Nov 1, 2005

More Speculation On A Return Visit By NSM

(Toledo, OH) Multiple sources in the police department and city administration have been telling me in the past 72 hours that the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement will be returning to Toledo this Saturday, November 5. At the command level the official comment is "no comment," but street-level officers confirm that they are being told plans are in the works for a Saturday event.

The purported NSM visit still has to be considered in the rumor stage. City Safety Director Joe Walters told me on Monday that he, too, had heard this rumor, and attributed it to an "unknown media report." I have been unable to find any evidence of this, save for a Dayton solidarity bonfire recently staged by NSM Sergeant Mark Martin between various neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups.

Mayor Jack Ford's public affairs spokesperson Mary Chris Skeldon also acknowledged that the Mayor is aware of the rumors, but that they "do not have any solid information" on a possible NSM return.

If there has been city-NSM negotiations, the included parties are not talking about it.

Bill White, NSM spokesman from Roanoke, issued this statement Monday:

Rumors have been circulating about an NSM return visit
for the past two weeks. I stopped confirming or
denying them about that long ago as well.

White issued a statement today mocking the Toledo media. He seems confident that any rally will not be leaked to the media in advance, but his organization seems to have people within its ranks who like to talk, and secrets rarely stay secret for long.

A source close to the ARA (Anti-Racist Action) says that he has also heard the same rumor. The ARA believes that NSM is going to try and "sneak" in, and not announce the time and place of the next Toledo visit. The ARA, possibly with the presence of the ISO (International Socialist Organization), are making contingency plans for "rapid response" to meet what they are calling the "next Nazi invasion."

According to sources close to the ARA, they believe that the city is planning on staging a quickie NSM rally downtown near the courthouse. This would be similar to the operational plan used in the 1995 KKK rally in Toledo.

A hate group watcher who has passed on a great deal of information to me in the past few weeks has also heard the November 5 date, as well as a possible November 15 visit date (which would be a Tuesday). This writer has contacts within NSM and other white supremacist groups, and is one of the most plugged-in people watching this segment of American society.

So, is White playing rope-a-dope with today's statement to lull Toledo to sleep for a Saturday visit? Have rumors of a Saturday visit scared NSM away?

How much advance notice will Toledo get of an NSM visit?

Speculation runs rampant through Toledo; the most common rumor I have heard is that city officials have threatened NSM with mass arrests if they do not acquiesce and go to a downtown, controllable rally site. Would Mr. White and his supporters risk arrest for their beliefs, or cave to city demands?

Another scenario posited by many a local pundit involves a "hit-and-run" quickie visit by NSM. In this scheme, NSM will dash into town, do a few "Sieg Heils" with photos and videos, and zip out before any effective local counter-protest can be mounted. NSM would get to proclaim victory, crowds would not have time to shred them, and police would not have to deal with a massive (and expensive) logistical nightmare.

Of course, we cannot discount the notion that White is enjoying his brush with fame, as well as his ability to keep an entire city guessing as to his next move. More than a few Toledoans have speculated that the narcissistic White is simply soaking up the attention, and that he may send out a few false starts just for kicks.


Lisa Renee said...

Wouldn't surprise me if it ended up being fake given the glee over the Hal Turner show last week. Quite a few WN's thought it was funny that Turner calling for a protest at a high school caused the local police to show up ready for a demonstration that never happened. But? Better to be safe than sorry.


I do wonder though if they are intelligent enough to realize if they truly are planning to show up Saturday what kind of an impact that could have on the elections. You would think Bill White and the boys would not want to give Jack Ford a chance to get some more PR, especially if arrests happen.

IsisDC said...

Actually, if Ford handles this posible Nazi attack as badly as he handled the last one, he could be very hurt by their presence.

There was a lot of anti-Ford sentiment among the people in that neighbourhood during that last rumble.

Hooda Thunkit said...

I hear that the weather for Saturday will be perfect for a walk to the bus (with the rest of the detainees/perps).

Seriously, look at the facts; we are in a month known for colder temps and gales.

What stupid Nazi would wait another week to…

Never mind, I just answered my own question.

Lisa Renee said...

That's true Isis, but if the opposite happens and he handles this one well? It could very well cause the opposite effect.

Or at least enough for Mr. White and his minions to be concerned about if they truly had issues with Jack Ford. They would not want to be able to be viewed as helping him. That would make the kind of headlines I don't think the NSM would want.

IsisDC said...

Lisa- that could be a possibility, but from what I have gathered, Ford is a pretty weak politician, so there might be a good chance he might screw this up too.

Yet, I have heard the Nazis don't like his opponent Carty Finkbeiner, because his name sounds too "Jewish".

I am not sure how much these thugs care one way or another about Toledo poltics as much as they just want to start another riot.

They see themselves as the agents of chaos to start a massive race war in America.

BTW- old Hal Turner will be rallying on the 19th in Kingston NY with the NSM for the purpose of starting a riot there.

historymike said...

Hal has since cancelled, so Toledo is back in the mix for the 19th of November.

IsisDC said...

Hal is a chicken SH*T.

Good thing...I was going to go up there and get the pics, but now I don't have to.

I wonder if the thugs are still coming to Toledo...rumour has it old Bill White is scared of that is what is keeping him away...he is scared of me and my camera...*heehee*...

IsisDC said...

Just in..

Turner is announcing on his radio show that he is going to continue on with his rally on Nov. 19. He had Rebekah Hedrick, the mother of the son who was beaten on Oct. 7 that we spoke to, and she is supporting his rally