Nov 11, 2005

Toledoan Victimized By Vandals, NSM Web Article

Photoshopped brick by historymike - not the actual projectile

(Toledo, OH) WTVG-13 originally broke the story of Charley Linden, a Toledoan whose home was burglarized and vandalized by unknown persons; the perpetrators left a calling card in the form of a swastika-laden brick through his window. WTVG also has a update on their website today.

Bill White, a spokesman for the National Socialist Movement (NSM), recently made the unsubstantiated - and irresponsible - claim that anti-racist activists were responsible for vandalism at his house. White created a scenario on his blog in which "Jewish and black communists attacked a news vehicle from WTOL," and the brick is supposedly a means to terrorize WTOL employees from testifying against anti-racist activists.

The trouble with this theory is that the news vehicle in question belonged to WTVG-13, not WTOL-11. I spoke last night with Linden, and he categorically denied any link to the riot, NSM, or any news organization.

"I am a graphic deigner," he said. "I do not, nor have I ever, worked for a news organization."

Linden suspects that the attack and burgalry may have something to do with his status as a landlord.

"I have an African American tenant, and perhaps someone thinks that we live together," he said, adding that his two-family home looks more like a single residence. "Other than that, I have no clue why someone would do this."

Linden was frustrated with the pace and results of the police investigation.

"TPD was out here for about six minutes," he said. "I would think that something this disturbing would be a higher priority."

Linden was especially distraught that NSM and Bill White would fabricate a story about him to further their political agenda.

Left: NSM's Bill White

"I had never even heard of Bill White or the NSM until now," he said (historymike informed Linden of the NSM "news" story in which Linden was described as a "'Nazi' News Producer"). "Why is this person dragging me into his political activity?"

White is now entering spin mode, and, despite my emailed request for him to do the right thing and print a retraction, he is attacking WTVG and an employee named Tony Geftos.

White describes Geftos as an "Illiterate ABC News Moron," and that a Google search would prove that there is a WTOL producer by the name of Charley Linden.

Unfortunately, Mr. White, Linden's site clearly references another individual who is a WTOL producer. I suggest that you actually read the information; there is no place on the site in which Linden is mentioned as a WTOL producer.

Linden added: "Why would I tell my story to WTVG, a competitor, if I worked at WTOL? This Bill White needs to have his head examined."

Addendum: Mr White emailed me the following response to my suggestion that he issue a retraction.

"I think the ABC news story is riddled with errors," he wrote. "Anti-racists threw a brick through the guy's window because they thought he was a Charley Linden who is, or is listed on the internet as, a producer for WTOL."


Anonymous said...

White is a sick puppy.

historymike said...

I do not personally think White is a "sick puppy," anonymous, but he does play fast and loose with the facts.

Lisa Renee said...

Bill must be using a different google than the rest of us. I'm glad you got that out in the open though anyone who followed this story (especially here) realized it was never a WTOL truck and the whole working for WTOL didn't make any sense. But expecting Bill to retract something? Never happen, he seems to always blame it on someone else.

Anonymous said...

White is a pompous ass who uses people and spits them out.

Hooda Thunkit said...

Mr. White's tenuous grasp on reality is slipping badly.

Maybe the Toledo Police can put women officers in the front lines to protect the nazis next time, suitably attired in skirts for Bill and his buds to hide behind,

Anonymous said...

Congrats Mike on another great article. Personally, I think Bill White is losing his edge on this spin doctoring that he likes to do. I agree that he plays fast and loose with the facts - but these days, he seems to think he can get away with anything. He can't.


liberal_dem said...

Mike-- I suspect that the brick fell out of White's head.

Do said...

OK - I, too, Googled the Charley Linden title. I came up with nada in relation to WTOL.

At this point in time I would venture to say that Mr. White is close to a meltdown. My concern is the 'ripple effect' his meltdown is going to have.

Seriously ---- Bill White is a paranoid schizo with episodes of psychosis. He is prone to delusional thoughts, outright lies and twisting the truth to justify his own agenda. What chemical imbalance caused this? Who knows. One thing to be sure of is that he is just unstable enough to be considered a danger to himself and others. His personality is like a collage - full of small pieces of incomplete thoughts. He exhibits REM in face to face contact (seen in televised interviews), avoids direct answers, is argumentative and abrasive. Ten minutes later he is well versed, eloquent and patient. This, my friends, is the makeup of a person with a seriously flawed personna.

If it were me I would not sit in the same room with this man if I was not armed.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Do says "If it were me I would not sit in the same room with this man if I was not armed."

Now, you have captured the true essence of a Bill White. That REM is a dead give away.

Since Mike revealed his lies on this issue - notice how he is desperately trying to cover up. Of course, he is still insisting that a google search proves him to be right.

"This, my friends, is the makeup of a person with a seriously flawed personna."


liberal_dem said...

do- so the 'brick falling from his head' sorta backs up your diagnosis?

Do said...

Yes - the brick falling from his head has definitely left him 'one brick shy of a load.'

While there is humor in his moronic outbursts, there is also a deeper element that is not stable enough to be taken lightly. He's one of those guys that would claim that the dog told him to do all those bad things.

Nikki said...

Do - I agree. There is an underlying instability that should scare the hell out of all of us. We can laugh at some of the craziness, but we should also remember that the psychosis which accompanies this sort of thing is never pretty and is always volatile.

Do said...

Nikki - I think you and I are on the same page.

I have seen, first hand, the psychotic outbursts accompanied by the manipulative language (not from Mr. White though). I am also very suspect of someone who always speaks of himself in the third person. This is a detached thought process that does not lend itself to rational thinking.

This man is definitely a powder keg and the length of the fuse will vary depending on day and circumstance. The disjointed affect in his recent posts tell me that he is shortly headed for a downward spiral. I'm just afraid that that will somehow transmit itself to whatever faction is housed in Toledo.

We must remember that those that reside here are not leaders. They are followers of a very sick, volatile, twisted, manipulative, and explosive personality. They will do as they are told by Herr White. In all his insanity he does hold that charismatic power over those that need to be led.

Nikki said...

Agreed. That "disjointed affect" that you have mentioned has (historically) signaled that a downward spiral is on the way.

Also...he really doesn't like getting caught dead-bang in his lies as he just was. That whole thing with ABC, while funny, is also ominous. He just doesn't seem to be able to get out of that corner he trapped himself in.

liberal_dem said...

Perhaps Mr. White is the author of this quote:

"At 8 years old I went down a hill on a bike without brakes and smashed my head into a brick wall at about 40 MPH."

...could explain quite a lot

Dariush said...

"He exhibits REM in face to face contact"

Speaking of Google, I actually had to look this up -- thinking, at first, that it was some obscure psych jargon that I wasn't privy to.

"Rapid Eye Movement"

Learn summin' new every day.

And I only had to wade through one page of Shiny Happy People, Losing My Religion fansites and what have you.

Dariush said...

Now that I think about it, isn't it supposed to be the other way around?

I'd always heard that a lack of eye movement and a lack of blinking was a strong indication of psychosis.

liberal_dem said...

I'd always heard that a lack of eye movement and a lack of blinking was a strong indication of psychosis.

...and a total lack of eye movement means one of two things:

1. you are dead or
2. you are a zombie who voted for Bush

Anonymous said...

Mike, ask Mr. White about Alex Linder, Mark Moran, and the National Alliance, the next time you see him.

There's a reason why White's with the NSM.

Do said...

I'd always heard that a lack of eye movement and a lack of blinking was a strong indication of psychosis.

dariush - REM is reasonably indicative of a psychotic personality in that the actor can't control the movement and is afraid that if he meets the gaze of an interviewer/interrogator that he will belie his own statements. The whole process involves multiple levels of panic, paranoia, manipulation, and thinly veiled control.

Remember - the windows are the eyes to the soul...and I'm not sure Bill White has a soul.

Do said...

I think that Alex Linder, Vanguard News Network owner -, and Bill White - a psueo-Nazi leader and Fuhrer player,, know each other. They lie and deceive a lot. Their jobs are to create many, many Jew-style problems by engineering racial-attacks, racial insults, and conflicts.

Alex Linder and Bill White are nothing high criminal men whose jobs are to tear the U.S. society apart for Zionism and Israel. Bill White is probably a Jew. caught Bill White's filthy action. It identified Bill White as Bill Weiss. Check: "Bill White aka Bill Weiss"

I suspect that Alex Linder, Bill Weiss (psueo-White), Jew-controlled mass media, Jew-influenced NAACP, and other accomplices probably collaborated together to screw up something for Zionism. Alex and Bill can be Zionistic agents. They are no longer perceived as innocent, one-sided, and one-way racists. Now they are criminals. So, everything was all set-up beforehand, wasn't it?


A little Googling can be so much fun...

historymike said...

It is difficult to get solid information on the Web about white supremacists due to the fact that they spend so much time slagging each other.

All of these sites spend a significant amount of time engaging in character assassination of other supremacists.

White, for the record, categorically denies any Jewish heritage
in this missive.

Dariush said...

Honestly, if you spend even a little bit of time trolling the forums and messageboards of these characters it becomes obvious that they spend 90% of their time attacking and tearing down each other.

Everybody accuses everybody else of being:

-- a Jew
-- a "queer"
-- a pedophile
-- an informant
-- a "race mixer"
-- a fraud, con man or rip off artist

None of them trust one another or have any faith in each other. It's more like high comedy than any sort of seditious plot.

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