Nov 19, 2005

Kingston NY Rally A Bust For White Supremacists

Left: Photo of counter-protesters from MidHudson News

(Kingston, NY) A rally in Kingston, NY that was initiated by white supremacist podcaster Hal Turner drew approximately 50 supporters, according to wire service reports and my contacts on the ground at the rally. The police, however, had the largest presence, numbering between 175 and 200 officers, outnumbering both pro-white and anti-racist forces.

The small turnout is a credit to community leaders in Kingston, who effectively campaigned for residents to boycott the rally. At least a half-dozen community events were scheduled away from the rally; this is in marked contrast to the October 15 neo-Nazi rally in Toledo, in which the only alternative event occurred less than a mile from the rally site.

Hal Turner went into spin mode even before the rally, with a post on his website at midnight last night that his rally "separates the wheat from the chaff in the movement." Turner also preemptively complained that potential supporters "had three weeks notice but they didn't show up."

It should be noted that Turner himself is something of a paraiah in the white power movement, and that a number of white supremacist groups boycotted this rally. Will Williams, who has bounced around the white power movement for decades, has reportedly placed a $1,000 bounty for anyone who would break the skull of Turner.
Left: Internet racist broadcaster Hal Turner

Turner's show has repeatedly advertised an imaginary product called the "Portable Nigger Lyncher." Here is the text of the parody ad that Turner ran:

"Does the community where you live tend to be getting darker and darker. Are you looking for an evening of entertainment with your friends and family? Well, folks, this is the answer to your prayers. The one and only PNL — Portable Nigger Lyncher. Complete with two ropes and custom hand-tied nooses."

Turner, who has had threats against him phoned in during his podcast, attempted to taunt members of the crowd into violent action against him.

"Here I am! Now's your chance!" Turner shouted. "You talk all tough on the phone, but you are too chicken to carry it out!"

No one in the crowd took the bait, unlike October 15 in Toledo.

Lessons for Toledo from the Kingston flop:

1. Schedule many alternative events on December 10, and make sure that they are held a fair distance from the rally site.
2. Get the message out to boycott the rally in as many venues as possible. Despite the fact that Turner was able to stage his rally at the high school (like Toledo), my contacts at the rally say there were very few teenagers present. Kudos to the school officials at Kingston High School.
3. Let the neo-Nazis have their minutes of spewing hate, and let them leave. Denying them their free speech rights is not only unconstitutional, but also make them look like martyrs instead of idiots. Let's not allow these clowns to derive any sympathy by giving them the right to claim victimhood.

Epilogue: NSM's Bill White decided to sit this one out, although he did take the opportunity to claim that "that there were more white activists than anti-racists" based on wire service reports. As of this writing, there has been no official word on Hal Turner's website.

Addendum (10:30 PM): Turner is predictably labeling the event a "tremendous success," and he chastised the "thousands of 'pro-white' keyboard commandos who stayed safely at home and did nothing." Turner agrees with wire service reports and my on-site collaborator that there were about 50 pro-white supporters and approximately 100 counter-demonstrators.


Anonymous said...

Turner is a conservative Republican not a white racist.

Get it right.

historymike said...

Anonymous said that Turner is a "conservative Republican."


Yes, just another regular guy from New Jersey, right anonymous?

Nikki said...

And...this is a man who claims that there are two dozen KKK guys in Kingston as of tonight and the white kids better be left alone because they have a nasty version of "street justice."

Yep...just your average Joe Blow.

Oscar Yeager said...

At least Hal is not afraid to be mislabeled as a "white supremacist", "hater" and all of the other lies spewed by the Jew-controlled media.

And the town is now fully aware of the Negro problem at the high school, even though they want to turn a blind eye and say the problem is not about race, just because Negroes happen to be the perpetrators, and are calling the white youths "White Niggers" before beating them to a pulp does not mean it's about race is what they are saying.

historymike said...

Mr. Yeager's website, "Day of the Rope," indicates that he lives in "Jew York."

Here is an interesting commentary on Mr. Yeager's site on the death of Rosa Parks:
No, my friends, blacks are NOT equal to whites. Never have been. Never will be. And uppity negresses like Rosa Parks are to blame for setting up a scenario which has cost whites a ton of money, and given blacks the illusion they are equal. Good Riddance Rosa Parks.

The author, according to Yeager, was Hal Turner, although Mr. Yeager said that he agrees 100% with the words.

On September 19, 2005 Mr. Yeager referred to a mayoral candidate in Albany as an "ape." He also posited a theory that the "ape evolved from the more primitive Negro."

Just thought everyone should have a better idea of Mr. Yeager's views.

Have a nice day, Mr. Yeager, and thanks for visiting my site.

Hooda Thunkit said...

Toledoans should pay careful attention to what happened in Kingston, namely the Nazis/White Supremacists were made to be the fools that they are.

My kudos th the residents of Kingston.

My only hope is that we do them one better by having only the police and the media show up at the Dec. 10th event.

The non-event could realistically be categorized as a fiasco.

Then, it would be our turn to laugh...

Zach said...

Chris Rock calls blacks niggers, does that make him a racist? This blog wasn't worth my time.

Matt Drudge, Jr. said...

You and Nicole Nichols are truly disgusting people. The moment you let you own bias and egos down and stand up for the rights of White people, instead of bashing and destroying any White person who stands up forthrightly for their race, is the moment you will be viewed as human beings in my eyes.

justin said...

Hi hey man very nice website , look err Hal is deliberately over the top that's his style , do you seriously think the PNL is something other than a joke ?
Look youv'e got a bunch of neocon trotskyites occupying your Whitehouse , starting wars on big fat lies and causing untold misery and death.
For white nationalists this is nothing new we know the history of these zionist supremacists.
I think it would be a good idea to have a look at what this jewish(messianic) gentleman "Benjamin H Freedman" had to say about the zionist communists >
Now that is just for starters , second I would like to introduce you to this online tv site run by a Palestinian American "Hisham Tilawi" .now tell us we are dreaming about the jewish issue... not all jews ok but the issue is serious.

historymike said...

Mr. Zachary Craft is a 16-year old from Minnesota who espouses Christian Identity and other pro-white philosophies. Here is a sampling of his thoughts:

"I've had an upclose encounter with Black "culture" and I didn't like it. There's nothing cool about disease, poverty, gang violence, rape, murder and their disgusting smell."

Sorry my blog "wasn't worth [your] time," Zach. I suppose I could have predicted that.

historymike said...

Mr. Matt Drudge, Jr.:

You sound like a very unhappy person. If my blog - and websites published by Nicole Nichols -cause you so much angst, why do you return?

I hope that you find peace in your life, sir.

historymike said...


Sorry, I do not buy into Jewish conspiracy theories.

I will read the links that you provided, if for no other reason than to understand the dangers of national socialism.

Anonymous said...

History Mike:

Good job outing these white supremacists for who they really are.

Do you think there are any similarities between how the Kingston rally was announced and how the upcoming Toledo one is announced? Maybe the Dec 10th date is just a rumor? My assumpution would be that the neo-Nazis wouldn't be too fond of a nice Toledo snowstorm and would stay away.


historymike said...

City, TPD, and NSM officials are all saying the date is still on.

There was talk before the election that Mayor Jack Ford would use legal tactics to tie up NSM in court, but I am not sure how willing Ford will be to use this strategy now that he is a lame duck.

The consensus of opinion among the decision makers I have spoken with seems to something like this:

"Let's just get these buffoons in and out on December 10 with a minimum of disruption and hoopla."

Cold weather will definitely be a plus, Jason. It will eliminate most of the curious locals, and lower the numbers of white supremacists willing to make the drive to Toledo. As far as activists like the ISO, ARA, and other anti-racists, I think the cold weather will not cut their numbers; most of the October 15 counter-demonstrators live within 45 minutes of Toledo (NWO, BG, Ann Arbor, Detroit) and they are mighty fired up about booting the Nazis out last time.

Another factor, though, will be how well Bill White is able to convince the racist right that NSM's event is something they want to attend. He has been very active on VNN and Stormfront trying to repair the rift between he and some of the bigger white power organizations.

One of the disparaging labels applied to NSM by other groups is the charge that they are "Hollywood Nazis," whose main focus is to prance around in SS garb. Many in the white power movement see this as a distraction from the political message, although most admit that White's theatrics always bring out the media.

The MSM media cameras were indeed trained upon the two NSM members in full uniform (there may have been a few more in plainclothes).

In the end, though, let's hope for a violence-free event on December 10.

Anonymous said...

I hate Illinois Nazis.

Lisa Renee said...

I can't resist...



historymike said...

Anonymous and Lisa:

That Blues Brothers scene sums up how most people feel about the white supremacists.

Thanks for the funny memory!

Nikki said...

Now that was classic, Lisa! Pretty well sums it all up, huh?

Nikki said...

I really don't think that there is much outside of a blizzard that could stop the Nazi's from descending on Toledo again. They're on a roll - or so they think.

Hopefully this time things will not get out of hand.

Lisa Renee said...

I'm just glad I'm not the only one that thinks about the Blues Brothers immediately when thinking about the NSM...

Then there is Bill White....



historymike said...

Oh no!!!!

Lisa Renee said...

hehe - I almost designed a T-Shirt for my LCS store working with the "Mr Bill" theme...then I decided it would be better to work on developing a line of hamster wear instead....I am however still considering the "Just say NOE" concept....


Harry Schwartz said...

Not only was the rally a flop, but the racist idiots can't even spell simple words. Go to and check out some of their pictures of this little rally. Especially the group photo where the lady is holding up a sign horribly misspelling Communism.

I bet soon Hal will be begging for money.

justin said...

Mike thanks for the reply, look to tell you the truth I'm not into National Socialism. I much prefer Republicanism as I don't think Democracy works on a large scale scenario,it's far too prone to corruption.
I'm a White/European Nationalist and that is all.
I recognise the role of jews in History and I'm not afraid to tell the truth about it.
I also think that Nationalists that turn up to rallies wearing Hollywood Nazi uniforms only damages our cause.

ajax said...

so we have 40-50 white people that show up for a rally to call attention to black thuggery taking place in kingston highschool (and in many many other schools nationwide)

we see 100 or more counter demonstrators to oppose them and 100+ police to separate them

and the amount of attention this has generated could not possibly be matched by any non-white rally of any political cause with similar numbers

think about it lefties and white haters and white guilters out there who are calling hal's rally a failure ....the majority race assembles a platoon sized gathering and you cringe in fear and spew your hate because you dread the unthinkable possibility of the great white shark making his appearance because you know he is the one who bankrolls your socialist dreams and multiculture-diversity dellusions he could rip you to dust if he would only awaken from his sleep in the meantime because he wants to keep the peace for everyone he remains docile... a little jab here and there keeps him in line

historymike said...

Ah. Those of us who would like to see a more peaceful coexistence between the various peoples of the world are "lefties and white haters and white guilters."

Look, ajax: why should Aryan whites have any more right to the world's resources than people of any other color or ethnicity?

Also, I don't think many people "cringed in fear" at Turner's rally.

Laughed hysterically, perhaps. Became irritated, definitely.

But not "cringing in fear."

Methinks that the tough talking in which white supremacists engage is more to bolster their own courage as they take public an ideology of hate than it is to make others "cringe in fear."

Finally, in my short time covering these groups (remember, I had not even heard of Bill White until he announced he was making Toledo his vacation spot) I have witnessed one consistent phenomena:

Neo-Nazis and white supremacists make their most threatening comments in two places: from the anonymity of the Internet and from behind police barricades.

Justin said...

Some Jews will speak up and tell the truth...[url][/url] will you listen when they do ?

historymike said...


Your source notes that his "second wife was a Fillipina [sic} woman," and yet argues against intermarriage between people of different races and ethnicities?

Sounds like either the height of hypocrisy, or a bitter person who rues his ex-spouse.

ajax said...

to historymike:

i would welcome a world of peace and calm and tranquil society ...why don't you tell me how we can create it?

you as a student of history should know peace has been sprinkled with war throughout every page and chapter of the human history book

the left does as much labeling of people as does the right

as far as the world's resources:
most of the resources of mother earth are not on display for public view like so many grocery bags waiting for people to walk by and pick them up ...most resources are hidden treasure requiring innovative skill and industrious ability to locate and obtain and refine for productive use

not all nations have had equal ability to obtain and use these resources ...the most advanced nations have had the best ability to do this and therefore should have the larger slice of the pie

consider the great petroleum reserves located in the middle east region: the only reason these oil rich arab nations have their wealth is due to their great fortune of geography

only because the western nations have that need for oil and only because they have the oil exploration expertise and oil drilling ability and need for that oil are those arab nations made rich

the left thinks the results should be the same for those who show superior talent and industrious work to those who are less advanced

this sameness of results goes completely against human nature and removes the chief catalyzing motivator for human effort

any attempt to introduce this in society will always result in failure with very rare exceptions