Nov 23, 2005

North End Resident Wins Gun Case, Slams Nazis

Left: Tom Szych; photo by historymike

(Toledo, OH) Tom Szych, the Bronson Street resident whose dispute with a neighbor was used by the National Socialist Movement (NSM) as justification for their failed October 15 rally, recently had charges dismissed against him.

Szych was also able to reclaim his .38 caliber pistol and ammunition, seized by Toledo Police on August 3 after neighbor children claimed that he pulled his gun on them.

The length of time it took for the case to work its way through the system was frustrating to Szych.

“The court kept sending me back to a mediator to settle the dispute,” he said. “I finally demanded my day in court, because I knew that I had done nothing wrong.”

Szych said that his lawyer is finishing work on a lawsuit against officials of the city as well as NSM. He said that he was unfairly targeted as the reason for the neo-Nazi group’s demand to march in Toledo.

“The mayor and the police chief both knew that I was not involved, but kept naming me as the cause for the Nazis coming,” he said. “Their actions caused people to blame me and attack my house.”

Szych was especially angry at the actions of the neo-Nazis.

“I never met with NSM at any time,” he said, adding that he has an affidavit from an NSM spokesman to that effect. “They showed up in September and spoke to my dad, but never told him who they were. They just said that they were setting up an organization to deal with gang problems.”

Szych said that his father felt deceived by the NSM.

“Once he found out that they were Nazis, he told them to leave,” he said. “My dad was even angrier when they tried to con my brother the same way.”

One of the most difficult things for his family has been the accusations that Szych is a racist.

“If I was a racist, why would I live in this neighborhood, or send my kids to an integrated school?” he asked. “Why would I sit on my front porch and hang out with one of my friends who happens to be black?”

A neighbor also filed a complaint alleging aggravated menacing against Szych, and claimed that the incident occurred during the riot.

"There was a big problem with the complaint, though," he said. "I wasn't even in town that day. Luckily, I had the paperwork to prove to the investigating detective that I was in another state that day."

Szych, who volunteers as a local PTA officer, said concerned parents at one of his children's schools began to make wild accusations.

"One parent insisted that I show her the PTA's books and prove that I was not using organization money to fund the Nazis," he said, adding that things are beginning to return to normal. "So we had to go to the principal's office and answer this ridiculous accusation that was based on faulty information."

Szych remained surprisingly charitable toward those who rioted and vandalized his home and property.

"The rioters did some stupid and violent things, but they were mostly kids," he said. "What they did was not right, but the City never should have allowed the Nazis to come in the neighborhood. I would be mad, too, if I was a kid and the Nazis showed up like that."

Szych had especially strong words for NSM's Bill White.

"If he were here right now, I would tell him to kiss my ass," he said. "The man lied and twisted everything to fit his own agenda. When I found out about it and called him on it, he just said: ‘I wouldn't be able to get anyone to show up if I told the truth.' "

Addendum, 9:30 PM: Bill White had a rebuttal that has since been deleted on his website. Among other things, he referred to Mr. Szych as "slightly unstable" and the Free Press as "not very reliable." I did not save the post as an HTML file, but it was at this link until tonight.

This is an article of mine that appears in this week's Toledo Free Press. Not only should you read TFP, but you should be advertising with them.


Harry said...

I just made the same comment on Nikki's blog but from what I read, Synch is SUING both the City of Toledo and the NSM. That means if he wins against the NSM he should be able to collect from any member of the NSM. I am basing this on the World Church of the Creator lawsuit where all it's members are subject to paying the judgement against the WCOTC.

Anonymous said...
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Hooda Thunkit said...

Hey anonymous,

Why don't you tell us how you REALLY feel?

And, don't sugar-coat it.

You really need to learn to express yourself a little more freely.

Your friends (both of them) will LOVE you for it...


historymike said...

I deleted and then edited Anonymous's tirade.

Sorry, if you want to post here, I expect that you attempt to display a modicum of civility

Anonymous wrote:

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historymike said...

Anonymous, by the way, has an IP address that is listed as originating in Kennett, Missouri.

ajax said...

to historymike:

such a trivial story to post, do you follow these people around with a secret camera and microphone do you carry notebook and notate their bowel movement regularity?

i wonder have you done any posting on the french riot? i would be curious to read your expected justification for the riot by the riot filth

one good thing that can come from the white nationalist living in a racialy mixed city is to observe the blacks and their curious tribal tendencies much like the curiosity of viewing the various animals in a zoo and then to take a deep breath and truthfully and sincerely thank the creator above for showing great mercy in deciding to bestow the white race gene upon the one so fortunate to receive this great blessing

i wonder how many blacks secretly wish they were born white ...this is probably the greatest of all taboo subjects amongst the black race peoples ...the more i study the black race and their history i pity them more than i despise them (although i utterly despise much of their present culture)

while it is true that as an integral part of our being we have amongst the identifiers a race identity and we go completely against our very being and psyche to wish we were born of a different race .... but as far as the black i cannot help but wonder (even if they become very angry when asked and uniformly deny it vehemently) if most have at least once and more likely on numerous occasions wish they had been born white

the chief reasoning for this desire would be to have full acceptance within white society but in addition to escape their vile and polluted culture

truly the lot of the black people is sadness and sorrow all around they are hopelessly lost in a culture that is a dark as their skin color, no surprise when they climb the economic ladder they seek to live in communities that have enough whites to give them an assurance that they will be able to live in safety and peace

on this thanksgiving i will think of the many privileges and advantages that come with being born white and give thanks for such a wonderful inheritance

historymike said...


The story is not trivial to people who live in Toledo. Mr. Szych was exploited by the NSM, and the OCtober 15 riot has its roots in a neighborhood dispute involving Mr. Szych.

The white power movement seems to think that I have no life beyond writing about their activity. In reality, I currently spend less than 10% of my time writing on issues regarding the ideology and actions of white supremacists.

I never even heard of the NSM until October 6 of this year. For a sampling of the issues that I write about, read my blog in August and September.

As far as the story, we were contacted by Mr. Szych. He feels that NSM (and city officials) have dragged him into this.

He says NSM deceived his father, showing up in September with vague ideas about "taking action against gangs." Once John Szych found out they were Nazis, he told them to get lost.

I have not yet written on the French situation, nor do I expect to any time soon. I possess no special knowledge or insight into the French rioting.

I have written extensively on the Toledo riot for two basic reasons: a) Toledo is my city, and b) I was at the epicenter of the riot for most of October 15.

I am letting stand your ideological thoughts; there is little I could say that will sway you, and I think your words say more about the racist right mindset than I ever could.

This Thanksgiving, I will pray for a more peaceful world in which people of all ethnicities live together in greater harmony.

elric1488 said...

You lefty Jew-lovers make me sick. December 10 will be even bigger than October 15. This will be the day that the true white race wakes up.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who gives out private IP info sucks Nigger Dicks

historymike said...

Actually, I put out geographic info.

I did not publish the IP info.

historymike said...

The previous anonymous comment, like that of the earlier stupidity, was also from Kennett, Missouri.

Elric1488 (who has also emailed me with vague threats) has an IP address indicating Dayton, OH as his hometown. Does Elric 1488 happen to know Mark Martin, who also hails from the Dayton area?

Finally, I do not have a problem with pro-white people like ajax visiting my site, so long as they act in a civil manner.

I will continue to respond in kind to fools who come here and spew profanity and threats, and I will also forward this information to the appropriate authorities.

Lisa Renee said...

I find it so ironic that supposedly the NSM was coming because of what happened to one person. Not only does this person not want them here then or now but he's suing them.

I seriously doubt if Decmember 10th even happens that it is going to be a big deal. This one without the crowds and without the riots is going to be just like the KKK where more media was there than actual Toledo residents. I'd go further and state I expect the majority of the anti-nazi counter protestors will probably once again outnumber the NSM with most of them not being from this area either.

Since none of us asked the NSM to come I'd suggest they locate a town who actually wants or needs their help.

I also have no problem posting IP information on either spammers or people who go above and beyond what is necessary in this type of discussion. Private phone numbers that have been posted I have deleted - I think that goes to far especially if it was done by the "other" side.

What Mike is doing by pointing out the majority of the people who are posting the pro-NSM stuff are not from our area. I saw the same exact thing when I wrote about the first visit on my blog.


historymike said...

Agreed on most points, Lisa, especially about the posting of private information. Some of the extremists (on both sides) take the personal attacks way too far.

The only thing I would like to add is that groups like ARA and the ISO have very active local contingents.

The ISO also attended the peace march led by Reverends Mansour Bey and Stephen Ward a few eeeks back. They had a half-dozen members at that rally.

I did not cover this (it was UM-OSU time), but the ISO held a seminar at Wilson Park last weekend on moving past racism. I am told it was well-attended, but I did not witness the event.

Many of the anti-racist activists at the October 15 rally are also active in the local anti-war movement. I saw many faces I recognized from other events I have covered.

elric1488 said...

You got the wrong one, mysterykike! You don't know jackshit about how IP addresses work. No surprise from such a stupid kike lover and nigger lover.

Anonymous said...

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historymike said...

Elric 1488:

Did you stay up all night coming up with "MysteryKike" to counter "HistoryMike"?

That's really clever.


"Pooh pooh baby?"

Well, I should be grateful that you are not returning, but "poo poo baby?"

I don't know whether to laugh or be saddened by this pathetic attempt at an ad hominem attack.

Harry said...


You know you are winning the debate when all they can debate with is "kike, kike, kike" and call you one.

And I know who Elmer Frazier (not his real name) is out of Kennett, Missouri. He's a 350 pound man living off disability and suffers from both mental retardation and cerebral palsy.

And it's obvious he's mentally disabled, just read his post. He's also fixated on talking about sex parts of the male body.

Him having CP and mental retardation doesn't excuse his racism though.

historymike said...

Sad and disturbing info, Harry.

I've noticed the bizarre sexual fixations in more than a few of these white power advocates. Things like "the Jew wants to castrate the white man" or graphic depictions of sexual acts between interracial couples.

I suspect that there is a connection between low self esteem, insecurity about one's sexual prowess/ identity, and white power activism.

It's hard to separate the real threats from the not-so-real ones, at least until (or if) they actually show up at your door.

Nikki said...

Gee...ain't it great to be loved, Mike?

A lot of these guys seem to be fixiated not only on sex, but on sexual deviancy. I think you might be onto something there, Mike.

In regards to Szych - I hope he follows through with his suit of the NSM. Exploiting innocent people should not go undisciplined. And this seems to be happening a lot lately.

Do said...

I am glad to hear that Tom Szych got his weapon and ammo back. It was private property and is rightfully his.

His lawsuit? Sounds like it is a viable suit. Time will tell.

As for the small group of functional illiterates that like to stop by and spew hate, they all need help. I suggest a cover to cover reading of How To Win Friends and Influence People. Then perhaps a serious reading of The Purpose Driven Life.

Mike, you do an admirable job reporting on local events. While I don't always agree with every word, I try to remain objective and respectful of the space and the other posters. I would hope that the 'out of towners' will do the same.

historymike said...

Thanks, Do.

I try to remain objective with my reporting; I will editorialize on the blog or other boards, but I avoid it in "real" journalism.

Besides, people will be more likely to give you interviews if you treat them fairly. Screw 'em over and they will never answer their phones when you call.

I do write controversial things at times, so I expect to get lambasted on some topics (like the slave reparations essay). Also, I sometimes take a contrary argument just for the sake of sharpening my rhetorical skills; I once took opposite positions in separate essays on Stalin for a graduate level course.

As far as the out-of-town guests, only ajax seems to know the meaning of "civility."

Do said...

I'm not totally sure that civility is part of the white supremacist vocabulary. I would like to think that they are capable, only because I prefer to TRY to see something good in things. Of course, in real life, this is not always possible....

Dariush said...

Then perhaps a serious reading of The Purpose Driven Life.

Oh, come on. I agree that some of the comments posted here are pretty repulsive, but don't you think that the kind of torture you're advocating here is a bit too much.

Or perhaps you're referring to that new edition -- the hollowed out one with a bag of meth inside.

Praise the laawwd.

Dariush said...

Sorry about the kneejerk response above. I suppose I should just be grateful you didn't recommend anything by Tim LaHaye.

nazi_killer_12_10_05 said...

stop wringing your hands and wishing, there are people with more skills at your service

historymike said...

Sorry, I can't go there Nazi Killer.

The battle has to be waged with words, in my sometimes-humble opinion.

Sinking to the level of violence is the purview of the brownshirts, as witnessed in historical events like Kristallnacht and the Night of the Long Knives (Reichsmordwoche).

Nikki said...

I agree with Mike. The battle truly must be won with words. Violence has no place in any of this. Anytime that violence erupts on either side - the other side notches their belt.

This is an ideological battle for the hearts and minds of people - and as such, we must always remember that a kinder and gentler world is what we are after.

ajax saith said...

to nikki:

well, well, well, i am very very pleased to hear you disavow the use of the violence instrument (at least in first strike mode) in the political-ideological war

of course here in this battlefield we are merely exchanging the salvos of weblog posts and we can do so from the comfort of our home, insulated through internet cyber anonymity we can feel free to exchange our viewpoints without regard for physical reprisal

a "kinder and gentler world",spoken just like a woman, (as you may recall this very phrase was spoken by bush the elder in his inagural speech calling for "a kinder more gentler world") a very nice sentiment, sort of reminds me of 'peaceful coexistence'

once again the power of words at play

nazi_killer_12_10_05 said...

Mike--- you use your methods and I'll use mine.

Do said...

Dariush - I don't take your reaction personally. :) The point I was trying to get across is that the 'out of towners' could use a little balance in their world of tumultuous imbalance.

I will remain ever hopeful that in the grand scheme of life there will be a time when we will ALL be tolerant, understanding, compassionate and empathetic.

And, ajax, that is not a attempt at 'watering down' any race. It IS about being strong in the face of hate and ignorance.

There is a lot of knowledge to be gleaned from interacting with other races, cultures, religions and ideologies. If one can enter those conversations with a healthy level of curiosity (not fear and hate) then the entire world would be a lot better off.

And, Mike, isn't it interesting that 'anonymous' packed up his/her toys and went home when you stated that you were sending their information to the appropriate authorities?

Nikki - if you are looking for a kinder and gentler world, I applaud you. I'm afraid that folks that are capable of thinking like you and I are more rare than I first thought.

Isn't it amazing that hate begets hate at a rapid rate, but compassion begets compassion at a snail's pace?

zitman said...

well mike i jsut want to thank u and the toledo free press for all your help with the problems and all the storys you have written about here in toledo gang and gun and i think it was alot of your help that made this all possiable for me winning my case over the gun thanks again to toledo free press and mike and will continue to be a dedicated reader no other media wanted this info until the riots hit but toledo free press was ther to hlp me all along i beleive what i read on your paper no matter what nazis think i know its all true
thanks tom in toledo

White Taxpayer said...

The antics of costumed nazis do not invalidate the cause of White Nationalism, which seeks the self-preservation and self-determination of White people, who are the real minority on this planet, at just 10-12% of the Earth's population and shrinking fast.

We refuse to cede any more territory or any more of our civilization to non-white so-called "minorities", who in actuality, make up 88-90% of the world's population, and who are expanding rapidly. They have the majority of the Earth's surface on which to live... let them live there.

We are going to preserve our race, our culture, and our civilization by any and all legal means necessary. Aware White people who do not want to end up a 2% minority (the percent of the world's women who are of child-bearing age) among a hostile world of 98% non-whites would be wise to join us to work towards securing a future for our future generations.

White Taxpayer said...

Sorry, there was a typo. It should have said:

Right now, because of a heavily elderly skewed age-distribution, only 2% of the women of child-bearing age on planet earth are White. That means that in just one generation, White people will be lucky to be even 2 percent of the population of planet earth.

Those White people who see the problem with that would be well-served to join up with us White Nationalists to secure living territory and a future for our descendents while there is still time.

Those opposed are none of my concern.