Dec 20, 2005

18 Below Zero Wind Chill

Left: 8:00 AM temperature map, courtesy of

(Toledo, OH) I normally like winter. I like the feeling of cold air on my face in the morning as an invigorating start to the day.

To a point.

I woke up this morning feeling like a hibernating bear; my joints creaked, and for a moment I think I saw my breath hanging in the air above my head like a frozen mist.

In my house.

Toledo is collectively shivering through its coldest day of the year at the moment, as temperatures dipped to 7, 8, or 9 degrees last night (depending on which forecaster you heard). Artic winds drove the wind chill down to 18 below zero last night.

This is beyond "bone-chilling" weather; it is the kind of cold that makes people want to put on three layers of clothing and entomb themselves in a thermal sleeping bag until it passes.

Of course, my 17-year old son with bronchitis decided to go out with friends last night.

Wearing only a hooded sweatshirt. Best line: "Mom, what does it mean when your chest hurts when you cough?"

(historymike bit his tongue and DID NOT say: "It means you are a blithering idiot, son.")

If only there was some way to merge the energy of youth with the wisdom gained in one's thirties.


Lisa Renee said...

Yeppers it was pretty darn cold when the car broke down last night.

Thankfully it was somewhat close so Miguel didn't have to walk that far. (Though to him the walk seemed far given how cold it was)

Erin never wears her winter coat..then she wonders why she gets sick or is "freezing". Megan's the same way. I personally think common sense leaves the brain from age 13 to 20...


valbee said...

And just think, people... it's technically not even winter yet.


historymike said...

Agreed, Lisa. Common sense is decidedly uncommon in the teen years.

Valbee- what will we be seeing in January????

liberal_dem said...

I've thought for some time now that the winters which we face [and through which we survive] are great brain stimulators.

Folks living in Florida, for example, surely cannot be as clever as we Ohioans, as they have no cold-weather survival skills. It takes real thinking, planning, and execution of the plan to survive the snow, winds, and bitter temperatures.

Probably another reason why the South lost the war.

historymike said...


Of course, Southerners make the argument that the winter chill slows down the brains of Northerners...

Hooda Thunkit said...


"Of course, Southerners make the argument that the winter chill slows down the brains of Northerners..."

I just bit my fingers before entering into the instinctive North-South bashing; but, I REALLY wanted to ;-)