Nov 19, 2005

Funniest - And Stupidest - Blade Headline Of The Year

Left: Outgoing GOP chair Doug Haynam

(Toledo, OH) Yesterday I got lucky; I happened to be sitting at Cafe Marie with outgoing Lucas County GOP interim chair Doug Haynam hours after he made the decision to resign. We had a productive conversation and talked about politics, families, and of course, football (Haynam predicts an OSU victory - poor deluded Buckeye).

So I dashed to the nearest PC and cranked out a short article for the Free Press to post on Haynam's decision, which was based upon his desire to devote more time to his family, his work as a partner at Shumaker, Loop, and Kendrick, and his position on Sylvania City Council.

This morning, though, I surfed over to the Web version of the Toledo Blade and read one of the most ridiculous headlines ever churned out by our daily paper:

"Chairman, 2 Others To Leave Republican Party Posts; Fatigue From Noe Scandal Is Blamed."

Now the Blade did get scooped by us on the Haynam story, and the reaction of any media outlet who has been beaten to a story is to find an angle that the other people did not cover. Fair enough.

I find it reprehensible, though, that the Blade - and its obsession with the Noes -created a way to connect Doug Haynam and other outgoing party officials to the various scandals surrounding the party. Haynam, Kriner, and Hornyak accepted difficult positions in the party in a time of chaos, kept the organization running, and left with the party in better shape than when they inherited it.

For those who like to believe in a liberal conspiracy on the part of the Blade: I respectfully disagree. This has much more to do with a desire to snag a second straight Pulitzer, in my opinion. By keeping the focus on Tom and Bernadette Noe, the editors of the Blade puff themselves up with the idea that their exposé is the most deserving of journalism's top award.


Anonymous said...

What do you expect from the Balde? Truth?????

Hooda Thunkit said...

In JRB's pea-brained mind, that was the truth.

Dementia is clearly wreaking havoc with what's left of his mind; not that there was much there to begin with...

McCaskey said...

You accuse the Blade about being obsessive about the Noes but evidently your coverage about the riots/white supremicist morons does not fall under the same category?

historymike said...

"Obsession" with racists and white supremacists?


I would like nothing better than to never write about these buffoons again. They email and phone threats against me and my family, they try to link me with criminal activity, and write the most vile and obnoxious posts on neo-Nazi web sites about me. I have been dragged into this discussion.

Unfortunately, since the mainstream media ignored them the first time around, I wound up being one of the few voices even bothering to cover the NSM rally.

That is, until the s**t hit the fan.

Read back on my blog October 9-15 and then come back and eat some crow, McCaskey. Other than WSPD's Bob Frantz, who was the first to break the story, my blog coverage was the only local media outlet to recognize the danger that the NSM rally represented.

(full disclosure statement: historymike was WAY off on Y2K. He just happened to be in the right place at the right time on the October 15 riot).

I will continue to cover the racist right as long as it is relevant to Toledo. After they have moved on, my commentary on them will be very infrequent.

historymike said...

I'd like to add another point as far as the "obsession" argument goes:

I am a staff writer for the Toledo Free Press, the new local weekly here in Toledo. While not exactly working on a shoestring budget, the paper nonetheless does not have the resources as does the giant Toledo Blade.

Consequently, 95% of what I do I do on my own. No secretaries, no research assistants, no database of information, no archives, and no pool of dozens of fellow writers and columnists from which to share information (perhaps the best advantage the Blade has).

I am not complaining - I just want you to know that individual writers at smaller papers cannot be experts in everything. There are tons of stories I would like to cover for which I just do not have the resources to get the job done right.

I get calls and emails several times a week on story ideas that I have to pass on.

Finally, ask yourself why the Blade ties so many stories to the Noes. Is it really about investigative journalism, or is it the pursuit of that most cherished (and politicized) of journalistic prizes - the Pulitzer?

Or is it, as some claim, because JRB wishes to be a regional kingmaker?

McCaskey said...

Yo, HM, put that double caffe-latter down on the table and back away slowly.
I really enjoy your site. It's interesting and informative. So I decided to reply to one of your post and and now I'm supposed to "eat crow." Thanks, but I gotta save room for turkey tomorrow.
I just don't know why so many locals around here get twisted in knots over who and what and why the Blade "goes after" or investigates.
Do we really think federal and state prosecutors are charging Tom Noe with a numerous crimes because they want the Blade publisher to look good and win ANOTHER Pulitzer?
Who really cares about the intent behind the Blade investigation if the facts prove to be accurate? Is the intent of the Blade publisher really more important here than millions of dollars of state money evaporating into thin air?
I would think concerned citizens would WANT to know what happended here and why regardless of who wants to be "regional kingmaker".
Fact is, if the Blade didn't begin this series, this filth would have gone unexposed. Yes, I'm sure friends and family of the Noes are upset. I'm sure Republican party officials and those who hate the Blade are upset. In the end, none of that means squat. Many laws were apparently broken here by a leading Republican donor/organizer/henchman/(kingmaker?)/ in a state that determined the 2004 presidential election. This story has been mentioned in all the major national papers, magazines and TV networks. Think they care at all "why" the Blade began it?

By the way, I've enjoyed the white supremacist coverage YOU'VE been doing. Was pulling your chain on being "obsessive." I also like your photography. You have a nice blogsite which I will continue to read.

historymike said...

My apologies, McCaskey.

I am correctly diagnosed with caffeine addiciton, although my poison comes in espresso form.

Yes, I have been a little quick to the rhetorical gun lately; a few of the neo-Nazi types have been up to high-tech hijinks, and they have me hyper-vigilant.

Also, I admired the Blade's early Noe investigation, but they are a bit to quick (IMHO) to tie everything to Noe.

Glad you like the blog!

McCaskey said...

HM: your blog is one of the 12 or 13 sites I make a point of visiting every day. So, keep up the good work. I'll check in from time to time with an opinion.