Nov 5, 2005

Are They Here? Keeping An Eye Out For NSM In North Toledo


(Toledo, OH) The relative silence from the website of NSM spokesman Bill White is puzzling; one might be tempted to think that his real estate business has occupied his time and he has not the time to keep up his usual torrid pace of white supremacist posts.

A short reconnaissance mission past the Lucky Duck tattoo parlor Friday night piqued my curiosity, though. There were an unusually high number of Michigan license plates in and around the shop, and a group of perhaps 18 people congregated behind the shop in the alley off Revere. By 11:00 PM, though, the back lot was empty.

The old adage of smoke usually being found in the company of fire might well apply here. I am keeping watch over what appears to be a return visit by NSM; they might be looking to finish their aborted rally of October 15.

There has certainly been a lot of gossip this week, but no one seems to know the source of the rumors. I received a call on Wednesday from top city officials who wanted to know what I knew. At the time, of course, I knew exactly nothing; I was not sure if the call was intelligence gathering, or more of an assessment on what the local media knows.

I hung up my phone being more confused than I was before talking with these officials.

I have begun to notice activity that might be related to the NSM visit; more later as I learn what is happening.

Addendum - I received a phone call about 1:00 AM from a Toledoan who said he saw NSM members in "cowboy hats and swastikas" patrolling LaGrange Street and the area near the Lucky Duck. Things may be clearer when dawn comes.

Saturday addendum: I spent most of the day following skinheads, red herrings, and police cruisers. What, exactly, these folks are up to remains uncertain.

I received a call from a concerned source who said that TPD believes that the neo-Nazis are here for "revenge," as in revenge against ISO, ARA, and nosy bloggers for spoiling their October 15 party. That, they said, is why the stormtroopers are not in uniform; they are believed to be trying to draw out small groups of protesters so they can "crack skulls and break bones." Happy lot.

I also received a call from a knowledgeable source that TPD is ready to arrest any NSM member showing their faces in brown shirts and swastikas. Is this legal? Who knows; it probably violates a whole slew of laws (including a few of those pesky first ten amendments), but this might explain why the NSM peeps have been so low-key today.

Finally, a group of anarchists claims to have been accosted by a gun-wielding NSM member on Revere late last night as they were conducting reconnaissance. Here is the text of an email I received:

Anyone around the Toledo area who sees this, we need your help.
fifteen carloads of nazis arrived on the fourth, and are staying at a
tattoo parlor. Upon driving by once, and back again a little more slowly, then turning in an alleyway, a nazi appeared in front of our car. we were not moving. he
walked towards us, and i yelled, "back up!" to our driver. The second we moved, the Nazi pulled out a revolver, aimed it right into the windshield. We all ducked, the driver sped back in reverse withotu looking, and we backed up as fast as possible down that street and flew the fuck out of there.

This concerns me for three reasons. first, they are armed, and Bill White
stated that they recieved two days of tactical training from a few ex marines.

Also, The police KNOW about this. an informant form the ISO told us that
the police had been out at the tattoo parlor where the nazis were staying, asking
them to leave. obviously, they didnt, and obviously the police are not handling this

Lastly, they came unnannounced. There is no resistance. They are armed,
and they reacted VERY quickly to us when we simply drove by slowly. This tells me
that they are paying a lot of attention, and taking this seriously. i am convinced that tomorrow will be a violent day. the nazis will have guns, and we dont knwo
where they will be, at what time, or what they are doing.

We need all the help we can possibly get. because of the short notice, we
are very desperate. i dont want to see any bloodshed tomorrow. i dont want to see
the Nazis attack any person in my city. please, if you have any information about
this, or if you can come down, reply to this post.

As for me, I am going to bed; I spent far too much time following these clowns around Toledo in the past 24 hours. Perhaps we are better off just ignoring them, and waiting until they do something especially stupid so they can be locked up.

I just hope that no one gets hurt in the interim.


Hooda Thunkit said...


Still normal police radio traffic.

All of the "party" channels are dead quiet too, not even from the dispatchers...

Could the Nazis have planned on a night game?

historymike said...

Thanks, Hooda.

So much smoke, but very little fire.

At least not yet...

Lisa Renee said...

I can report there are none in South Toledo...or Holland...


Hooda Thunkit said...

I hope our safety forces will be amply staffed for a quiet, uneventful Sunday
in November.

I have the uneazy feeling that tomorrow won't be quite as quiet as usual though.

Get your sleep Mike, tomorrow isn't likely to be an ordinary lazy Sunday in Toledo, not this time...