Nov 26, 2005

Annual Tree Ritual

Left: The children embarking on an arboricidal mission

(Toledo, OH) With sunny skies and warmer temperatures, we ventured out today to to complete one of our annual family traditions - the slaughtering of a pine tree for our holiday decorating.

More specifically, the kids gravitated toward the Douglas firs this year. After more than a few minutes of occasionally heated debate, the arboreal victim was chosen, and each of the children took a few participatory slices through the tree's trunk.

Our family holiday traditions bear more in resemblance to those of Chevy Chase than Norman Rockwell. The snow, in today's balmier weather, happened to be excellent packing, and various sibling grievances were aired out in snowball form.

Left: The sacrificial victim moments before the saw ended its peaceful existence

The eight-mile ride home took an interminably long time given the horrific conditions to which my children were subjected. The middle seat of our gas guzzling SUV, the scene of one of the aforementioned snowball skirmishes, became the least desirable position given the melted snow ("Idiot! YOU threw the snowball, so YOU sit in it!"). A last-minute decision to tightly bale the tree and put it in the truck, rather than historymike's vision of strapping it to the roof, became a source of consternation as kids kept moving it away from themselves (and toward the nearest sibling: "Stop pushing that thing into me! It's making my eczema worse!").

And yet, despite the squabbling, everyone was pleased with the choice, and the event is now part of family lore.

Let's just hope that no squirrels were hiding in the tree.


Anonymous said...

We usually purchase a precut tree, and your account makes me think we miss out on some fun.

Lisa Renee said...

We've done it both ways, it is more fun to cut down your own. Last year it was just the girls and I and a small Mazda Protege...That was an experience...It sounds like you had an awesome day Mike.


historymike said...

Yes, in spite of the typical teenage grousing, it was a good time.

I also got my laptop repaired, with the very timely assistance of my wife. And there were only 4 small screws left over (out of about 50vwe had to take out).

Total time: 3 hours. Total cost: $45.00.

This in comparison with estimates of $300-$800, plus a down time of 3-4 weeks shipping it to Compaq.

We may have to open a small business, since no one in town wants to mess with this repair. Most of the time was spent with things like looking for lost screws; the actual replacement of the A/C jack took 2 minutes. With practice the time could easily be under an hour.

ajax saith said...

to historymike:

glad to see you are progenating a large posterity for yourself and your white race

make sure to bring them up in the knowledge of your white race nation forefathers and their great history

as a liberal of course i know you will ignore my heed because your liberal mind is tainted by the multiculturalism-diversity poison but you are still relatively young and there is hope you will find your white racial awakening yet

historymike said...

Yeah, I know. My "liberal mind" has led me down some interesting paths; my wife and I have been foster and adoptive parents for over a decade.

And (GASP) we have had black, Hispanic, and (DOUBLE GASP) multi-racial children in our home.

And you know what? Kids of different ethnicities are all pretty much the same, and "family" can be defined in a lot of interesting ways.

Perhaps you, ajax, are not so hardened that you will someday recognize that people may have different skin colors, but they are all human and entitled to equal treatment.

ajax saith said...

to historymike:

ahh yes adoptive children, i should have known there was something unusual in that pic, you must be working on that best seller to finance the upkeep, receiving a check from uncle sam for each foster child certainly helps

i applaud your sense of community-civic responsibility in caring for these children, but mixed races, you are only inviting potential trouble

you are kidding yourself of course you think people can gather together in some kind of touchy feely way and rub each others faces and make smiles

"And you know what? Kids of different ethnicities are all pretty much the same, and "family" can be defined in a lot of interesting ways."

we may have more similarities when we are very small but as we grow those difference make their appearance, this playing around with the family institution is a marxist doctine which called for the destruction of the conventional family, i am reminded of that famous leftist remark from hitlery clinton: "it takes a village to raise a family" it is true that the 'village' in history had a vital part in the environment of child upbringing, i think of the close knit church community of the nordic countries of 100+ years ago as a great example, but in this present instance the family of today has been under attack from all directions by the marxist left for some 40 years, and their goal is of course total destruction, which we are not too far from seeing happen

as has been said by many for many years the family is the most important institution that there is in human society, in no other nation is the family institution so weak as in the united states (the bullseye target nation for the marxist left) starting with 'the great society' fraud under the johnson administration which began in great earnest the road to american socialism which was started with franklin roosevelt, all the way through to the present day with such amazing frauds as 'sex education' which was supposed to 'reduce' teenage sexual activity but of course (as desired by the marxist left) turned a generation of youth into mindless fornicators (which of course gave the green light to pursue fornication outside of marriage) and then of course we have mass infanticide ('abortion') to 'eliminate the problem' of fornication despite the showering of birth control pills and condoms into the hands of the fornicators

what the braindead left will never understand (because they want to obliterate all reference to God and his law wherever they can) is that the family consists of: one man (straight) one woman (straight) united in a lifetime contract commitment sealed as the two join flesh resulting in a posterity heritage which together form a family

this is the single defenition of family, the model, the standard, the hopeful expectation

i am realistic enough to understand fully this family model cannot be instituted in every instance but it is the model to look to whenever anyone wants to understand what defines a family

these alternate family structure possibilities must never become a guide to serve as an example for others to follow to result in furthering the alternative family otherwise they become cancerous and threaten the existence of the one true family (which is of course what the marxist left desires may happen)

" Perhaps you, ajax, are not so hardened that you will someday recognize that people may have different skin colors, but they are all human and entitled to equal treatment."

i am trying to interpret that paragraph i wonder if it means:
'someday when the white race nation culture has disappeared and the white race nation heritage homes have been fully integrated with third world people which flooded into their home and polluted their sancuary and desecrated their altar and changed their customs and culture we will be a happy touchy feely world at one at peace because at long last the 'enemy'of all mankind: 'the white race' has finally been subdued

i find that that flowerly sentiment of all races being equal is a nice idea we would all welcome, however i find it curious that the left has a preoccupation with making sure one race (the white race) understands that above all the other races

historymike said...

Actually, ajax, we usually end up losing money by being foster parents. $12 a day per kid does not go very far; between my wife and I we have a total of 6 full- and part-time jobs.

"Touchy-feely"? I don't think so. Foster parenting is rarely anything close to that, and mostly a lot of hard work.

It is, however, very rewarding in the sense that we are doing something constructive for the community. It is also rewarding when kids come back to say hi after many years (we are getting to the point where some of the children we have fostered are now adults) and say things like: "this is the best place I ever lived."

THAT is rewarding, and that's what it is all about, ajax.

Dariush said...

What'd I tell you, Mike?

You could post on bicycling, scuba diving, lawn bowling, holiday shopping... inevitably it'll come back to "WAKE UP WHITE PAYPUL!"

historymike said...

Agreed, Dariush.

(historymike is still laughing at the transliteration "paypul")

What is even funnier are the ones who scream "JEW!" at me, like I would be offended by being mistaken for a particular ethnicity.

Can you imagine someone coming up to you on the street and yelling "SERBIAN!" or "EAST TIMOREAN!"

You might be puzzled, or think the person was a loon, but for most thinking people being incorrectly labeled just rolls off.

The extremists, though, don't realize that most people go through life without those myopic, paranoid views of the world.

karen said...

Congratulations on your tree find, Mike. You and your wife should be applauded for what you do for those kids. $12.00 a day? Yeah, you're in it for the money! lol


historymike said...

Yes, far from a lucrative career, Karen.

People who foster children with serious medical needs (or severe behavioral difficulties) are the real heroes, though. They provide essentially 24-hour nursing care for not much more than the stipend the state pays us for healthy children.

There is a societal ignorance that is evident in ajax's post; people who take in the unwanted children are seen as "leeches" because the state throws them a few nickels.

If it were about the money, we would have stopped fostering after the first child.

Perhaps if the state paid foster parents even minimum wage (let's see: $5.15 an hour x 24 hours a day equals $123.74 - naaah - they'd never spend that kind of money; heck, even being paid for 12 hours would be a plus)) they could find more people willing to do this important work.

Lisa Renee said...

Perhaps if parents actually took the time to be good parents there would be very few situations that even required foster care. If families stepped forward to take care of their nieces, nephews, grandchildren, etc.

However, that's not the way it works, so I'm glad there are people like you and your wife that give these children the chance to have something they deserve...

A home...

historymike said...


I'm in complete agreement on the personal responsibility issue. Too many people give birth to children that who they fail to provide safe and healthy homes for.

Some of these families lack willing (or capable) relatives to take the children in. Sometimes the problems that have arisen between adult family members get in the way of someone stepping forward.

That's a real tragedy, because it is better for a child to be placed within a family than outside the family.

Lisa Renee said...

I know it's not always possible or in the best interest of a child to be placed with relatives, which is why the foster care system will always exist.

There are situations where there were family members that could have that didn't want to get involved. I have friends that have fostered as well as who have adopted foster children. I understand it's not technically a family responsibility to take on a relative's child, but to me it's the right thing to do. I almost had my three nieces come live with us, thankfully their mother got help with her issues and now they are okay. It would have been difficult given our situation but? Would have been worth it. We took steps to take the girls from her and that is what made her realize she needed to evaluate her priorities. She didn't like me for some time after that (she blamed me not Miguel) but now she realizes it was only because I cared and tried to reach her without having to take that drastic of a step.


Hooda Thunkit said...

Congratulations on stalking and capturing the elusive semi-domesticated Christmas tree!

The memories will last a lifetime, especially for the snowball hatchers amongst your merry bunch ;-)

valbee said...

I wish I could say that I have fond memories of going out and getting Christmas trees when I was young... but I don't remember. :)

Fortunately, a few of those years my dad got live trees and we planted them in the yard. My siblings and I like to drive down the street of the house we spent our formative years in and look at how big they've gotten. They are now much taller than the house itself. I hope they never get cut down!

ajax saith said...

to dariush:
What'd I tell you, Mike?

You could post on bicycling, scuba diving, lawn bowling, holiday shopping... inevitably it'll come back to "WAKE UP WHITE PAYPUL
well dariush (DumbAmiReallyIshouldhUSH) you should be happy at the very stupid and moronic false generalization you think of when you think of white nationalists, because it reinforces in your mind a false sense that they are all located in trailer parks and have pot bellies and spend all their free time in front of the tv drinking beer

this very very common picture that the left and the multi-culti diversity masters present to their audience leaves them with the impression that the white race is an ocean of mass herds of weak white sheep and their few and far between strong rams amongst them present themselves as comical fools as they put on the nazi armband and strut around with a sieg heil salute

but they forget there is a 'silent majority' of whites who have either not become infected with the white guilt virus or who have awoken from their death sleep to white nation racial and culture awareness

the real threat you should be concerned with are the growing numbers of intelligent racially and culturally aware white people who are gathering themselves slowly but surely, rising from the dust to shake off the false shame and false guilt that the left amd multi-culti cultists have been raining down on them for 40-50 years

thankfully with the computer-internet whites can enjoy a freedom denied them elsewhere, a world where they can find like minded right thinking whites, and can find a refuge from the endless multi-culti pollution they are subjected to everywhere else

with newly found strength and vigor they can go forward to face the enemy head-on and refuse the white-guilt baiting

the success of white-guilt indoctrination has been so great it will take many years for the tide to begin to finally turn, but then again blacks were in chains for 300 years before their freedom was granted

Anonymous said...

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