Nov 7, 2005

On City Council Candidates

Left: One Government Center, courtesy of city of Toledo website

As a journalist I have the obligation to maintain a level of fairness and objectivity in what I write. I am therefore going to avoid any direct endorsement of particular candidates on my blog.

I will, however, share with you some general thoughts on the field of at-large candidates, and summarize the "Candidates I Cannot Vote For."

Betty Schultz - Betty, like Bob McCloskey, is violating the spirit of the city charter in her run for an at-large seat. In addition, her likely status as a Noe conduit for laundering campaign cash makes her, in my opinion, a candidate who should not be elected to an at-large seat.

Bob McCloskey - Another candidate who is violating the spirit of 12-year limit for council members. Bob is also weighed down by campaign violations for his signage, and his cozy relationship wih billboard operator Brock Rimelin borders on the sleazy. Finally, let us not forget that Bob is the central figure in the $10 million lawsuit that the city of Toledo will be defending in February; many people have called his actions "extortion."

Karyn McConnell-Hancock - Her summertime attempt to use her position as a councilperson to get out of a parking ticket, while seemingly petty, nonetheless speaks volumes about her belief that she is above the law.


Anonymous said...

All three should get bounced out, but at least two are going to be elected.

Lisa Renee said...

Since I don't have any obligation to appear unbiased?

I can say I hope Dave Shulz makes it since he appears to be the one that earlier polls show has the only chance of being a new face on Toledo City Council.

I still can't believe the primaries ended up with McCloskey being the top vote getter and I hope that doesn't repeat. In reality the only one who appears to face a real threat is McConnell-Hancock. While I'd love to see both of them not get re-elected, one is better than none.

Hooda Thunkit said...

I haven't made any public statements about voting for the Council candidates, but I have commented about them, both here and elsewhere.

However, Bob Frantz may have convinced to vote for a Mayoral candidate by his on-air comments today.

I have publicly stated that I would never vote for either candidate, and I still intend to do just that, but Bob made a strong case for casting a vote for the lesser of the two weasels.

I'll admit it if I do cave in though.

historymike said...

You can still write in Opal...

liberal_dem said...

However, Bob Frantz may have convinced to vote for a Mayoral candidate by his on-air comments today.

Bob Frantz???? Hell, he's been running down Jack Ford for months now on-air and on his blog.

Just remember, Frantz is the same guy who promoted and cheered the Iraq War as well as the re-election of George Bush. He also praised those slimy 'Swift boaters' too.

He's 0-2 on those picks and his 'credibility' is about zero.