Nov 10, 2005

Return Of The Brownshirts

Left: Mulberry and Central filled with teargas on October 15; photo by historymike

NSM's über-spokesman Bill White is sticking by his announcement that the white supremacist group will be returning to Toledo on December 10, despite attempts by the city of Toledo to prevent another rally.

The failed October 15 rally will be NSM's focus, and they plan to protest the manner in which police "double-crossed" NSM.

White took issue today on his website with the apology letter sent by the mayor of Roanoke to Toledo mayor Jack Ford.

"One Jewish councilman and his pack of resentful nigger hecklers were responsible for the letter," he wrote. "Don't let the racial aspect of these Jewish and black hatemongers escape you."

Local anti-racist groups are organizing counter-protests in anticipation of another NSM visit. A source within the anti-Nazi coalition informed me today that "the ARA is planning something very unusual, not typical to other anti-fascist actions" for the event. He declined to offer specifics, citing coalition concern for leaking out details of their plans.

Left: Anti-nazi protesters outside Jim and Lou's Bar on October 15; photo by historymike

There are a lot of scenarios that may come from this announcement, not the least of which would be a concerted legal effort on the part of the city to restrict or bar NSM from returning to Toledo. The attitude of many in the administration and TPD seems to be one of confidence in a protracted legal battle; will NSM find an expensive series of court cases worth the trouble, or will the group find other cities to be less problematic?

If NSM does return, expect that the location will be heavily staffed. I have heard from a reliable source that TPD intends to "double" the police presence at any future visit, and that undercover operatives will be more vigorously identifying signs of trouble in any crowd of protesters. I would also expect that TPD will issue very explicit limitations on NSM's messages, so that they will not be able to incite another riot through racial epithets, threats, and taunts to the protesters.

Finally, take everything that Mr. White says with a grain of salt. I am far from an expert on this individual, having only become acquainted with him when he announced his first visit last month. That being said, White is a highly intelligent person who is skilled at manipulating the press. Do not be surprised if the December 10 date changes; it is clear from his writing that he enjoys the power associated with keeping an entire city guessing at his next moves.


Anonymous said...

I wish that this idiot would find better things to do. No one wants him here, and all he is going to do is get a bunch of media attention for himself.

It's all about Bill, not his so-called movement. He is a self-absorbed narcissist who lives for one purpose - his own self-inflation.

He must be a very lonely person.

liberal_dem said...

...what if the police failed to show up?

historymike said...

The police have no choice, liberal dem. They would be held liable for any injuries or damage that resulted from not showing up at an event that they knew had the potential for danger.

There is a sort of vigilante logic to your solution of the problem, though. How likely would the Nazis be to show up and preach their messages of genocide and forced removal of minortities if they could not hide behind a phalanx of Toledo police?

Anonymous said...

They should just lock the NSM people up and keep doing it until they go away.

This sounds reactionary but they are a public menace, not a political party.

Lisa Renee said...

Why can't the anti-nazi groups stop making these things worse? All they do with their response is make more media attention for Bill and the boys. You'd think that would be obvious from the last time. The proper response to something like this is Nothing...that then gives the NSM or any group like it no reason to come back.

Hooda Thunkit said...

The only thing that would work is if the spectators didn't show up.

But, that ain't never gonnna happen.

I can can dream though, can't I?

Just picture it, 20-30 paunchy Nazis with hangovers and bad breath and ole one bullet Barney ordering them around...


historymike said...

The anti-Nazi groups view the neo-Nazis and white supremacists as more than just extreme idiots, Lisa.

They view the neo-Nazis as tools of the state, both to harass minorities as well as to subdue workers. They fear that the rise of neo-Nazi groups (as well as quasi-fascist groups like the Minutemen) represents a disturbing direction in American politics.

From a historical perspective, it could be argued that groups like the NSM are akin to the rise of Hitler's SA, in the fact that both could be described as extra-legal vigilante forces of repression.

(Note: I am describing how these groups are viewed by the left, not expressing my own views).

As far as spectators, the weather will be the city's best friend. Cold, snow, or rain will diminish the crowd size. October 15 was sunny and 70, perfect for protesting.

If we are lucky, NSM will get their little rally, proclaim it to be a great victory, and move on to another unfortunate city. I get the sense that they feel that they were denied their rights by having to flee on October 15 when the crowd grew too large for the police to control.

Also, any alternative rallies need to be held farther away. People literally walked (or ran) from the Zablocki Center to Mulberry and Central, less than one mile away.

Lisa Renee said...

I get the sense that they know they can get alot of publicity from Toledo, as well as having gotten some flack from other White Nationalist groups about the way they left Toledo.

Hopefully this time with it being more controlled it will be a smaller event and I hope the weather cooperates in making that happen.


liberal_dem said...

The police have no choice, liberal dem...

The police can only be liable if the NSM get a permit to demonstrate. If they don't get the permit, the police do not have any obligation to be there. They can be called if a disturbance breaks out subsequently.

Did the NSM obtain a permit for the October demonstration?

NewsGuy said...

best thing to do is ignore them, do not write about them, do do counter protest them, that is what they want............publicity

Do said...

I happen to like Bob Barker's response : "Come on down!"

Wonder what prizes we could have them play for.....hmmmmmmmm

How pizza for the group - in Chicago. Or one way plane tickets to....Siberia. Or perhaps a 'honeymoon' trip to Jamaica! That's it! Jamaica!

liberal_dem said...

Newspaper headlines:

NEO-NAZIS BEATEN TO DEATH DURING TOLEDO RALLY. Police show up too late to help.