Nov 17, 2005

On Poor Designs And Creative Solutions


My Compaq Presario laptop is a little over one year old. A few months ago one of my kids tripped over the AC cord and twisted the connection into which the cord is inserted in the back of the machine.

The problem with this scenario is the connection is soldered directly into the motherboard. Prognosis: everyone says that my only option is to ship the machine back to Compaq and pay for a new motherboard. Great racket for Compaq; you either shell out big bucks for repairs or bigger bucks for a new laptop.

The word "mother" came to mind, but not in association with the word "board."

I have yet to find anyone in town who will do what I request, which is to find some way to rig this device. I found an online discussion that looks promising; the photo on the left is the solution that a clever techie suggested.

Any suggestions, comments, or alternate ideas are very welcome. I would like to get at least another year out of this laptop, and I am not afraid to tear this "mother" down and try this Frankenstein-esque modification.


Lisa Renee said...

Ouch...I had a similar experince but my laptop was stepped on. One of the girls put it where it didn't belong, stepped on it and totally ruined the screen. Thankfully it works still by using another monitor but it's not technically a "laptop" anymore.

Did you try the newer pc repair place on Reynolds where Jesse James used to be? I don't think they are in the phone book yet their sign says they do inhouse repairs.

Anonymous said...

I used to work on video games and found that suader (sp?) guns and mother boards aren't as intimidating as they seem. You can go to radio shack and pick up a sauder gun and suader for $10 and at least give it a try.

Stone computers at Westgate is reasonalble too.

Good luck.

(I keep forgetting my password)

Hooda Thunkit said...


Order a new jack from Compaq and let me know when you get it.

I used to do similar replacements on portable stereos in a past life ;-)

I have the soldering equipment, just need the right part.