Nov 8, 2005

Correcting Mr. White

photo by historymike

(Toledo, OH) Facts can be problematic for people like NSM's Bill White, and he seems to prefer making information up as he goes along.

Today on his website he made the unsubstantiated claim that anti-racist activists were responsible for vandalism at the house of a Toledoan. The victim's window was bricked, and a swstika was drawn on the brick. A tarp used to cover the broken window was later defaced with - surprise - a swastika.

White created a scenario on his blog in which "Jewish and black communists attacked a news vehicle from WTOL," and the brick is supposedly a means to terrorize WTOL employees from testifying against anti-racist activists.

The trouble with this theory is that the news vehicle in question belonged to WTVG-13, not WTOL-11. Perhaps Mr. White does not realize that lil' ole Toledo boasts four television stations with active news departments. Perhaps it just fit White's racist delusions better.

Whatever the case, the photo clearly shows that the damage occurred to a WTVG , not WTOL, vehicle.

White also claims that "police are reportedly refusing to investigate the incidents," which is odd. Every news story I have seen on the incident clearly indicated that police did promptly investigate, but that a lack of evidence hampered further investigation.

Facts can be very troublesome things, especially when a writer is more concerned with ideology than with truth.


Lisa Renee said...

Maybe our Mr. White has decided he has a future career as a fiction writer. He's had enough practice.


Hooda Thunkit said...

Methinks Mr. White is off his meds again.

His grasp on anything approaching reality seems, at best, tenuous.

No surprise here...

I wonder if he has pre written the upcoming Dec. 10th version of the news yet...

That one will be interesting; I'm betting that he will (again) deviate from the agreed to script for that event too.

(A pretty safe bet, that one...)