Dec 20, 2005

Bill White: A Study In Narcissism And Delusion

Left: Bill White, before the aborted October 15 rally in Toledo; photo by historymike

(Toledo, OH) A few weeks ago Bill White of the National Socialist Movement (NSM) wrote several scathing articles about DC photographer Isis, with whom I have had the pleasure of working in the past. White made some bizarre claims about Isis making "unwanted sexual advances to myself and other NSM members," and claimed that she was "stalking" them.

At the time I just assumed this was just Bill's sinister attack mode, and that he was merely engaging in disinformation to disparage a journalist.

Today, however, the misogynistic mind of Mr. White went after Nicole Nichols, who runs the Citizens Against Hate website. His latest missive is entitled "Nicole Nichols Is In Love With Me."

I will save readers the trouble of reading White's delusional rants by summarizing the article: a) Bill believes that Nicole engages in sexual fantasies about him; b) Bill believes that Nicole is substituting him for her ex-husband; and c) Bill believes that white supremacists who disagree with him are effeminate.

I have had conversations with both women, Bill. Let me pass along something to you: in general both of them find you disturbed, repulsive, and filled with anger, although they acknowledge your high intelligence. Any thoughts you have that Isis or Nicole wish to be romantically or sexually involved with you exist only in your head.

Of course, the worst position to be in is to be an ex-girlfriend of White's; Erica Hardwick found herself repeatedly attacked after she and White broke up (formerly Erica Hoesch, she later joined the anti-racist movement). Most of White's invectives against Hardwick are not worthy of reprinting here due to their pornographic and libelous nature, so I will not provide a link. White's site does, however, have a search engine for those who insist on reading his warped hallucinations.

In short, Bill White has some serious interpersonal issues with women. I hesitated writing this because I do not wish to feed into the megalomania that is the psyche of White, but I decided that White's gynophobic spasms against two people I know to be decent, hardworking women warranted an editorial response.

Unfortunately, White will continue this behavior regardless of what this writer thinks, but I cannot sit idly by and watch these vicious diatribes go without a response from a detached observer.


liberal_dem said...

Mike- if you know the guy is a mental case, and no one doubts that fact at all, shouldn't you offer him psychiatric help rather than scorn?

Perhaps we could get a fund-raiser going to pay for his stay in a mental institution.

How about a New Year's Eve costume party with a 'Nazi' theme? We all could come dressed up in our funniest Nazi costume and prizes could be given to the most hilarious costume. Another prize for the funniest Bill White imitation. Sounds like a real good time!

Proceeds to the Bill White Mental Institution Fund.

historymike said...

Good thought, liberal dem.

How callous and unsympathetic I have been to the plight of the mentally ill; must be a sign of latent cold-hearted Republican tendencies in me.

Shame on me, especially during the holiday season!

Do said...

You both are hilarious! :)

Personally I think that Bill takes off on these tirades because the women shut him down constantly. From a distance he could appear physically attractive. But up close, looking in those psychotic pig-eyes of his, makes ones' blood run cold.

He could be the only guy present at a KKK Ladies Auxiliary meeting and when all was said and done he'd still go home alone and shake his own hand! (Crass, I know, but couldn't help myself!)

A loser is a loser is a loser...

IsisDC said...

My photos of Bill are prettier than that one.


Lisa Renee said...

I confess...I am not in love with Bill White, I have a thing for hispanics. Especially Puerto Ricans.


Matt Drudge, Jr. said...

Lisa, you think Bill is Hispanic? Don't let him know he'll have a stroke ;)

You have to admit though, darling Nikki is one egg short of a dozen... and god forbid if that toni from Kingston forgets her meds... :shudder:

Lisa Renee said...

lmao - it again... I confess I am NOT....

I'm sure Bill is not hispanic or puerto rican.


Bill White said...


Why don't you just admit you have a crush on Isis and are angry she has turned you down?


historymike said...


Bill, Bill, Bill...

Let's see - would a "crush" be more likely to come from the person who has posted articles about Isis making supposed sexual advances toward him (Bill White), or the person who merely acknowledges her as a good journalist (Michael Brooks)?

Besides, if I were going to begin a relationship, I would probably choose someone who did not live 800 miles away from me.

I have no interest in a romantic relationship with Isis, Paris Hilton, Kate Winslet, or anyone else for that matter. I enjoy the relationship that I have been in for over 20 years.

Thanks for your concrn, though.

IsisDC said...

Anyone who would have a crush on "me" would have to be blind and a fool.


I think you guys are just angry at the fact that Isis takes flattering pictures of NSM personalities.

I have to give Isis credit: She is a damn good photographer.

historymike said...

I have consistently praised Isis as an excellent photographer, and I will continue to do so.

I have no beef with Isis, so quit trying to stir one up, Vonbluvens.

Bill White said...

You do have a beef with Isis, Mike.

Last time you talked to her you cursed her out for having dinner with us. :->

And you've cursed her out since then on the blogs.

Don't pretend. You're a jealous wanna be lover -- almost like the 40-year old virgin. :->

historymike said...

Uh, Bill? I don't have a beef with Isis.

I have not spoken with Isis since she left Toledo. I have never "cursed her out" for having dinner with you.

You are either misinformed or delusional.

She makes her own decisions about who she associates with.

And show me where I have "cursed her out" on blogs. Show me even one occasion where I have "cursed her out."

You know what, Bill? You won't find one, so good luck.

Finally, stop projecting your own romantic fantasies about Isis onto me. You really are a strange person.

Hooda Thunkit said...

isisdc said:
"My photos of Bill are prettier than that one."

Isis is right, Bill is a pretty boy.

Pretty enough to deserve the full time attentions of a "Prison Bubba," doncha think?

Pretty Boy (bitch) Bill and his soulmate Bubba "The Rectal Destructor," from San Quenton or some other equally suitable hell hole...


A Very Merry Christmas Bill, and pleasant (albiet delusional) dreams.