Nov 21, 2005

On The Costs Of White Supremacist Rallies

Left: Podcaster Hal Turner

(Toledo, OH) The Toledo Blade ran an article today that quoted city, county, and state officials on the costs associated with the October 15 NSM rally and subsequent violence. The paper arrived at a figure of $336,000, which does not include damages to private businesses and residences.

Officials in Kingston, NY - the site of a pro-white rally on Saturday - gave a preliminary estimate of $100,000 as the cost of maintaining the peace when Internet podcaster Hal Turner was joined by NSM, Aryan Nations, and other white supremacist groups.

The costs associated with providing protection to neo-Nazis and white supremacists do not go unnoticed by the racist right.

"We'll come back again and again until we bankrupt this city," Turner told onlookers Saturday. My sources on the ground said that Turner seemed giddy about the effect that his rally had on local finances.

"It was clear that he took a perverse delight in sticking the city of Kingston with these expenses," said one observer. "Turner has been bragging about it on his show and to any reporter who will stick a microphone in his face."

Cities such as Kingston and Toledo face difficult choices when it comes to the arrival of white power rallies. If a city were to eschew police protection for the hatemongers, they would leave themselves open for much costlier lawsuits should violence break out. At the same time, citizens of a given city would much rather see administrators spend limited resources on items like education and protection of local citizens.

Furthermore, the purported reason for gathering used by many white power activists these days revolves around protesting crime (specifically for them, black-on-white crime). Are these groups really helping cash-strapped cities use their resources wisely, or is this just a pretense to get more exposure for their racist ideology?

Addendum: I would like to close with a quote from Hal Turner from his Kingston speech; I think that this is telling of the mindset we are dealing with:

But we are at the end of our rope and hope that you correct these problems black america [sic]; because believe me, being at the end of a rope is not a nice place to be.


Anonymous said...

These haters enjoy putting the squeeze on a city. It's about the only power they have and they know it. Pathetic!

Anonymous said...

Hal Turner stands up for the common man and he is not a hater - you white guilters are the haters.

Anonymous said...

In theory the white supemacists might have a case for a lawsuit if the city refused to provide them protection, however I can't imagine any jury in Toledo actually siding with them.
Also, if the city didn't promise them protection, they would never come here.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1:

These groups are aware of their impact, but I think the ideology is still paramount to them.

For Turner, though, it may indeed be about his own self-aggrandizement.

historymike said...

Anonymous #2:

I consider myself a "common man," and Hal Turner certainly does not speak for me.

As for being a "while guilter," I do not walk around with any guilt about race issues. I just feel that phrases like "all men are created equal" applies to all people, not just white ones.

historymike said...

Anonymous #3:

Agreed on both counts. These groups are smart, and know how to play the game.

The truly violent (and most dangerous) white supremacists do not waste time with rallies and marches.

They form underground cells and carry out violent acts quietly. These groups scorn the "Hollywood Nazis" like NSM.

Lisa Renee said...

Wow, this thread could end up having the record for the most anonymous posters.


I read the Blade article this morning too, another reason why people should just stay home on Decmember 10th. Fiscal common sense as well as just plain common sense.

historymike said...

Anonymous #4 (commenting to Anonymous #1) was me - I clicked the wrong circle.

Yes, I hope that the city stays away on December 10. Just give the racists their hour or two of free speech and let them slither back home.

The funny thing, Lisa? These guys claim "victory" no matter what. Bill White tried to spin Kingston as a victory because there were only 60-65 at the "Anti-Racist Rally."

Ummm... Bill? It was a white power rally. Remember? Hal Turner called it?


It's a "victory" for them if a huge crowd chases them out of Toledo and riots, and a "victory" in Kingston when only 100 diehard anti-racist activists show up.

Can't have it both ways, guys.

At both rallies, the racist right managed only a few dozen supporters; let's see how many show up in Toledo on December 10.

They have set themselves up because they are pulling out all the stops; NSM will look pretty silly if they can only scrounge up 3 dozen neo-Nazis with 5-6 weeks' notice and a full-court press by White to mend fences with other white supremacists.

(sorry about the basketball analogy, pro-Whities, but I couldn't resist)

liberal_dem said... I have said before, if they do not have a permit to gather, then they will not be afforded police protection.

Without a permit, the police need not 'respond'to the beatings of the NSM until AFTER the incident occurs.

Ah, the legality of it all.

Lisa Renee said...

Eh, if not that many show up again Bill White will again claim that somehow all of these NSM members were there but were prevented by the police from participating.

Either way he'll spin it. He is trying very hard to mend fences with even Alex, who doesn't appear to be buying it.


Hooda Thunkit said...

Hal is just so (sarcasm alert) eloquent!

And, his way with words just brings a certain warmth to his message.

I say we go all out next time Turner, White, or their ilk come visiting we go all out and provide him/them with the most seasoned police offer we can provide (kinda like our local version of a 1-bullet Barney).

Any more security they might deem prudent would be, of course, at their own expense.

They could put the cost on their American Express "White" card...

liberal dem,

Stop making so much sense, damnit ;-)

Anonymous said...

Since when is there a price tag on the First Amendment? If the blacks would behave themselves, Hal Turner wouldn't have showed up. The problem is that we white men forgot how to be men and are forgetting how to be white, so blacks take courage and start jamming and scamming us. We passed a Civil Rights Act in 1964 - yet blacks showed their gratitude by spending the next 40 years burning down our cities. Yet now they want reparations. Wake up, white America, they'll be no end to these demands until, in the words of Che Guevara, there are two, three, many Kingstons. You can bury your head in the sand of "diversity", or you can wake up and see reality.