Dec 14, 2005

1300 Writers

NSM's Bill White, who lied in court under oath (Toledo, OH) It is interesting to note that there was a noticeable work stoppage among the 1300 writers utilized by from 8:01 PM on Thursday, December 8 until 11:01 AM on Sunday, December 11.

Bill White, spokesman for the National Socialist Movement (NSM), testified in Lucas County Common Pleas Court on Friday that his website features the work of "1300 writers," and he thus could not verify the authorship of an October 4 article on Overthrow entitled: "NSM To March Against Nigger Gang Crime In Toledo?"

Perhaps the 1300 writers were taking some collective bargaining action. The work environment at the Overthrow world headquarters might be such that a work stoppage was called to protest pay or conditions.

Or maybe the 1300 writers were among the multitudes of NSM supporters White claims were denied entry into the Toledo rally by police on Saturday December 10.

Whatever the case, approximately 63 hours passed between posts on Overthrow, which may be close to a record for the normally busy site, which has averaged about 7 posts a day since 2002.

It appears, though, that the 1300 writers have reached some accord with Overthrow. Since Bill White returned to Roanoke, VA there have been 15 posts; his return must have been just the medicine the 1300 writers needed to get the creative juices flowing once again.


liberal_dem said...

Why is it so surprising, knowing that Mr.White suffers from megalomania?

I wonder if the NSM offers its members medical coverage which includes psychiatric care?


Hooda Thunkit said...


1,300 "writers" at,
64 hours without a post,

Zero credibility...



You sir, are a master of understatement ;-)

Arnold said...

Great post :)

IsisDC said...

And look, he has another 1300 other writers like yourself, all over the internet, as his own personal PR team!

A person can't buy publicity this good!

historymike said...


It's a difficult situation. If left unchecked, White's lies become repeated, and thus run the risk of becoming "truth."

But by covering what he writes, one runs the risk of feeding the megalomania.

Tex said...

I would rather have 1300 people exposing his lies than one person breaking bread with him

IsisDC said...

Tex- I would rather be the journalist who can sit down face to face with their subject than feed into a recycled rumour mill.

Sorry, I was under the impression that it was about getting to the truth and the facts, not just pandering to public opinion.

historymike said...

We'll have to agre to disagree, Isis.

I see nothing to be gained by interviewing White. I have heard him on other media outlets, and all he does is broadcast his ideology.

You should interview him; you can write, you know how to get in touch with him, and you can get out the side that the rest of us in the mainstream media miss when we "pander to public opinion."

IsisDC said...

Well, actually, I do plan on doing that, if Bill White is agreeable to it.

Over a dinner with his group was not the place to do that, but I did get a good inside look at the people who are involved with the NSM.

Now, I admit it was not easy to find common agreement on quite a few issues, but they were still people.

historymike said...

I wish you good luck with that.

Mr. Schwartz said...


I've been following Bill White for years. This is a bad move. He'll lie through his face, then he'll fall in love with you on the website, and then the moment he gets mad at you, he'll file lawsuit after lawsuit against you in Virginia and libel you on the web. He's even committed violence against women. He's filed over 100 lawsuits in the last year alone.

He's got a record of violence against women including Erica Hardwick and Jennifer Adams in Missouri.

One person to interview about Bill White is Luke Kuhn who lives in Washington, DC. He was Bill White's very close and openly gay friend from 1996 to 2000. He'll gladly interview with you and you'll learn a whole lot about the real Bill White.

I don't recommend this interview but if you must do, please take precautions to protect your safety and identity. Bring your boyfriend.


IsisDC said...


Thank you for concern.

I think I will be able to handle things just fine with Bill.

There is no way Bill will fall for me.

I am not Aryan looking or even that attractive, I am 13 yrs older than he is, and we probably disagree on more than we agree on.

We have more of a mutual respect.

He lets me take pictures of him and his gang and I will let them use them for their sites.

He and I have had interesting conversations, and it really isn't any more exciting than that!

I know Luke very well.

I have some very gorgeous pictures of him actually.

Maybe after I get through posting this past Toledo gig on my blog, I will bore you all with my stock DC activist photos.

IsisDC said...

*Correction* I think I am actually 15 yrs older than Bill.

So I could be his "mom" if I got knocked up as a teen.

I don't see him as really digging the old "mongrel" broad.

Lisa Renee said...

Unless there is another Isis out there, he started this back almost two weeks ago...I read it then didn't think it was worth pointing out and then read this went back and it's still there on Bill's site.

Commentary -- I'm going to add an additional note here to the Republican Party advisor who dates the photographer "Isis", simply because I enjoy seeing people in power get upset.
Your girlfriend of four years cheats on you and makes open and unwanted advances to other men, telling them how boring and terrible to her you are. In fact, she has spent the past two weeks trying to persuade me that she could get away from the Republican Party gathering you're having in Hot Springs, Virginia this weekend to meet me for illicit purposes -- something I have been steadily refusing for reasons that are obvious to anyone who knows me.

In fact, the girl's unwanted sexual advances to myself and other NSM members reached the point where we have asked that her press passes not be recognized by the police, and that she be kept separate from us, because we, and I in particular, are concerned about her stalking behavior.

So, in addition to the fact that you know she leaks information on powerful people like a sieve, chew on that for a while.

IsisDC said...

Lisa R- Yeah, well, Bill and I had a long talk about those posts, and he has apologized, and I have excepted.

So, let us all "move on", shall we? Hmmm?

And, besides, I don't see how any of that mess portrays any kind of "crush".

There was some misunderstanding, things were worked out.

I am over it, and I ask that the rest of everyone just let it be.

BrianMaxson said...


Bill White said...

I don't think I've apologized. :->

When I apologize, I take things down off the site.

Bill White said...

As to "Schwartz", as he knows, about everything he says that someone repeats becomes the basis of a libel suit. ;-D

historymike said...

Actually, Bill, the "1300 writers" is from your own testimony in Lucas County Common Pleas Court on Friday, December 9.

As you know, I was about six feet away from you when you told Adam Louxk, city attorney, that Overthrow utilizes 1300 writers when he asked you about your article entitled: "NSM To March To March Against Nigger Gang Crime In Toledo" (LSN aritcle #8486), and that you could not possibly know who wrote the article.

This is not "libel," it is your own words, sir. I merely wondered why your 1300 writers were so silent from Thursday night until Sunday morning, and speculated as to possible causes.

Is there another answer that I did not think of for the reason why your 1300 writers were so reticent during the period of time you were en route to, occupied in, or leaving Toledo, OH?

Lisa Renee said...

I didn't know if you saw it Isis, which is why I posted it.

Typically when someone writes something like that if they didn't really mean it they either update it or remove it.

Nor does it appear, if that is really Bill he's stating he apologized....

But? To each his own, all I was trying to do was make sure you were aware of it. You are so? Best wishes....

willow said...

Mike, you will never hear any comment from Bill about the 1300 writers. Trust me, I would love to be proven wrong.

Isis- If Bill White won't take things off of his website that he KNOWS are lies what makes you think he would take down anything?

Cross your fingers folks, his website might not be around very much longer. And no Bill does not mean it will be done illegally so don't go there, that's your ilks style not mine. (and that is just my opinion so no liable there!)

Bill White said...

As I mentioned elsewhere, Tony Willow and Nicole Nichols have been predicting the imminent "legal" destruction of my website pretty steadily for the past four years.

Don't hold your breaths.

willow said...

Yet still no comment on the 1300. Go figure.