonymous said...

Why can't this whole neo-nazi thing get pushed under the rug like all of the rest of America's abominations?

Fixed elections, secret torture prisons, intentional CIA leaks... Gray Davis had something like a 30% approval rating when he was recalled - meanwhile our own governor and the president himself are carrying numbers right around there.

C'mon, Toledo. Let's all rally around willful ignorance when we actually NEED to.