Nov 12, 2005

North End March For Peace

(Toledo, OH) Approximately 80 people marched through the North End today in a unity rally for peace. The event, organized by the North End Ministries Alliance (NEMA), sought to promote "peace, love, reconciliation, and justice."

This neighborhood was the center of the October 15 riot that ocuurred after an aborted neo-Nazi march by the National Socialist Movement (NSM). March organizers hoped to project a more positive image of the neighborhood through the march.

I covered this event in the North End for the Toledo Free Press; you will have to wait until the next edition for the whole story and the higher quality photography. Historymike possesses neither the skills nor the high-end equipment of talented Free Press photographers DM Stanfield and Ryan Hufford. Any good pictures I take are either due to sheer luck or sheer volume; I subscribe to the theory that more pictures equals a greater chance that one will actually have some merit. Thank God for digital photography, or I would be broke from the cost of developing film.

Not all neighborhood inhabitants welcomed the marchers. This Central Avenue dog was highly agitated at the crowd that sang and prayed along the thoroughfare.
His Saturday morning reverie was interrupted by the crowd, as well as by pesky media types requesting interviews.

Speaking of media, I saw representatives from most of the major local media but one - FOX Toledo. You can decide for yourself what that means.


Anonymous said...

I hope that this march does some good.

Anonymous said...

FOX does not want to cover something positive in the North End. They want everyone to think the neighborhood is full of drugs, violent minorities, and decay.

They are not much better than the Nazis.

historymike said...

I am not sure I would go that far, anonymous.

I might argue that FOX goes for the sensational over the inspirational, or that the local affiliate might not have sufficient resources, but I am hard pressed to make the case that they "are not much better than the Nazis."

Lisa Renee said...

It is strange they didn't send someone, granted their weekend coverage always leaves alot to be desired which also may be a part of it.

Then again? I didn't even know there was going to be a march today so I'm even more out if it than Fox.


historymike said...

Yes - I am sure that they will get criticized for devoting so much attention to the riots, but little to the positive events in North Toledo.

Hooda Thunkit said...

I would tend to believe that inadequate resources were available locally.

It's not like they were "the big boys" in town.

Anonymous said...


historymike said...

"14" from the anonymous poster's comments refers to the "14 words" of imprisoned David Lane, a long-time racist and member of The Order:
"We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children."

"88" is shorthand for "Heil Hitler," as "8"="H," which is the 8th letter of the alphabet.

The idea that local people will gather together for peace must be very disturbing to the neo-Nazis, who thrive upon violent conflict. It's difficult to recruit members if people are trying to get along.

Also, it should be noted that the only person in the North End who had any link to NSM (even a tenuous one) is Tom Szych, and he is suing NSM in federal court.

It's not too late to call off the rally and stay home, Mr. White.

Or Mr. Schoep, if you are still calling the shots.

liberal_dem said...

14/88 = 7/44 lowest terms

14/88 = 0.15909

14/88 = 16%

14/88 = F

[sorry, you'll need to take this course again in the winter quarter]