Nov 30, 2005

Getting Out The Word About Their Return

NSM's Sergeant Mark Martin of Dayton, at the October 15 visit; photo by historymike

There has been a flurry of neo-Nazi activity the past few days in Northwest Ohio. Several Toledo media outlets have reported the appearance of swastikas spray painted on Point Place properties. No suspects are yet in custody.

In Bowling Green, the NSM's Mark Martin got into a little trouble Saturday night. BG News is reporting that Martin was caught putting flyers on cars in the Meijer parking lot, which is in violation of store policy. He left after being confronted by store security.

Approximately one hour later, Martin and other NSM members were stopped by Bowling Green police for placing flyers in newspaper boxes and handing out fliers to passersby on Main Street. The NSM members left without incident after BG police explained the ordinance to them.

NSM's Commander Jeff Schoep was not pleased with what he saw as a double stndard.

"I’m just wondering why communists are allowed to pass out their literature and white nationalists are not,” he told BG News.

Addendum, 3:00 PM: Bill White announced on his website today that the city of Toledo has granted NSM's request for a permit for the planned December 10 rally. This is despite campaign claims by Mayor Ford that he had a legal strategy to prevent or hinder an NSM return. The rally will be held at One Government Center December 10, 2005 from 2 PM to 4 PM.

Lieutenant Ron Navarro also confirmed to me that the group has received permission to rally, but noted that the State of Ohio was the party of record, because One Government Center is technically state property.


Anonymous said...

When will this ever end? Toledo needs a break.

Do said...

Once again - a 'not so true' statement from the 22nd floor. Not a surprise there.

I'm glad that BG police stood behind their ordinance and halted the spread of more roadside trash. Apparently the following of the NSM is waning if they have to recruit by handing out flyers.

Anonymous - the only way this ends and Toledo gets a break is when the NSM gets the clue that Toledo doesn't want or need their assistance. That realization may take a little longer considering that the NSM powers that be are suffering from tunnel vision.

I prefer to experience Toledo sans the NSM.

Lisa Renee said...

I wonder if since the "State" gave the NSM permission to rally if then the "State" rather than the City should have to be responsible for all expenses related to the rally?

historymike said...

I don't know, Lisa.

One Government Center is technically owned by the "Ohio Building Authority" with a Columbus mailing address (thanks, AREIS), so in that sense Lt. Navarro's statement is correct.

However, they are not rallying "in" One Government Center, but outside it. This seems to be a legal maneuver to shift responsibility away from the city to make the call.

Unless I am missing something???

Do said...

Mike - if the NSM stands on the space anywhere between the sidewalk and the front door/walls of Government Center then they are on state property. The entire plat is owned by the state so them being outside doesn't change the ownership of the issue.

If they are ON the sidewalk or the street then it becomes a city matter.

Apparently the state didn't ask Jack Ford for his input. Or maybe they did...

elric1488 said...

We are coming back and you just have to accept it. Your niggers will put on another good show for the world. Thanks Toledo you porved our point.

Hooda Thunkit said...

And so it begins.

Skirmishes at first; what's next?

Activity this early makes me nervous...

Do said...

Don't fret Hooda - it would appear that they are just scrambling for media attention at this point. Down in their gut they know that they won't be able to provoke quite as easily this time, and then they will blame the State Police instead of TPD.

It's all a demented game to them.

If I had my wish...

Lisa Renee said...

Yeppers we def porved a point.

That the NSM will come to a town lie about why they are there (since the man they claimed they came for is suing them) and then be so desperate to make themselves look better in the eyes of the other White Nationalist groups that discounted their last Toledo visit because they left without even marching to try it again (once again not marching this time under the safety of a confined area).

Thus ending all of the bluster about how they could "march" anywhere they wanted to without a permit to a whimper in hoping to get enough NSM or any other remotely connected supporters to show up to claim some type of victory.

Yeppers that porved something alright...

Mr. Schwartz said...

I don't think this is going to be as big as the NSM claims it will be. Being on goverment property means they can keep protestors and others far, far, far away. It will be just like Yorktown rally they had in Virginia on federal property, which turned out to be a non-event.

The only way this is going to get ugly is if the antifa manage to find out their staging area prior to the rally or the hotels where some NSM'ers are staying. Which is very possible with Bill White who will send the information to antifa via anonymous remailers just to stir up shit. Of course, he won't send out the information of where HE'LL BE STAYING.

PS - Maybe we'll be lucky and Tom Szych and his lawyers will be handing out subpeonas to the NSM if he is planning on suing them as they are passing through security.

Or the police will give Szych all the identities of those who show up via a stage of civil action subpeonas called Discovery. I know here in South Carolina, that can be done.

Mr. Schwartz said...

Okay Ohio residents, there is plenty of information on the Miami County website about Mark E Martin, leader of the Ohio NSM. It's all public record.

type in his name
Mark E Martin

and have fun reading the multiple DWI's, judgements, speeding tickets, assaults, driving under suspension and other information

A real figurehead for the NSM.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Martin certainly is not a distinguished citizen with that record.

I don't want Jack Ford invoking any strategy or anything else to stop the Nazis from having their little rally. The First Amendment exists to protect the speech you hate, not the speech you love.

Should the Nazis rally without incident, Toledo, the State of Ohio, and the U.S. Constitution will be the stronger for it for permitting it.

Of course, if I had my druthers, they'd just stay the hell away.

historymike said...

I have met Mr. Martin only once, and that being in his rally persona, so I can't weigh in with anything meaningful.

My experience with him was limited to standing four feet away from him as he shouted at an African American woman:

"Hey, Shaniqua - how many 'baby daddies' you got? Speak up, nigger!"

and other, more obscene taunts.

In this persona, I found him to be crude, obnoxious, and thus an effective weapon for the NSM.

Do said...

Well! Seems like Marky boy has a long history of being 'above the law' as well as living 'outside the law'.

The DUIs, assaults, etc. are impressive, but I particularly like the TRAFFICKING in drugs part.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mikey,

why don't you pucker up and kiss my Nazi ass, you fucking faggot! It's little commie cocksuckers like YOU who give free speech a bad name!

Anonymous said...

This from a jackbooted twit who can not express himself without profanity.

I'm sure "Mikey" is terribly wounded by your insults.

historymike said...

"Mikey" is getting pretty used to it, Anonymous #2.

Anonymous #1, according to the IP information my blog tracks, hails from Troy, Ohio.

Do said...

I am resisting a terrible urge to discuss just how many frauleins some of these fuhrer lovers 'daddies' had 'dates' with. Perhaps they don't know enough about their own lineage to be so proud...

And - yep, I cleaned it up ALOT. There are all kinds of mean-spirited, vile, and vulgar things traversing my mind at the moment.

Anonymous #2- I do like the jackbooted twit descriptor. That's good! Kudos!

And Mike - (aka Mikey!) - good thing you're not thin skinned! hahahahaha I applaud your calmness. Keep it up.

Do said...

Also, wasn't there a reference to a Troy, OH address in Mr. Martin's rap sheet? Perhaps he's getting annoyed that people aren't impressed with him and his troupe of costumed actors.

historymike said...

I am not sure, Do.

I have seen Covington, OH listed as Mr. Martin's hometown in news reports.

I only glanced at a few of the records that the Miami County court site listed; there is so much happening now that I haven't had time to do much research.

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