Nov 15, 2005

Bill White Dissects The Mayor's Race

Left: NSM spokesman Bill White; photo by historymike

(Toledo, OH) From his perch in Roanoke, VA National Socialist Movement (NSM) spokesman Bill White has weighed in on last Tuesday's Toledo mayoral election, declaring that "half-Jew candidate Carty Finkbeiner" won the election on the basis of "white electoral power."

White does not cite his sources (if indeeed they exist), but claims that "80% of Toledo's white population voted to expel Toledo's black Mayor Jack Ford," and that Ford received 90% of the black vote.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, White could not resist the temptation to offer his racist interpretation of the election (although he stopped short of taking credit himself for Ford's loss). The problem with White's conclusions is that Ford's support was weak well before the riot, and that the riot seemed to have had little influence on the outcome of the election.

Carty Finkbeiner led this race almost from the day he announced his candidacy, and his skillful campaigning and deceptively simple marketing message - "Carty Gets Results" - brought him back to the 22nd Floor of One Government Center, not White's absurd model of an awakening of a latent white supremacism.

As far as a racial component to the election, reality does not neatly separate itself into black/white categories as Mr. White implies. Had Ford really pulled 90% of the African American vote, he would have been reelected, because there were many crucial areas- like Old Orchard - where the contest between Ford and Finkbeiner was fairly close.

Certainly there are a handful of white voters who would never vote for a black candidate, and the same can be said about fringe elements of the black community.

But for most Toledoans, as anyone who actually lives in the city knows, this was a referendum on one question: Who can move this city forward and improve the local economy? In 2001, that person was Jack Ford, and in 2005, the voters chose Carty Finkbeiner.

If anything, Jack Ford may have picked up a few votes with his efforts to calm the angry crowd on October 15. Many mayors would have safely hidden themselves behind a wall of police, but Ford stepped into the middle of the riot in an attempt to defuse the situation.

White, of course, missed this, because he and his NSM supporters had long since scooted away to the safe confines of a certain Sylvania Avenue tattoo parlor when the rocks began to fly.

Then again, we should remember that race-baiting is White's stock in trade. Should I have expected any other sort of rhetoric in his analysis? The man is unwilling to see the world in any other terms.


Jr said...

"The problem with White's conclusions is that Ford's support was weak well before the riot ..."

Indeed. Five months before the election, a poll showed:

Former Mayor Carty Finkbeiner 34.3%
Mayor Jack Ford 20.7%
Councilman Rob Ludeman 10.3%
Undecided 33.7%

Jr said...

For you timeliners, the above poll was released in May, although the WTOL story for some reason says June 9.

The first story about Szych and the Dexter Boyz was produced by Fox Toledo on July 7.

TFP published their story about North Toledo gang activity on Aug 10.

The Sep 13 mayoral primary results showed:
Carty Finkbeiner ... 36.74%
Jack Ford ... 26.23%

Lisa Renee said...

I think it was this article in the Blade that gave him the idea:


Anonymous said...

The Blade's "analysis" was just as stupid as White's. I am a white person who voted for Ford, and I have black friends who voted for Carty. This was not about race, it was about people who think that Carty walks on water. I will be laughing in 4 years when Carty has screwed up this city.

Hooda Thunkit said...

re: Bill White...

He is incapable of original thought.

And, his 15 minutes are up too.

Lisa Renee said...

it was about people who think that Carty walks on water

Gee, I seem to recall an article about that very topic...with pictures even...


I think the Blade article was written poorly as well, however it would appear from reading Bill's "version" that's probably where he got the idea. All of the black residents of Toledo do not live in those areas, the article gives an impression that is not correct if you know the census make up of the City.

historymike said...

Hooda: White, despite his unusual philosophies, is a highly intelligent and dangerous man.

jr: Thanks for the reminders. Carty took most of Ludeman's voters and a big chunk of Wilkowski's as well. Ford's downfall was not the riot, but an inability to get a consistent message out to voters. The "Carty Gets Results" mantra was brilliant; the strategist who coined this message hit a grand slam.

Anon: I agree that the Blade's analysis was substandard, but I will reserve judgment on Carty until he is at least 6 months into his term.

Lisa: Yes, I recall a similar article; would this be the one?

I would be surprised if Jack took more than 70% of any given ward, irrespective of racial makeup. Similarly, I doubt Carty pulled more than 70% of an ward as well - he has a lot of detractors in this city, black and white.

Another overlooked fact (although the Blade noted this one) is that turnout was light in the central city. Carty simply got the vote out better in the wards in whcih he expected to do well.

Lisa Renee said...

Yeppers Mike, that would be the one.


Do said...

I read Mr. White's 'interpretation' of the Toledo electoral process and just laughed.

While he is 'dumb like a fox' he truly has no grasp on reality.

Carty held the lead throughout the campaign and the election. Jack Ford didn't have a prayer from day one. It had absolutely nothing to do with race.

Mr. White should realize that race is not the only qualifier for a successful candidacy. But then again...we have to consider the source...

Nikki said...

Mike said..."The man is unwilling to see the world in any other terms."

And that is the crux of the situation.

liberal_dem said...

Why does the photo of White and his jr. high buddies remind me of wind-up soldiers from the film, Toyland?

When I was in the 2nd grade, my class played the toy soldiers in the Christmas program. We, too, donned funny costumes and walked like sticks.

It was great fun for 8-year-olds!

historymike said...

I hope that everyone maintains a similar sense of humor when Bill White and his friends return December 10, liberal dem.

liberal_dem said...

"I hope that everyone maintains a similar sense of humor..."

Mike- You gotta laugh at these clowns and realize that they are dress-up actors looking for an off-Broadway theatre opportunity.

Just think of how funny they will look in the outdoor theatre 'in the round' on a cold December day as they audition for a tour at the Ohio Theater with their standard classic:


Springtime for Hitler and Germany

Deutschland is happy and gay.

We're marching to a faster pace

Look out, here comes the master race.


I wonder if we can get Mel Brooks to sit in the 'producer's' chair in front of them with his megaphone?

"CUT, CUT, CUT!" says Brooks. "In the first place, what kind of German name is Bill White? Next time change it to Wilhelm Weiss."


Anonymous said...

You Jew scum will see on Dec. 10.

Laugh now.

historymike said...

Thanks for the kind words, anonymous.

I am not Jewish, and I do shower every day, but I will be there on December 10th.

Wave hi to me, OK?