Dec 8, 2005

The Brilliant Mr. White - An Editorial


Left: Bill White on October 15; photo by historymike

(Toledo, OH) Brilliant people have the adroitness to excel at almost anything they attempt. Their intellectual abilities are such that mastery of a given skill comes easily to them, and they can effortlessly carry on dialogue with experts in a wide range of fields.

Brilliant people, however, have a flaw that can sometimes be deadly. They get used to their near-universal intellectual prowess, and even humble geniuses are told by awed acquaintances that they are heads and shoulders above everyone around. Brilliant people, thus, begin to think that they can eschew the knowledge of experts in a particular field.

Bill White is a brilliant man.

I say this after watching, listening, and reading the thoughts of White for the past two months, and I say it without qualification. The man clearly operates on an intellectual level far above most human beings.

Bill White is also arrogant. He made what I believe to be the rash decision of an overconfident genius: he decided to represent himself in the National Socialist Movement's legal battle with the City of Toledo.

The lawyers in my modest readership see where this is going. White has obviously been party in quite a few legal actions, and knows how the system works. He knows a lot of legal jargon, knows where and how to file motions, and likely has represented himself in a few previous court cases.

White, however, has prepared and filed legal documents that Toledo's attorneys will have no difficulty dismantling. He stands no chance in court unless he wises up and hires a competent attorney.

I said "competent," not "brilliant."

Perhaps Mr. White panicked when he started receiving these documents and decided to represent himself. Maybe he does not trust a local attorney to represent him.

Whatever the case, White's brilliance will be his undoing, at least as in relation to the court case between the NSM and the City of Toledo.

Oh, and by the way, Bill: it's in propria persona ("in one's own person"), not in propera persona. Amateurish mistakes like this in his filings jump out even to a legal neophyte like me.


willow said...

Mike, I'm working on a piece right now regarding his "filings". I'm not an attorney either but have covered many a case and have read thousands of court documents. I'm laughing my ass off right about now.

historymike said...

Some of the statements are almost comical, were it not for the fact that this is serious business, Tony.

He tries to argue that the suit should be dismissed because Mayor Jack Ford, a plaintiff, lost the election and is therefore not a legitimate party to the suit.

Ford, of course, remains mayor until January 3, 2006.

He tries to argue that, despite being a "Managing Member" of the NSM, he has no knowledge of NSM activities.


He also goes throught the first three motions without citing a single legal precedent, save a few vague references to the Bill of Rights.

I have not practiced law or studied it. I have, however, been party to quite a few proceedings, and I am able to understand any legal document I come across (I do work with legal documents as a historian).

However, I know this much: even attorneys, as a rule, do not represent themselves.

Bill may be brilliant, but he sure lacks wisdom.

Do said...

I, too, thought it kind of comical that White kept referring to Joe Walter, Chief Navarre, and Jack Ford in the past tense. Just like they weren't part of the chain of administration. He obviously thinks he can dupe his way out of this one.

Perhaps he will wise up and realize that the new Mayor doesn't come on board officially till Jan.3, and that until such time Ford is still 'the man'.

You know the old saying - the man that represents himself (as an atty) has a fool for a client.

Mike, you note brilliance vs wisdom - they most certainly are not the same. Not even close. History, as I'm sure you know, is full of absolutely BRILLIANT fools. Then there are those that are chock full of innate wisdom, but don't have one bit of education.

historymike said...

White is, indeed, a brilliant fool.

It's a shame to see such obvious talent go to waste.

Mr. Schwartz said...

Quite often, Bill will write things like that, then never serve the people in question or present it to a court.

I like to know how if he just typed that tonight, how it is served on all those plaintiffs already?

First of all, the NSM is not a registered non-profit organization in Minnesota.

And on and on and on......

historymike said...

White claims to have sent them overnight mail.

I guess we'll see shortly...

Anonymous said...

Mike, How dare you call these followers of a one-descended testicle, quarter Jew, methamphetamine addict, incestous pedophile brilliant! It really irks those of us who are briliant, beautiful and realize that these slack jawed mouth breathers originally could not speak here in the United States without the help of one of their hated Jews from the ACLU.(I hate Illinois Nazis)If by brilliant you mean asinine and stupid by tying up an already overloaded court system with frivolity, then maybe you are right.

historymike said...

I am assuming that this post was written with a Swiftian eye toward satire. In that case, I bow to you.

If not, please understand that White probably does qualify as a genius. I cannot say the same for anyone else I have seen in the white power movement.

However, brilliant people can be sociopathic, manipulative, and mean-spirited, just like less intelligent people.

And Bill White is all of those things as well.

Hooda Thunkit said...

Bill WHite:

A legend in his own mind and his own worst enemy.

I LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

Bill White is very intelligent and he is very talented. Can't dispute that fact.

He identifies with national socialism.

Many intelligent people are identifying with national socialism.

Perhaps national socialism is the choice of intelligent people.

Anonymous said...

Let' see; there's Bill White and there's...Mark Martin and Ron Riehl.

Nope. Your argument holds no water, anonymous. Take Bill White out of the mix and the aggregate NSM IQ drops from 79 to 61.

Anonymous said...

Quote from today:

"However, that explanation is totally unacceptable to the Jews. You cannot and will not read that Jewish-run communist groups had been planning a general uprising against the government of the City of Toledo and that they had been stockpiling weapons and flammable materials for the purpose of burning buildings and taking control of Toledo's streets away from the government of the United States. They cannot and will not say that the Toledo police are so afraid of the out of control crime in their city that the State of Ohio had a small army of men in camoflauge with M-16s and shoot to kill orders deployed throughout the City, that the National Guard and US military were on alert to support them, and that these men's purpose were to massacre the Jews and blacks had they decided to try to begin the revolution.

In fact, in the briefing on our way to the rally, we were told that there was a possibility of armed uprising, and if that possibility occurred, we were not to utilize any of the firearms we had with us in our vehicles, and we were to proceed to the rally area and to allow the two van loads of men with M-16s that were guarding our caravan to suppress any resistance. We were told that they had shoot to kill orders against anyone with a firearm."

Nope, brilliance entails far more than what you cite as Mr. Bill's supposed ability to grasp at a wide range of esoteric facts. It entails emotional intelligence, some grounding in reality, and perhaps most relevantly as to Mr. Bill, the ability to at least lie and fabulate convincingly, an ability which the original Nazis admittedly had. Excerpts such as the above confirm that Mr. Bill lacks any grounding in the real world to enable him to ever become palatable to any sizable portion of even the racist right, let alone other American conservatives. Brilliance? Well, perhaps only in a limited Ted Kaczynski (sp.?) manner.

historymike said...

He did come up with some real whoppers.

I especially like the one where he claimed "New Black Panthers" were arrested two days before the riot trying to cache weapons inside the protest zone.