Nov 8, 2005

NSM Announces Toledo Rally For December 10

Left: NSM's Bill White at failed October 15 rally; photo by historymike

(Toledo, OH) The National Socialist Movement (NSM), the neo-Nazi group whose presence in Toledo sparked the October 15 riot, announced that they will be returning on December 10.

"We believe the City of Toledo deliberately allowed blacks to riot because the City government was afraid of appearing politically incorrect," White wrote. "It was this refusal by the police department to act, and not the numbers or the force of the initial rioters, that led to the North Toledo confrontation."

The delusional White continues to inflate his estimates of supporters at the aborted rally, now stating that 80 members of NSM and 60 members of the general public were "were forbidden entry by the police." He originally claimed that there were 140 supporters total, including the 26 that I counted in Wilson Park.

White also claims that the riot started "when NSM members, trapped outside the rally at police barricades were attacked by the communist-led black mob." You know, there is spin, and then there is outright fabrication; White's statement, however, is so far beyond fabrication that I think he actually believes his lies.

The timing of the announcement is likely a jab at Toledo Mayor Jack Ford, coming as it does the morning of Toledo's election. If Ford, who is already behind in the polls, loses the election, expect White to strut in his shiny black boots and claim that he "caused" the defeat; what better way to try and convice the white supremacists - with whom Bill White has a shaky relationship - then by claiming his actions caused the "overthrow" of a black mayor?

White's derogatory comments toward the Toledo Police have been puzzling; one might think that he would show deference to the men and women who protected his small NSM contingent on October 15. Here is a sampling of his outrageous statements about TPD (this one is dated October 17 ):

The Toledo police behaved absolutely dishonestly. They threw down their weapons, ran away, said "fuck this, I'm not get paid enough to do this", abandoned their positions, and behaved in a disgraceful and cowardly manner.

If there is any good news with this return visit of NSM, it would be that it appears the city has forced NSM into holding their rally at One Government Center. This site offers logistical advantages to the police, and keeps the NSM clowns away from residential neighborhoods.

In related neo-Nazi news, WTVG reported last night that a West Toledo man received a special present - a brick through his front window. The brick came with a swastika drawn on it with a black magic marker. The homeowner said that someone also drew a swastika on the tarp that later covered his smashed window.


Anonymous said...

God help us.

Anonymous said...
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historymike said...

Sorry, anonymous, nothing personal about deleting that post.

You raised a question that I cannot answer at the moment, and there are personal safety issues involved here. I do not want my blog to put anyone in danger.

The neo-Nazi forces have violent elements within their ranks, and while they officially disavow violence, there are many people concerned that local white supremacists are beginning a campaign of low-level terror activities against selected targets.

Big Tex Cowboy said...

Let's hold off before anyone plans a welcoming party for December 10, Mike. I spoke with Chief Navarre off the air this morning, and there are some other possibilities in play here. I can't say any more at this exact moment, at the request of the Chief, but this NSM visit, even though it's been announced on their website, is NOT carved in stone.

historymike said...

Awww, too bad. I just baked a cake.

Bill White said...

The brick through the window was thrown by anti-racist activists. The target was a WTOL news producer that the communists who rioted think is going to testify against them for destroying a WTOL news vehicle. The swastika was meant to convey the statement that the target was a "Nazi".

historymike said...


The destroyed vehicle belonged to WTVG-13, not WTOL. Try to get your facts straight.

Also, what is your source for the claim that anti-racist activists bricked the house of a Toledoan?

Do said...

Mike, I seem to recall a Jeep being pretty messed up during the Oct. 15th episode, and have thought all along it was WTOL. If it was WTVG I stand corrected.

As for the return visit would have to wonder if there will be a 'party' on the steps of Government Center in a diversionary attempt that would allow the rest of the clowns to escape the circus.

Yes, Mike, the Neo-Nazis do officially disavow violence, but they have a track record that proves otherwise. After all, Hitler wasn't one of those men that give you a warm fuzzy feeling.

I think I shall watch the sales on film for the next couple weeks. This could be the stuff comic books are made of.

historymike said...

I took photos of the WTVG-13 vehicle smashed on Elm St.

If WTOL had damage to a vehicle, that is news to me.

Do said...

Mike - thanks for the clarification. I stand corrected and thank you.

I kept thinking WTOL because I so seldom even turn on WTVG. Being a creature of habit has its' drawbacks. :)

As for Mr. White - he's full of something - and it's NOT white.

Mark W Adams said...

Let's just hope that Chief Navarre learned some lessons on preparing for such events, and that the city has done a cost/benefit analysis and is willing to risk the law suits that will come from putting SEVERE limits on where and when, and how secure the site of the NSM event will be (if it occurs).

Let's also hope for a blizzard that day.

musicwriter said...

That October 15 fiasco cost the city $thousands and resulted in injured personnel. It seems ludicrous for a municipality in such sorry financial shape to anticipate another public disturbance that is instigated by the same group of rabble-rousers.