Dec 8, 2005

City Files Suit Against NSM, Anti-Nazi Protesters


Left: NSM members at the October 15 rally; photo by historymike

(Toledo, OH) The city of Toledo today filed a lawsuit seeking an injunction against the NSM and every anti-Nazi group their lawyers could think of.

I have obtained copies of every document, including NSM's various motions and responses, but I have only skimmed them so far. The essence of the city's action is that they want to force every person with an interest in supporting or protesting the NSM into tightly-controlled zones downtown.

Despite naming NSM and its officials, the city's action is clearly an attempt to prevent dissident protesters from staging counter-protests away from the rally site. The Nazis are smart, and know that leaving the rally site would be both illegal and dangerous.

The group known as type A collective is the anti-Nazi coalition that originally named Toledo-Lucas County Public Libraries as meeting places for a later "convergence" to an unspecified point. A spokesperson for the group blasted the city's lawsuit.

"This is clearly a violation of freedom of speech and freedom of assembly," he said. "The city knows this, and just wants to use this as a way to create an undeclared martial law in Toledo."

The spokesperson said the group is undaunted about its plans to use public libraries as meeting points on Saturday.

"We encourage anyone wanting to protest the Toledo invasion of the Nazis to visit their public library on Saturday and check out books on Nazism," he said, tongue somewhat in cheek. "I don't believe there are any laws against people reading books yet."

Much, much more on this in the next few hours; the situation is fluid, and information is coming in faster than I can type.

Addendum, 5:30 PM: Bill White is reporting that the city of Toledo has lost "round one," denying the city's request for a temporary restraining order against NSM. Strange stuff; based upon the documents, I can't see why White is fighting this so vigorously, unless the NSM was planning to break the terms of the original rally plan. It would seem to be the antifa that would be most inconvenienced by this order.

Maybe White is using ths as a ruse for the NSM to back out of the rally, given the Internet chatter that support is dropping. I just heard from a knowledgeable source that Michael Blevins (aka Von Bluvens, the NSM's podcast mouthpiece) will be a no-show, and Hal Turner has been hinting that weather might prevent him from showing up.

Addendum, 6:15 PM: Hal Turner is blabbing that NSM had plans to be "merely walking through neighborhoods" when they come here Saturday. This would make the city's response very understandable.

Addendum, 7:30 PM: A knowledgeable caller told me that tomorrow's judge will be Thomas Osowik. I am trying to confirm this...


Mr. Schwartz said...

This doesn't make sense. The rally was beginning to fizzle out with almost everyone backing out from coming and now the City of Toledo is almost baiting them.

historymike said...

The injunction is to try and keep the dissident antifa from holding a protest or "alternative media spectacle" away from the designated rally area.

Theoretically the police could pick up any group of people they see if they believe them to be engaging in some form of anti-Nazi protest.

In a technical sense, this could also apply to the Nazis, but they are not stupid enough to leave police protection, despite their cyber-bravado.

Harry, there are so many groups planning to protest that I think TPD feel this getting out of their control. One antifa I talked with was disgusted with being "stuffed into a box," and being prevented from carrying anything that could be considered a projectile.

Thus, they want to have their own "alternative media spectacle" and show that they cannot be forced to conform to the wishes of the police.

Anonymous said...

The city is trying to screw NSM and renege on their deal.

Do said...

IF the NSM was/is intending to adhere to THEIR original agreement and hold the rally downtown, then what difference does this injunction make to them? Because it would limit their ability to do hand to hand combat with a protester? Oh Pulllleeeeze

Disorderly conduct, inciting, hindering, interfering with, and all means of assault are all reasons for EITHER side of this situation to wind up behind bars.

I think that once again White has deluded himself into thinking he had a better grip on things than he really does. And if Turner and Blevins are turning into turncoats, then perhaps Billy Boy should re-think his intent.

And Anonymous - I'm thinking that you would love to believe the crap you write. There is absolutely no impact to the NSM by the city's decision to seek the injunction.

I'm thinking the MSM should be lining up alternative stories for Saturday's news. This seems like it's truly going to be a dud. At least I hope it is.

historymike said...

If anything, Anonymous #14877, NSM is reneging on ITS deal.

The original deal was for a rally at One Government Center. Period.

No "marches through neighborhoods," "strolls through city streets," or frolics in city parks."

A scenario comes to mind: NSM is expecting a low turnout, so they force the city into suing them by suddenly dropping an unexpected bomb (stick with me, this one is complicated). NSM decides that they will make the city look like the bad guy, and then gets an out for what could be a poor turnout of NSM members.

Mr. Schwartz said...

The number of nazi's who are coming is going to be very miminal. Just no excitement at all on the racist forums for his rally. Have you notice they haven't even given any details on where they should meet to muster prior? They did this on their other rallies and on the Kingston rally. The nazi's who come aren't going to know where to go.

But the response of the people who are against nazi's is going to be massive. There is going to be a dozen nazi's and a 1000 protestors and even more cops.

Bill White is already spinning that police harassment is going to keep the nazi's from showing up. (he says everytime)

On the day of the rally, White is going to lie and say that dozens were prevented from coming to the side of the Nazi's.

Bill White enough hasn't stated if he is coming or not. I think the news on Saturday will state only a dozen NSM show up with 1,000 protestors.

We will wait and see. I wish History Mike and Isisdc the best and to stay warm.


historymike said...

Thanks, Harry. I plan to wear multiple layers of clothes.

I hope to learn more by trolling around the courthouse tomorrow. This is a bizarre turn of events that makes prediction difficult.

Jr said...

" This doesn't make sense. The rally was beginning to fizzle out ..."

Maybe that's why the City filed the lawsuit. Maybe Toledo got wind of the NSM's "Plan B." The NSM realized the weather and the law are going to make for a lousy turnout on Saturday downtown.

historymike said...


It's a good ploy by the NSM if indeed this is what is happening. The city then looks like the bad guy (at least to the white racists), and the NSM gets to whine about being victims.

To Toledoans, it will be a helluva Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or Eid present.

(historymike had to tweak his Aryan readers with that last bit).

Hooda Thunkit said...

”I can't see why White is fighting this so vigorously, unless the NSM was planning to break the terms of the original rally plan.”

Well, let’s look at this a little closer, using the NSM’s “performance” on October 15th, to predict what they are likely of doing this time.

In a pre-negotiated plan agreed to by the Toledo Police and the NSM’s Mill White, the neo-nazi group was to assemble, march to a designated area and spew their venom.

That was the agreed to plan…

On October 15th, the NSM arrived and got out of their cars and began harassing and baiting the assembling crowd, outside of the designated venom spewing area that had been prepared for them.

If you were the judge for this Suit, whose word would you give more credence to?

By almost all accounts the police were being extra cautious, and justifiably so…

(Sorry about the late response, we were preparing for a big party at work and I was kinda busy) ;-)