Nov 3, 2005

November Afternoon Along The Maumee


(Toledo, OH) With an hour to kill in between appointments, I decided to gather some photos of the Glass City's riverfront for future reference. The breezy afternoon made choppy the waters of the Maumee River, but a few adventurous boaters took advantage of the sunny skies to spend a November afternoon getting in a few more moments of maritime enjoyment.

Dozens of Canadian geese paused en route south to sun themselves in the small bay near International Park. Disturbed by something in the area they began to honk in unison, creating a deafening communal cackling along the riverbank.

The fate of One SeaGate (locally known as the O-I Building) is uncertain; the building's owner announced this week that there is a strong possibility the Toledo landmark may go into foreclosure. Owens-Illinois, the building's biggest tenant, will move next year to a $20 million facility currently under construction in Perrysburg's Levis Development Park.

The building, which opened for business in 1981, is Toledo’s tallest skyscraper. It is 411 feet tall, and has a real estate valuation of more than $45.5 million. If the O-I building gets shuttered, Toledo would gain its second vacant "signature" building; the 30-story Fiberglas Tower, which once housed Owens-Corning, is the other glaring real estate void on the Toledo skyline.

Under a tree near Water and Sycamore I spied a collection of mushrooms that had recently sprouted. The fungi created the trippy impression of an enchanted forest. A security officer saw me sprawled out on the ground taking this photo, and commented that he was "glad that I was a 'legitimate' person, because we have had a lot of vandalism here lately."

I am not sure what, exactly, made me "legitimate" on a public sidewalk, but I trust that the man's experiences justified his investigative curiosity in me.

And that, kiddies, is how I spent my time in in the blustery winds of a downtown Toledo November afternoon.


Anonymous said...

i had to work...

Lisa Renee said...

Quite a few family members worked in that building, my grandmother did for years. I did briefly as a temp...way up...I swore I could feel the building sway.

Some very good pictures, and it was a beautiful day to be outside.


Hooda Thunkit said...


How did you get the brown river water to photograph as blue?

Polarizing filter?

BTW, great pictures ;-)

historymike said...

The blue is just the sky reflection. The Maumee, Hooda, was just as dirty as ever.

The only photo I tweaked was the mushroom one; I played with the saturation because the flash obliterated the brown spots on the weird 'shrooms.

Anonymous said...





Lisa Renee said...

hmmm and exactly what kind of mushrooms did lalala hee* discover today?


historymike said...

Somehow I KNEW that the 'shrooms were not going to skate by un-commented upon...

The anonymous comment is a waaaaaaay inside joke that I will explain in a few days from a demented poster.

Unfortunately, I am not at liberty to disclose the meaning of said post at this time.

I'd rather not say much about it.

Anonymous said...



Just look at the geesies....and the qool glass buildings...Laaaalaaaaa!!

historymike said...